How To Catch 1,000 Goliath Grouper (With Capt. Ben Chancey)

By: Joseph Simonds on October 29, 2019
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capt ben chancey chew on this podcast interview

714 pounds…

Can you imagine catching a goliath grouper that big?

Capt. Ben Chancey can because he’s done it!

This guy has had quite the life and fishing career…

He went from being a car salesman, to a teacher, to a fishing guide, where his first-ever charter was with Blair Wiggins for an episode of Addictive Fishing!

He was also a YouTuber before there YouTubers…

His fishing show has been around for 15 years and he’s amassed over 163 million views!

Of course, you don’t get that many views if you’re not catching anything…

This guy has caught over 1,000 goliath groupers (even on lures like below).

chew on this goliath grouper on lure

In fact, he got bored with catching them from the boat, so he started hopping in kayaks to catch them, then in paddleboards, then in roundabout boats, then in inflatable rafts.

In this episode, he shares some great stories, like his clients getting launched out of the boat by big goliaths, tips on the gear he uses for big fish, his thoughts on the current state of the goliath grouper population, and much more!

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How To Catch 1,000 Goliath Grouper [PODCAST]

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capt ben chancey grouper

What an interesting guy!

I remember watching him years and years ago, and I’m so impressed he’s still going strong and changing it up to keep his clients and audience captivated.

You can keep up with Capt. Ben Chancey at the links below:

And be sure to be on the lookout for the Goliath Start at your local car shops!

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Adam Austin
6 months ago

Wow, been watching his youtube show “Chew on This” for at least a decade now! Awesome to see him on here.