How To Maximize Your Results With Slam Shady Paddletails [Rigging, Retrieving, & Size Selection]


This page will show you how to get the most fish catching with your Slam Shady paddletails throughout all seasons with the least amount of equipment needed.

You can also see all of the documented species that have been caught on the Slam Shady lure (on our way to a world record) toward the bottom of this post.

The great thing about soft plastics is that they are so versatile and can be effectively used in so many different applications making them a lure type that can catch fish in pretty much all regions throughout the year.

But the bad thing about soft plastics is that they won’t work well at all if they aren’t rigged properly or if they aren’t paired with the right sized jig head or weighted hook.

So the videos below will walk you through the essential details to make sure that you know the specifics for the following:

  • Proper rigging for the top jig heads and weighted hooks
  • Most effective retrieve for the 3 core applications
  • Size selection shortcuts [3″ vs. 4″ vs. 5″]

Just click on the respective videos below to see the details:


How To Rig Slam Shady 2.0

How To Rig Slam Shady (Original)

How To Retrieve Paddletails

How To Select The Right Size

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Equipment Links


Weighted Hooks

Jig Heads

Jig Head Weight Table

  • 1/8th oz – great for depths of 2 to 4 ft
  • 3/16th oz (FAVORITE) – great for depths of 2.5 to 5 ft
  • 1/4th oz – great for depths of 3 to 8 ft

Species Caught On The Slam Shady

Want to join us on our way to setting a world record for most species of fish caught on a single swimbait (of the same color)?

Below is the list of species that have been caught on this lure so leave a comment below and send us a picture at if you’ve caught a new species on the Slam Shady!

  1. Almaco Jack
  2. Barracuda
  3. Bar Jack
  4. Bigmouth Sleeper
  5. Black Drum
  6. Black Sea Bass
  7. Blue Runner
  8. Bluefish
  9. Bonefish
  10. Bonito
  11. Bowfin
  12. Brown Trout
  13. Bumper (Atlantic Bumper)
  14. Chain Pickerel
  15. Channel Cat (catfish)
  16. Cobia
  17. Coho Salmon
  18. Crappie
  19. Croaker
  20. Cubera Snapper
  21. Flounder
  22. Freshwater Catfish
  23. Freshwater Drum
  24. Gafftopsail Catfish
  25. Gag Grouper
  26. Gar
  27. Green Sunfish
  28. Grey Chub
  29. Halibut
  30. Herring
  31. Hybrid Striped Bass
  32. Jack Crevalle
  33. Kingfish
  34. Ladyfish
  35. Lake Trout (Canada)
  36. Lane Snapper
  37. Largemouth Bass
  38. Lizardfish
  39. Lookdown
  40. Mangrove Snapper
  41. Mahi Mahi
  42. Mayan Cichlid
  43. Musky Sucker
  44. Mullet
  45. Needlefish
  46. Northern Pike
  47. Northern Snakehead
  48. Orange-Spotted Trevally
  49. Oscar
  50. Peacock Bass
  51. Pinfish
  52. Pufferfish
  53. Queenfish
  54. Rainbow Trout
  55. Red Grouper
  56. Redbreast Sunfish
  57. Redfish (Red Drum)
  58. Remora
  59. Ribbonfish
  60. Rock Bass
  61. Sawfish
  62. Sea Robin
  63. Sennit
  64. Schoolmaster Snapper
  65. Shad
  66. Shark (multiple species)
  67. Sheepshead
  68. Silver Sea Trout (Sand Trout)
  69. Smallmouth Bass
  70. Smoothback Puffer
  71. Snook (common)
  72. Spanish Mackerel
  73. Speckled Perch
  74. Speckled Trout
  75. Stargazer
  76. Strawberry Grouper
  77. Striped Bass
  78. Swordspine Snook
  79. Tarpon
  80. Tilapia
  81. Toadfish
  82. Tripletail
  83. Walleye
  84. Warmouth Bass
  85. Weakfish
  86. White Bass
  87. White Perch
  88. Whiting
  89. Yellow Jack
  90. Yellow Perch


These Slam Shady paddletails will enable you to catch quality fish across all seasons and water columns as long as they are paired with the proper jig head or weighted hook for the specific conditions you’ll be fishing.

To maximize your results, it’s very important to have the size selections listed above on hand because just that small amount of equipment will enable you to be ready to catch any species that feed on small baitfish anywhere in the water column from the surface all the way down to 7 ft…

And if you’ll be fishing deeper water, you’ll just need to get some heavier jig heads to enable the lures to dive down farther.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions… I am here to help!

And if you have already begun using them, please use the Comment sections below let us know what size slam shady you like best along with the hook and jig head size.

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Chrissy Payne
15 hours ago

Received my slam shady I used them 2 days ago and I lost two tails something bit the tail off any suggestions

1 day ago

I have a question that has been bugging me for the longest time. So say I want to use a 1/8 twistlock owner right with a slam shady. My a medium TFO rod says that it can do 1/4 to 3/4 ounces. Doesn’t that mean that the lure should not go as far? Should I get a medium light rod? Idk I just need someone to explain this to me. I have been trying to find an answer for the longest time now.

Jacob Camp
3 days ago

I tried out the slam shady for the first time today in a creek, I only had about 30 mins to fish didnt catch anything but a juvenile bull shark chased it all the way to the shore, im already impressed with the action.

4 days ago

Thanks guys, I appreciate the videos. They have been very useful.

Matt R
10 days ago

Do you also have a video cover rod/reel/line setup? I’m new to fishing salt and need to buy a couple new setups to get me started. I’ll be pier fishing initially, but the boat is coming.

Rufus Bishop
18 days ago

Hey Luke and Joe, I just love the slam shady, I have yet to be skunked while using the 3in version. This past Saturday I caught two 40-50 #class cow nose rays in my kayak, 1 while casting and 1 while trolling. Epic fight biggest things I have hooked in my yak. Fishing the va waters near the bay.

Mike Y
1 month ago

Just got these, never had luck on artificial, a good friend of mine and I went to a spot full of reds and threw the same artificial retriever the same and I didn’t get a single bite and he smoked them, so I’m gonna use this to see if it will change my luck, no harm at less then $3!

Larry Quick
1 month ago

can you use just a regular hooks with these lures

Steve Miller
1 month ago

I try to keep what I buy to a minimum. Wouldn’t a Texas Rig or Carolina Rig work just as well??

Thomas Davis
1 month ago

I have been using plastic tails for over 30 years here in Florida. When I saw your add on facebook I thought the blade came with the plastic lures. Something different but no, another bait and switch. I would not have bought your tails if it was just tails. The blade intrigued me. I guess I should have looked closer or you should have been more up front on what you were “giving” away.

Steve Miller
1 month ago
Reply to  Thomas Davis

I am confused. Less than three dollars to ship free bait. How can you complain even if you do not like them?


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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