Topwater Lure Experiment: Rattles VS. No Rattles [What Gets More Bites?]

We’re BACK with another Topwater Lure Experiment.

Rattles VS. No Rattles…what triggers more strikes?

Most topwater lures have rattles in them for additional attraction to call those fish in and strike.

But what would happen if you took those rattles out?

Get the scoop below!!

Topwater Lure Experiment: Rattles VS. No Rattles [VIDEO]

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No-Rattle Setup:

Rattle Setup:

For this test, I tied two Moonwalkers on similar setups to find out if rattles really make a difference.

One of these topwater lures is a prototype without any rattles.

After 3 casts, I switched to the other lure and kept that going for the entire test.

Topwater action is tough to beat.

Especially as we enter late summer and early fall, topwater fishing is going to light up before the sun rises each morning.

Early on in the test, a redfish came up and swallowed the lure with rattles.

When I switched over to the rattle-free lure, the fish kept coming up to hit the lure but would shy away after the initial strike.

It wasn’t until a few rounds of swaps later that I hooked into a fish on the rattle-free lure.

A couple of casts later using the lure with rattles and the snook were all over it!

The single inline hooks tend to avoid hooking into the smaller fish.

But the bigger fish will hear the commotion and smaller fish feeding which get them fired up and interested in taking a swipe at your lures.

My average catch size definitely goes up with single inline hooks.

The sun came up a little while later and shut down the topwater bite for the day.

Final Thoughts

This is not enough to arrive at a definitive conclusion.

There will definitely be more tests in this series.

However, it did seem as though the lure without rattles got more strikes.

But they had fewer follow-up hits.

For this test, I caught 1 snook on the no-rattles lure and 1 snook and 1 redfish on the lure with rattles.

The rattles had way more follow-up hits when fish came up to hit the lure and missed.

It seemed as though they were able to track down the louder lure after missing it better than the lure without rattles.

The topwater bite is just starting and will only get better.

There will definitely be more tests to come!!!

Please go ahead and let me know what you thought of this experiment down in the comments!


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Ray Markham
5 days ago

I have found that when using larger hard lures, especially topwaters, leader tippits greater than 25-pound test seem to inhibit the action of the lure. The drag of the larger diameter line can affect how the lure “glides” after the rod twitch. The fact is, a 4 to 6-inch lure in itself acts as an abrasion inhibitor preventing most break-offs. I fish the 94MR18 MirrOlure Top Dog a lot and rarely gets broken off even by a big snook due to the fact that the mouth of the fish rarely ever makes it up to the leader material. Smaller lures that get “inhaled” certainly benefit from larger leader diameters.
With smaller, lighter lures, a large-diameter leader can affect the lure action even more.

David Bowers
8 days ago

I love my moon walker! Absolutely the most fun way to catch fish.

Al Wiedemann
9 days ago

Thanks Luke!

Frank Hunnes
10 days ago

Good test! Proved that both Moonwalkers’s work!

Colin Campbell
10 days ago

I was trying to follow your retrieve speed. Did you keep it consistent, or vary? Fast, slow?

Carl Terhune
11 days ago

Looking forward to more test

terry hinton
11 days ago

Thank you Luke

James Wilson
11 days ago

Thank you for sharing this test. I have found that when the water is choppy that lures with rattles works best.

Neal Hagood
11 days ago

Will there be a distinguishing visual difference between the org Moonwalker and the SBD Moonwalker (Silent, But Deadly)?

Mark R. Johnson
11 days ago

I usually fish the no rattle when the water is flat calm and the rattle when there is a chop on the water, unless the fish want it otherwise. Sometimes it all comes down to what the fish want on a given day and there is no rhyme or reason to their preference. I have a test for you. High pitch rattle versus a low pitch rattle. When to use a high pitch rattle versus a low pitch rattle. Some manufacturers make both. Just curious if one is more productive than another.

Robert Janger
11 days ago

I agree with you Mark. I would like to see something about high pitched rattles versus low pitched rattles: which is better (for each species) and when to use each. This could be done with top water lures but also with soft plastics that allow embedding a rattle in the body (like the Power Prawn).


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