10 Fishing Tips That Will Make You A Better Inshore Fisherman

By: Joseph Simonds on July 3, 2017
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top 10 inshore fishing tips

Want to catch more consistent inshore fish?

Then you came to the right place.

Below are ten of the very best inshore fishing tips focused primarily on the following fish species:

  • Redfish
  • Speckled Trout (aka spotted sea trout)
  • Snook
  • Flounder

Hope you enjoy and get some value from these inshore tips.

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10 Fishing Tips To Make You A Better Inshore Angler

Here are ten of the best inshore fishing tips on the Internet.

If you make it through all of these, you’ll certainly have a leg up on the competition.

Tight lines!

Note: these inshore fishing tips are in no particular order

1. How To Catch More Redfish, Snook, And Gator Trout Without Ever Needing Live Bait (PDF)

how to catch more redfish, snook, trout

It’s a fact…

Live bait works wonders.

But, it also takes up precious fishing time (especially if you are a weekend warrior angler like most of us).

After years and years of relying solely on live bait to catch inshore fish, we finally had a major breakthrough when we discovered three critical secrets to catching consistent inshore fish using artificial lures.

I can’t tell you how liberating this was.

If you want to see what we discovered, click here to see the Inshore Fishing Manifesto (how to catch more redfish, snook, and gator trout without using live bait)

2. 3 Shortcuts To Catching Redfish Like A Pro

redfish on green gulp

If you are an inshore fisherman from Texas all the way up to North Carolina, chances are pretty good that you like catching redfish.

It’s certainly one of the most popular inshore fish in the South… they are plentiful, they put up an amazing fight, and they taste great.

Would you like to know a few tricks to catching more consistent redfish?

Then check out these 3 redfish shortcuts.

3. 5 Shortcuts To Catching Snook In Florida

inshore fishing for snook

Fishermen come from all over the world to catch snook in Florida (and in some parts of Texas).

If you’ve never caught a snook before, the best way to describe it is like a largemouth bass on steroids (that can reach upwards of 50 pounds).

Snook can be hit or miss some days but there are a handful of snook tips that will make your experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Click here to see the best snook fishing shortcuts.

4. How To Throw A Big Cast net Like A Pro (Without Using Your Mouth)

how to throw a big cast net

If you ever plan on fishing with live bait, it’s critical that you know how to throw a cast net.

Learning how to throw consistent “pancakes” with a cast net can make or break your day of inshore fishing.

There is nothing worse than finding the bait and then tossing a banana at them and spooking them off.

Check out this in-depth tutorial on how to throw a big cast net like a pro.

5. 3 Shortcuts To Catching Speckled Trout

seatrout pic

All inshore fishermen love catching speckled trout (aka spotted sea trout).

Although speckled trout aren’t known for the monster fight they put up once hooked, they do put up some of the most aggressive strikes, and they certainly taste amazing.

If you’ve fished for specks long enough, you know that many days you can limit out in an hour, while other days you can’t even get a trout to strike.

Well, here are 3 shortcuts to help you catch more consistent speckled trout.

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6. Best Fishing Knot For Braided Line (Braid To Leader Knot Contest)

best inshore fishing knot

A fishing knot can make or break your day…

There have been way too many trophy fish lost due to a bad knot (or not having the strongest knot).

One of the most critical fishing knots for inshore fishing is the connection from your braided line to your leader line.

Fortunately for you, we did a comprehensive knot contest to determine which line to leader knot is the strongest.

Click here to see which knot won the contest.

7. How to Catch More Flounder With This Paddletail Lure

inshore fishing for flounder

What’s for dinner?


Even though they are probably one of the ugliest looking inshore fish, flounder taste amazing (and they can put up a great fight).

Many inshore fishermen think that you need live bait to catch flounder but we’ve had awesome success using this paddletail lure.

Click here to see how to retrieve it for more flounder strikes.

8. How To Catch Pinfish Without A Cast Net Or Pinfish Trap

how to catch pinfish using berkley gulp

One of the best all-around live baits for inshore fishing is the pinfish.

Pretty much all of the main inshore game fish will inhale a pinfish (including redfish, snook, trout, black drum, and tarpon), and they are a very hearty bait (they last forever in a live well).

But did you know that you don’t need a cast net (or a pinfish trap) to catch a boatload of pinfish?

All you need is this one easy trick (that even your kids can do).

9. How To Hook Live Shrimp Like A Pro

how to hook shrimp

The last two inshore fishing tips have to do with shrimp.

Why shrimp?

Because shrimp are probably the best overall go-to bait for inshore fishing.

Dead or alive, shrimp attract strikes from inshore fish (everything from sheepshead to monster bull redfish).

Here is an awesome video on how to hook shrimp like a pro.

10. How To Rig Dead Shrimp On A Jighead For More Bites

how to rig dead shrimp on a jig head

What’s the next best thing to live shrimp?

Dead shrimp.

Yep, even dead shrimp can be amazing bait for inshore fish.

This is really great news if you are a kayak fisherman, shore fisherman, or doing any type of fishing where it’s not as easy to keep shrimp alive.

Check out this tip on how to best rig dead shrimp for more bites.


Although there are endless amounts of inshore fishing tips that will help you become a more consistent inshore angler, these are the ten that can really elevate your fishing game.

Of course, once you get all of these fishing tips down, you can apply the same techniques to catch other inshore fish that we didn’t mention (such as black drum, cobia, tarpon, and sheepshead).

Which one of these 10 inshore fishing tips was your favorite?

Are there any tips you want us to cover next?

Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, apply to join our private Inshore Fishing Club “The Insider Club” here.

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Just a heads-up: For all you anglers who don’t typically fish in FRESHWATER, you should note that MOST FRESH BAIT is now unacceptable in freshwater lakes & streams, due to contamination issues with alien species. In Michigan, it is illegal to use live bait, unless it came from the same waters you are fishing. Same restrictions apply to felt-soled boots.

Troy Butler

Hey guys. Just floating through FB, and noticed the pic of the red with the heart shaped dot. I caught that red about 6 yrs ago. Very cool to see it making its rounds.