MirrOlure MirrOdine vs. Rapala SubWalk Experiment (Day 1 Results)


Not every fishing trip goes as planned…

On this particular day, I had planned to do a new lure experiment testing the MirrOlure MirrOdine vs. Rapala SubWalk, but the day was full of surprises.

The first unexpected event was actually a pleasant surprise!

As you’ll see in the video, the sun was barely up and I didn’t want to introduce the lure experiment in the dark, but I caught my first trout almost immediately, so I had to do an impromptu introduction.

Nothing like getting the party started as soon as you get out on the water, right?

But after that trout is when my experiment started to not go as planned… I had to introduce another lure.

And I got a surprise visit from an unwanted guest (often referred to as the “tax collector”).

Watch the video below to see why the result of day 1 of the multi-day experiment.

MirrOdine vs. SubWalk Experiment [Day 1]

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And in case you missed the full video, here are some important points that were highlighted:

1. Have a “go-to lure” for days when the bite it tough

We’ve talked with dozens of professional anglers on our podcast and in our community, and a majority of them consider some brand or version of a paddletail to be their most trusted go-to lure.

And I totally agree with that too.

During the best time to catch fish on this day (morning twilight period), I was struggling to catch fish with the hard plastic subsurface lures. But when I tied on my “go-to lure” (the Slam Shady), I immediately started catching fish and even landed a slam (redfish, snook, and seatrout) in less than 30 minutes.

Note: I rigged that Slam Shady paddletail the Z-Man Texas Eye jig head for the very first time in this video… I’ll do a detailed review on it soon to highlight its pros and cons once I get some more time on the water with it.

2. The flat calm days with clear skies often make for tough fishing

When I used to go fishing I would hope that it was a beautiful, calm, sunny day.

Now, I know that those days are when the fish are easiest to spook.

When it’s a little breezy and the surface is chopped up a bit, and there’s some cloud cover, you’re able to creep up on the fish much easier.

On days like this day, I had to be extra stealthy to not spook them.

3. Be mindful of the taxman when handling fish

Before I let that snook go, I made sure that the bull shark that just missed him wasn’t circling my boat waiting for redemption.

And if you’re wade fishing, be mindful to look for oncoming wakes when you’re about to reach out to grab your catch.


Although the day didn’t start out the way I envisioned it, any day where you catch an inshore slam is a good day!

I’ll go out again with the MirrOdine and the SubWalk lures to see which one catches the most fish under various conditions.

And I’ll post the results to this same page as the videos are completed… please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for improving this 3 casts and switch experiment.

Have any questions about using paddletails?

Check out this paddletail mini-course we put together for our Slam Shady customers.

And if you want to see the full fishing report, including where I was fishing on the map, and how you can catch more inshore slams, too, join us in the Insider Club.

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brian good
4 years ago

joe and luke,
just wanted to thank you both for all you do, keeping us all motivated and helping our personal desires to be better fisherman

Tim McManus
4 years ago

Can you let us know what single hook you use to replace the treble hooks with on the Rapala. Thanks.

Steven Free
4 years ago

For me I guess it’s the opposite lately with both menhaden and mullet being present I have found the paddletail for me isn’t working as well as if the baitfish run was not present when there is fewer baitfish I do well with a paddletail and also when they are not as big as they are now the live target pilchards in chrome is working great for me right now and i believe it’s because of the flash it gives off with a jerk jerk pause retrieve the lure really flashes looking like an injured menhaden unlike the paddletail that gives off hardly any flash at all plus the hardbait is a suspenders and the fish a lot of times hit it when it’s suspended where as the paddletail either sinks or is retrieved steady it still doesn’t suspend and also you got to remember you have been using paddletail for a while so you have great confidence in them I also do but the fishing here in the Jacksonville area of Florida is different and i can tell just by watching and hearing from other anglers they hit different and are located differently as well no seagrass potholes here only oysters sandbars and alot of docks but yes obviously your coarses and techniques still apply here it’s just some things at least for me work better great report Luke and as always thanks for what you do????

Robert Glassen
4 years ago

Luke, how much help is that casting stand.. I’m trying to decide.

Gerry Shappell
4 years ago

Great vid/article???? Love the Texas head jig eye from zman. Started using it this summer and bought a bunch more after catching some NC slams. Haven’t used it enough up here in MD but definitely will use it tomorrow.

Rich Black
4 years ago

Good video with the paddle tail. Would like to get that white thin hoodie you are wearing. Good sun cover. Are they for sale? How much?

Be in Stuart Fl this winter for 3 months of largemouth fishing. Would love to get with you guys to fish your species.

Sam Craparo
4 years ago

Had a big bull charge my lure to my rod tip wading up to my waste. We’re a huge problem on the flats by Fort Desoto . Hard time getting fish to the boat.

4 years ago

That shark encounter was cool! Looking forward to the upcoming experiment results.


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