How To Rig Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp For More Bites [Product Review]

By: Luke Simonds on September 10, 2019
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how to rig a gulp shrimp

I’m here to publicly admit, I’m a Berkley Gulp believer!

If you are a serious saltwater angler, you have certainly heard (and probably used) a Berkley Gulp shrimp before (one of their most popular Gulp baits for saltwater).

I know the first time I came across Berkley “Gulp! Alive” baits, I was a bit skeptical on how an artificial bait could really help me catch more fish due to the “juice” that it comes in.

Seemed kind of like a marketing ploy to me…

And I also had a problem spending more money per artificial soft plastic bait that what I was used to with some other brands, as these Berkley Gulps are not cheap.

But all of the skepticism and price fear went out the window after I finally got out on the water with Berkley Gulp Shrimp!

In other words, these Gulp Shrimp can catch some serious inshore fish!

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Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp Review

berkley gulp shrimp

In this independent review of the Berkley Gulp “Alive” Saltwater shrimp, the 11.5 oz “bucket” of 3″ New Penny color Gulp shrimp is featured since it’s a popular way to buy Gulp Shrimp (although NOT always the most affordable way to get Gulp shrimp – see this review about Gulp packets vs Gulp buckets)

(click here to get these Berkley Gulp Shrimp on Amazon).

As I mentioned above, I used to be very skeptical of these Gulp baits as there was a ton of hype and they aren’t cheap.

But after actually using them on the Florida flats, I realized that they are a fantastic choice for catching redfish, snook, sea trout, flounder, and any other species that feed on the flats…

So here are my overall Pros and Cons of Berkley Gulp Shrimp.

Pros of the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp

Gulp Shrimp jig

  • Inshore fish LOVE these baits
  • They are easy to use in terms of putting on a jig head, casting, retrieving, and they can even be fished weedless
  • These artificial shrimp are tough enough to last through multiple strikes (except for those pesky pufferfish that can bite them in half)
  • Comes in a ton of different colors for certain areas, water colors, times of year
  • Gulp shrimp catches less “trash fish” (like catfish) compared to fishing with live shrimp

Cons of the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp

berkley gulp shrimp

  • A bit more expensive than other soft plastic shrimp
  • They cannot be left on a hook or jig head when not in use because they’ll shrink/harden when they dry out (click here for Gulp maintenance tips)
  • They seem to cause hooks to rust faster than normal, so be sure to rinse hooks/jig heads off with fresh water after use
  • The juice really does smell bad, so be careful not to spill on your clothes, boat deck, car, truck, etc.

How to Rig a Gulp Shrimp

Here is a quick video that will show you how to rig a Gulp shrimp onto a jig head for inshore fishing.

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Click here to see the best prices on Amazon for the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp in all colors

Bonus Tips for Gulp Shrimp

1. Turn Used Gulps Into Bait Catching Machines

After feeling tons of small nibbles from baitfish and seeing lots of pinfish follow the Gulp shrimp up to the boat while fishing with them, I began cutting up old ones into small pieces for catching pinfish for bait… small Gulp chunks work amazingly well for pinfish, pigfish, squirrelfish, grunts, croakers, etc…

Click here to see a great tutorial on exactly how to catch loads of bait with used Gulps.

2. Gulp Shrimp Skip Well Under Mangroves

These Gulp shrimp baits skip very well under mangroves and docks when rigged with small jig heads (and even better when rigged weedless).

See how this exact Gulp shrimp rig did for snook and redfish back in a secret lake that is only accessible by kayaks or paddleboards… 100% skipping Gulps under mangroves.

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As you can see, the pros of the Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp far outweigh the cons (at least from what I’ve seen in the amount of fish I’ve caught over the years with Gulp shrimp).

Whatever they put in that Gulp! Alive juice really does work.

So if you are looking for a fish-catching artificial bait that can truly compete with live shrimp in catching redfish, snook, trout, and flounder, then Berkley Gulp Saltwater Shrimp baits are a great option.

Any questions or tests you want me to put these Gulp baits through?

Let me know in the comment section.

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Todd Emerick

Where’s that hidden lake?

Richard Morgan

i was wondering how long does the scent stay on / in the gulp shrimp? How often do you suggest changing them out for a fresh one?

Zafar Ali
Zafar Ali

Is gulp shrimp use for handline fishing?

Mark Tauscher

Why rig with the white side on top.
In a natural bait the white is the belly.


Aaron Clements
Aaron Clements

How effective are they fishing for snapper, sheepshead, black drum, and Snook on a rocky bottom in a fast moving current where you may need a weight to keep it on the bottom?

Harry Jones

How to hook a shrimp gulp on circle hook I tried with little sucess Thanks Harry

Robert Keubler
Member Luke, I noticed when you rigged that 3″ new penny shrimp on the 1/8 oz jig, that you rigged it with the dark side of the shrimp on the bottom. I’m thinking the natural shrimp is darker at the top and would expect it to be rigged like that. Are there reasons to rig otherwise and what would be the reason to do so. As always I find your advice to be exceptional so I’m looking forward to your reply. Thanks much again for the advice. Bob K

Joe Estrada

Luke, I notice you put the hook point through the bottom part( light side) of the gulp shrimp. Is this better than going through the top?

