This Shortcut Helped Me Quickly Catch 7 Redfish & Snook In New Spots

By: Luke Simonds on October 29, 2019
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tip for catching redfish and snook

What’s the most important thing when it comes to catching fish?

Is it the right spot?

The right bait or lure?

Is it experience, or time on the water?

I’d argue that it’s none of those things.

On this trip, I went out with no planned spots, to somewhere I’d never fished before, with just one lure.

However, I was armed with one simple shortcut that allowed me to have a great morning full of snook and redfish.

Want to see what that shortcut was?

Watch the video below.

The Simple Shortcut To Catching More Fish [VIDEO]

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So there you have it…

There’s no perfect fishing spot…

There’s no magic lure…

And you don’t need to have fished a spot before to have success there…

It’s all about the trends.

In this case, the trend that was being reported in the Insider Club was that fish were hanging out at these types of spots:

  • near shorelines of the major bays
  • fairly close to passes and inlets
  • on the windblown side
  • with good structure and baitfish.

I cruised around until I found a spot that checked all the boxes of the current trend and Pa-POW!

Landed my first fish about three minutes into the trip.

This trend was reported in the Insider Club, and if you want access to the most up-to-date trends, click here to learn about the club.


shortcut to catching snook redfish

The great thing about trends is that if you know the current trend, you can go out and find that type of spot near you.

You don’t need to rely on other people to share exact spots in your area, but instead, you can find honey holes of your own.

So how do you find out the current trends?

The best way is to have a network.

We’ve asked many professional anglers what their secret is and almost all of them have revealed they have excellent networks of people that share trends with them.

If you want to shortcut building your fishing network, join us in the Insider Club.

You’ll be joining nearly 10,000 other members who are sharing real-time trends and helping each other catch more fish.

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2 months ago

I blame the dog missing on the pass from the qb.

7 months ago

I’m going next week to Clearwater can I catch redfish in that area

George Murphy
8 months ago

The other day I was fishing with some friends out of a boat. We were contemplating a move, and one of us was sitting there with his trout trick just hanging over the side in the water while we discussed options when a 30” red ate it. That’s why you fish all the way to the boat! I’ve been catching many more fish closer to the boat lately. Nice looking habitat area in your video. Beautiful.

8 months ago

Nice catchin, great tips!

Pat Ogletree
8 months ago

Luke the small points and pockets that you pointed out were exactly where I was catching the larger trout this past weekend. Funny how no matter where you’re at the trends can be the same. Nice video!

Jim Ross
8 months ago

It worked for us!
Thanks Luke

Sam Craparo
8 months ago

I don’t think Otis likes the taste of trout. Seemed a little less aggressive with the next fish. I fully agree you should master a lure and have confidence that it will catch fish.

8 months ago

Awesome video I feel the same way about using the same lure maybe mixing up the jig head a little bit but that’s it

Pablo Diaz
8 months ago

Nice video

8 months ago

Great video, Otis will get him one soon…lol Mastering one lure will yield results!

Stephen Kennedy
8 months ago

I followed the same trends, with same results.

8 months ago

The slow-mo footage of Otis “catching” the trout was awesome!!!!