How To Maximize Your Results With Slam Shady Paddletails [Rigging, Retrieving, & Size Selection]

By: Luke Simonds on September 24, 2019
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slam shady paddletail lure

This page will show you how to get the most fish catching with your Slam Shady paddletails throughout all seasons with the least amount of equipment needed.

The great thing about soft plastics is that they are so versatile and can be effectively used in so many different applications making them a lure type that can catch fish in pretty much all regions throughout the year.

But the bad thing about soft plastics is that they won’t work well at all if they aren’t rigged properly or if they aren’t paired with the right sized jig head or weighted hook.

So the videos below will walk you through the essential details to make sure that you know the specifics for the following:

  • Proper rigging for the top jig heads and weighted hooks
  • Most effective retrieve for the 3 core applications
  • Size selection shortcuts [3″ vs. 4″ vs. 5″]

Just click on the respective videos below to see the details:


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How To Rig & Retrieve

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How To Select The Right Size

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Equipment Links


Weighted Hooks

Jig Heads


These Slam Shady paddletails will enable you to catch quality fish across all seasons and water columns as long as they are paired with the proper jig head or weighted hook for the specific conditions you’ll be fishing.

To maximize your results, it’s very important to have the size selections listed above on hand because just that small amount of equipment will enable you to be ready to catch any species that feed on small baitfish anywhere in the water column from the surface all the way down to 7 ft…

And if you’ll be fishing deeper water, you’ll just need to get some heavier jig heads to enable the lures to dive down farther.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions… I am here to help!

And if you have already begun using them, please use the Comment sections below let us know what size slam shady you like best along with the hook and jig head size.

Tight Lines!

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David Simmet

I’m really interested in putting more flounder on my stringer. I’ve caught decent flounder on the 4 inch Slam Shady but they seem to be far in between. Knowing that mud minnows and finger mullet work well, do you think dropping down to a 3 inch bait, will increase my flattie catch ratio?

Theresa Girolami

Hello to everyone,

I’m brand new to fishing and am really excited to land some great eating fish. I live in Maryland and fish the Chesapeake mostly pier fishing as I don’t have access to a boat.

Here is a question for Wyatt or any of the Simonds, I recently talked to Wyatt and was supposed to get some of the Slam Shady Paddletails but received 4 pair of scissors. the packing slip says paddletails but none were included. Is that a misunderstanding on my part?


James Hundley

Ordered the 3” Slam Shaddy and 1/4 oz. trout eye jigs. I fished Sabine Lake, Texas yesterday using the above bait combo. By mid morning the guide ask, “what are you using”? The other guys were making fun of my references to Salt Strong and the Slam Shady. Guess who caught the most specs, reds, and flounder?
Wish I had ordered more!

William Mixson, Jr

How did you come up with the name Slam Shady?

Danny Valdes

Hi Luke, I have been absolutely slaying the fish with these slam shady paddletails ever since picking them up a few months ago! I do have a question and an issue I’ve found my self running into with these Zmans. Well I’m not sure if its user error, Zman material, or the trout eyes jig heads. The issue I find myself having is that the bait slides down the jig head past the 2 spikes that are supposed to anchor it down. This tends to happen to me more often after catching a few fish. I have to continuously try to push the bait back to the original position, very annoying! Trust me I even yank the heck of them way over the head of the jig. It seems like the zman material after a while begins to warp and the hole gets bigger that the spikes no longer can hold on. I appreciate this little how to lessons and will try to accommodate some of the tips you suggest. Thank you!

Richard Fiorentino

Great videos Luke. On the popping cork do you use mono or flouro? Also, do you think you have had more success with the 5″ Zman because it scented?

Kieth Holt

Thank you for the info! Very informative.

Dyke Easterday

Do these lures dry out when storing after short use? Should I store in sealed bag?

A. Rollins
A. Rollins

They’re a soft plastic. But, unlike Gulp they will not dry out. However, try to store Z-Baits in their original package, to avoid the melt factor, they’re known for.

Ed Librick

Thanks Luke, love your information videos

Mark Johnson

Great set of videos.. have you seen or tried the new Zman Texas weedless jighead?

Mark Johnson

Question.. does it make a difference to have an eye on a jig head versus a plain jig head?


Hey luke,
First off …Great videos .
I haven’t tried my slam shadies yet. I want to try them in fresh water for Kokanee (land lock silver salmon) and Mackina’s (lake trout). To get them down deeper I plan to use a diving rig. I’m hoping to get more time next year to fish them for Kings in the Puget Sound.
Do you have any thoughts on this?
And does Salt Strong / Slam Shadie have any thoughts on producing a herring or smelt color, (blue, black or green) plastic for us on the west coast?

Thanks Eric

Dan Pavlovich

Do you put Pro-Cure on the Slam Shady?

Jack Noor

Luke great information on this video, however I have experienced a problem trying to tie a loop knot with the twistlock hooks. Sometimes the fluorocarbon line gets on the other side of the loop handle of the twist mechanism, if that makes sense. Is there anything I need to pay more attention to when tying that loop knot to this hook? Thanks

Brian Biolchini

I have rigged the 5” Zman on just a worm hook with no weight the paddle tail will let the bait float above shallow grass and oysters down side is the retrieve is very slow

A. Rollins
A. Rollins

Hey Brian B. What size worm and style hook do you using with the 5″ Slam Shady? If I’d had to guess, a 5/0 or 6/0 Mustad KVD Grip-Pin 2x fine wire hook?

Tom Watts

Luke, Terrific! Thank you. Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.


Thanks Luke been struggling trying to get it right. You answered all my questions.

Adam Austin

Love it. The 4″ is the only one I bought, but I definitely will try other sizes. Being middle of the road, I had a great weekend slaying trout and redfish on the 4″. Pretty much any size fish I have presented it to has hit it. The thing I’ve found though is there will be some missed strikes on the 4″ with the trout eye jig head. I am going to test it with the redfish eye jig which has a longer hook shank. I think they’re hitting the tail and missing the hook, but those are smaller fish I’m not really trying to catch too.

Gregory Batchelor

Great report Luke. I am really liking Slam. Thanks for the rigging tips!

Gary Brady

Very good instructions for the slam shady, thanks Luke. I’ve caught the majority of my fish this summer with them, jack’s, mackerel and plenty of snook. Working on getting my first redfish.

William DeMott

Nice helpful video. I usually fish out of Crystal River but was recently fishing in the surf off jetties in the Panhandle. Floating algae was a problem from the shore. I caught a nice red from a jetty with a 1 oz jig and the 5 ” slam shady. The fish took the lure so deeply that the first two inches of line disappeared into the red’s mouth. Surprised me that the fish inhaled the lure so deeply.