How To Use Gulp Shrimp [Review & Underwater Footage]

By: Luke Simonds on September 27, 2018
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How To Use Gulp Shrimp

How To Use Gulp Shrimp

A popular inshore lure is the Berkley Gulp Shrimp.

This is a scented soft plastic lure that imitates a shrimp. It is effective for targeting species such as redfish, trout, snook, snapper and many more.

These Gulp Shrimp baits can be rigged on a variety of jig heads as well as many different hooks depending on the areas that they’ll be used in.

In this post, I show you how to use Gulp Shrimp and give you my top pros and cons for this lure.

Best of all, you’ll see a tutorial video that shows the rod tip movements that can help increase strikes along with underwater footage showing exactly what the lure looks like as the rod tips make the lure look like a scared shrimp.

Note: We are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies. If you’ve used Gulp Shrimp, let us know what you thought of them in the comments section. We love to hear your honest feedback on any products we review!

Gulp Shrimp Specs

Gulp Shrimp underwater

The Gulp Shrimp baits come in three sizes: 2″, 3″, 4″.

There are 15 different color combinations for the Gulp Shrimp.

You can get this lure in packs of 4, 6, 8 and even more depending on where you buy them.

My overall personal favorite size is the 3″ shrimp, and my favorite color is New Penny.

The Gulp Shrimp packs are $6.99 on Berkley’s website, but they can be found in most tackle shops near the coast.

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How To Use Gulp Shrimp Video

In this video, I give you my full review of the lure. I also show you how to use Gulp Shrimp with an underwater demo.

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How to use Gulp Shrimp conclusion

This is a lure that catches fish. The added scent is a huge bonus for Gulp Shrimp.

It’s also relatively easy to learn how to use Gulp Shrimp and using the tutorial above as a reference will have you fishing the lure effectively in no time.

These Gulp Shrimp baits are certainly not perfect though, and you’ll likely go through packs quicker than you would with other lures.

If you’ve used Gulp Shrimp, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Tight Lines!

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David Johnson

When you say gulp, do you mean regular gulp or gulp alive?

Marko Rodriguez

You can see a snorkel tube around 6:30 – lol. Awesome video, it’s really helpful to see this technique in action. Thanks Luke!

James Woodmansee

Thanks Luke. Watching your demo in the pool I noticed that I could plainly see your line in the water but not the leader. Is the leader fluorocarbon? How long? What pound test?


IT WORKED::: My confidence is boosted. I had no live bait, so I didn’t feel confident .But then I went to this good low tide area with tons of oysterbeds and current incoming, using white gulp shrimp with chartuese tail 3 inch. I got a bite on my first cast, then I proceeded to catch 4 redfish and 6 trout atl too small

Chris Burns

Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for keeping this tutorials coming. I just got back from a 6 day trip to Bulls Bay, SC to fish for redfish and trout. Used the advice and tactics from your Red Fish course to land 8-10 redfish each time out including three 32″+ fish over the course of the week. No doubt that your course was a huge factor in helping me locate fish and feel confident about lures and presentation. You guys rock!

David Prater

Cool tutorial, I like the side by side demo

Richard Devereaux

Do Gulp! Saltwater soft plastics attract ? Yes, they do, perhaps as well, if not better than, Pro-Cure. Do Gulp! Saltwater soft plastics catch fish? Yes, they do. With that said, the only reason I continue to use Gulp! (albeit infrequently) is because they’re paid for and I’m too cheap to throw away my remaining supply.

Where I typically fish Blue Crab are plentiful: they LOVE Gulp! – and destroy them. There’s also catfish, which seemingly can’t resist Gulp!
When pinfish are present they’ll feast on Gulp! Never thought Gulp! to be durable, however, over time (newly-purchased right out of the bag) they seem even less durable. In the Florida heat and sun, Gulp! on the hook out of the water dries up in a very short period of time.

After experimentation I’ve embraced a brand other than Gulp! to be my “go-to” for soft-plastics. More durable (= less expensive), less damage/harassment from “undesirables”, no less/no more trouble to rig – and catch fish to my satisfaction (as well as when I used Gulp!).


Gulp shrimp are fantastic for flounder! I like the new penny color with a 1/8 ounce jig head. I cast parallel to the weeds around larger sand spots slowly while barely twitching it until it feels like it has been caught on a rock or weed then give the line slack and count to 20 slowly then strike hard. this gives the flounder time to swallow the jig into it’s narrow mouth. The downside is that flounder teeth and strong jaws destroy the paint and lead on the jigs after about 4 or 5 flounder but its well worth it.

Tom Cussen
Tom Cussen

Really like 3 & 4 in. New penny. Use it for reds in winter incoming tides around mangroves. I’ve also hooked it sideways in mid body under a popping cork when I’ve run out of live shrimp. It bounces so well in shallow oyster beds.

sherman thames
sherman thames

What size hooks to replace trebles with rapala skitterwalk.

Austin pangcog
Austin pangcog

Wow! I’ve been looking for a well though out video of using the gulp shrimps. I read reviews but never thought to use these kind of soft plastics. Question s though, can these target different species on the west coast? Here in SD, we have cod,tuna,white sea bass, etc..

Roy Noblin

thank you–you just answered why i have so little luck with artificial. my eyes. i can see grass and pot holes but not the bait more than 10 feet away. with popping cork i adjust the depth until i start getting hits but that can very within a few yards. what you say here about the right presentation is so so true so i must work on feel more–thank you again–i have learned oh so much from your tips and your the only person i know who can catch reds with a dog in the water with them. and yes the saltstrong community is the best for being helpful. they ask great questions and get great answers.

Richard Caroselli

New to Murrells inlet having trouble catching redfish,where to go and what bait or lures to use

Jeff Hurbace

Great information. This has been a go to lure for me absolutely love it they catch just about anything inshore as well as in the surf. But like you said the material has really gotten soft. I have been using the owners weighted hooks to rig them because the get ripped off the keepers on a lot of jig heads that are sold. Have you experienced this and if so what jig heads have you found to work the best?

Pablo Diaz

Nice video and great information