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Happy November Salt Strong Nation!

I can’t believe it’s already November, this year is flying by!

We’ve got an awesome newsletter for you this week with popping cork tips, inshore slam shortcuts, new spots and much more!

Almost two weeks ago we released our new free tool, SmartFishingTides.com.

We’ve been getting so much good feedback I just wanted to make sure you’ve heard about it and tried it out!

It allows you to check the weather, tides, wind, radar, sonar, satellite maps, and much more all in ONE place as you’re planning your next fishing trip!

Go to SmartFishingTides.com to plan your next fishing trip.

It’s pretty amazing if I say so myself…

Alright, now onto the newsletter!

P.S. Shoutout to Roy for the nice southwest Floria pompano pictured above!

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This Shortcut Helped Me Quickly Catch 7 Redfish & Snook In New Spots

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Spot Dissection: How to Overcome “Poor Image Quality” on Satellite Maps [Theodore, AL]

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Glacier Glove Discount Program For Insider Fishing Club Members

We're pleased to report that Glacier Gloves has joined the list of companies offering great group discounts to Insider Cub members. See details here.
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MirrOlure MirrOdine vs. Rapala SubWalk Experiment (Day 1 Results)

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Following Trends to Fish a New Area [Speckled Sea Trout Frenzy]

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Peeking Into The Mind Of Legendary Fishing Lure Designer Patrick Sebile

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Strong Angler of the Week: Randy Herrin

This Strong Angler of the Week took his wife out to show her everything he's learned with the new Insider Membership she got him, and caught a HUGE redfish!
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How To Master A New Inshore Area (Even A New State)

Can you imagine quitting your job, selling everything you have, and moving to become a fishing guide? That's exactly what Capt. Jay Withers did, plus he...
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