Richard Fiorentino

Luke – went to order 1/4 and 1/8 oz gulp jig heads and of course there are many styles to chose from. Which do you use?

Thomas Cooprider

Hello Luke, Do you have any plans for fishing in Marco Island in the near future>

Chuck Harrison
Chuck Harrison

I’ve been fishing with gulps for years. One thing I do is when opening a new “bucket”, instead of taking the clear plastic seal off, I cut a slit in it, big enough to reach in and get a bait. I get less leakage and spillage this way.

Thom Kendall

Where is hidden Lake. My grandson sure would love to catch his 1st snook or red fish.

indra fardian
indra fardian

greetings from indonesia…. i tried beach fishing using gulp shrimp 4″ when my office had employee gathering at the beach ( lol yeah i ran away and fishing all day untill they notice i was missing) … i catch stingray and robin fish with this lure, so i can say it worked,.. i have suggestion for saltstrong, i hope u guys provide more information about what kind of jig hook we have to use and how to retrieve the lure etc etc … im a rookie for saltwater fishing and need more information about it … thx

Chris Miller

that looks like fun. what tackle and line do you use (i am new to this,,sorry)

Harold M Grogan

It appears the jig has a flat side for the eyes an rounded on the back and head, who makes that jig? What are your favorite jigs to use? How do you fish the shrimp big hops or drag across the bottom?


Hi sir what weight of jig head should i use on pier fishing? Also which is better for pier fishing? The jig head or the owner twistlock? Thank you sir! More power!

Curtis Brritt

I noticed that you rigged the shrimp upside down.. meaning you have the hook coming through the white belly as opposed to the new penny colored back. I was always taught that your hook should poke through the back when using a jig head. Any reason you do it the opposite way?


Hey Luke, thanks once again for a great tutorial. I really find them to be very helpful. My favorite tutorialwas the one where you showed how to tie the FG knot, or maybe it was your brother that did that pparticular tutorial. I’ve been using the FG knot for a couple of years prior, but you showed me how to tie it much easier. I have a question concerning the rigging of the gulp shrimp. I thought that shrimp swim backwards? If so shouldn’t they be rigged from the tail end in order to appear to be more natural? I don’t really inshore fish much so I know that I’m speaking out of ignorance. Could you shed some light on this confusion? Thank you. The Angry Fish > Also congratulations on you ministry license. God Bless

Ken Elie

I must take offense to to the direct link to buy Berkeley products from Amazon in your recent article about Gulp Saltwater Shrimp.
Salt Strong pushes to have a presence in every independent Fishing Tackle Retailer yet cuts our feet out from under us by promoting Amazon. In case you did not notice the Independent Fishing Tackle Retailer is the life blood of innovation and education in the Fishing Tackle World and it is us who needs all the help we can get – NOT AMAZON !!

Mike W
Mike W

Bravo! I will always support local mom-and-pop-suppliers who freely offer on the spot local tips to fishing. Those who do not are slowly selling out that expertise without knowing. It is not always about upfront price.
Thanks mom and pop local shops!

David Holtzman

Want to try some of these on the beach fishing for snook in south Florida, I seem to get more hits when the water is a bit stirred up, what color would you recommend, I was thinking that the penny color would do good when the visibility is low, and maybe a lighter color when the water is a bit clear, the snook seem a bit skidish when the water is calm. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also the weight size.
Just became a member and I really like all the info!! Thanks!

JET Taylor

I love using Gulp shrimp too. I use the pearl white when the water is clear, if the water is stained I will use the new penny color. Both on a jig red jig head. I will use the root beer gold with the chartreuse colored tail for speckled trout. If the bite doesn’t seem to happen I will switch to a 6″ pearl white jerk shad. I have had a lot of success using jerk shad too. Again, if the bite is slow I will tie on a redfish magic lure with a gold spoon and replace the plastic bait that comes on it with a 5 or 6″ jerkshad. I absolutely love this stuff. Especially when there is not much live bait around or during cold weather. I do not anchor up much and prefer drift fishing. I made not catch as many but when I do they are keepers and you avoid stressing out the undersize. Lighter colors for clearer water and darker colors for stained or dirty water works for me.

Donna Stone

what size jig head do you recommend for these? No boat fishing, unfortunately I am stuck on land.


What kind of Gulp would you recommend if going out a half day fishing trip of the NC coast (Calabash) and captain saying likely fish to catch include: Black sea bass, flounder, rudderfish, jacks, cobia.  Thanks.


My problem is how to fish them. I bought them and all i caught with them was a ladyfish. I have been using them to catch bait fish which they are great for. Or maybe I am just fishing them in the wrong place. 


Great video. I also like to rig them weedless using the owner weighted hooks.