Try THIS Lure For Fishing In Tall Grass Marshes


We’ve uncovered the BEST lure for fishing in tall grass marshes!!!

Could you take a guess as to what it is?

Sometimes it can be tricky to find fish on flooded marshes if you don’t know what to throw.

Check this out!!

Lure For Fishing In Tall Grass Marshes [VIDEO]

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Just recently, I was fishing with fellow Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree when we found ourselves on a flooded grass marsh during high tide.

There were also stronger winds that were pushing more water into the area than we anticipated.

In these situations, we know redfish like to push up into these marshlands and hunt for food in the tall grass.

Pat and I noticed the redfish were mostly digging around the bottom for crabs and those crabs were climbing stalks of tall grass to inspect shells that might house snails.

These are critical observations to make because that information can tell you exactly which lure you need to throw to catch fish.

Up to this point in the day, Pat and I had been fishing 3.5-inch paddletails of various colors but then we decided to split up and without each other knowing, we both switched lures.

We both changed out for the Power Prawn U.S.A. Jr. rigged on a Hoss Helix Hook.

The Power Prawn U.S.A. rigged weedless on a Hoss Helix Hook is the ticket when fishing in flooded grassy marshes.

You can cast in and out of the grass without any issues and mimic the same forage that fish are hunting.

Lure Rigging

Hoss Helix Hooks have a centering pin similar to other weighted weedless hooks of its kind.

First, line up the point of the centering pin with the center of the head of the lure.

Then, slide the point into the lure and twist the pin into the plastic of the lure until you hit the end.

Make sure the slot in the belly of the lure is lined up with the hook.

For reference, you then can align the hook with the side of the lure to see where it will lay within the lure.

Make a note with your thumb and then slide the hook point in and out of the point you’ve marked off.

It is critical to make sure everything is straight and in the proper place to avoid unnatural presentations that will spook off fish.

To make this rig completely weedless so you can fish around tall grass, simply skin-hook the hook point in the soft plastic lure.

Additional Hacks

Pat and I were also using Dr. Juice and Battle Rattles to our advantage on this trip.

Both of these items are super easy to implement and greatly enhance your offering.

Dr. Juice you can apply right before throwing out the lure with your fingers.

Battle Rattles provide additional noise and create attraction to your lure through sound.

Moreover, Battle Rattles can give fish a sense of where your lure is amidst the murky water and tall grass.

On the belly side of the Power Prawn U.S.A., there is an open slot for the hook as well as rattles.

Towards the back of the lure, there is a rattle cavity for additional rattles.

All you need to do is lead with the pointed end of a Battle Rattle and gently push the rattle into the rattle cavity.

With some slight pressure, the rattle will hold itself snugly in place.


sight casting at tailing redfish with the all new power prawn usa

If you are fishing in grassy marshland areas, then you need Power Prawn U.S.A. lures with you on every single trip!

These lures are the standard when it comes to mimicking actual shrimp behavior and have been proven to catch tons of BIG fish.

All you need to do is pitch this lure out there during a high tide and let it work its magic in the middle of all the tall grass!!

Do you have more questions or comments about the best lure for fishing in tall grass marshes?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!!

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Stuart Minica
5 months ago

Hi Matt, newbie here. I’ve got a couple questions for ya:

1) why “8 rods in the back” and how do you have each one rigged specifically?


2) what kind of holder do you have that can hold multiple oars and anchor sticks? I’d love something like that but can’t seem to find it, so if you don’t mind sharing name brand and where to get it?


George Layton
6 months ago

Reds in the Grass !!!!! What a thrill they are !! thanks Matt !!

Thomas Marks
6 months ago

Matt, excellent presentation on the Power Prawn USA Jr. it’s killing me I am up north until November this year. All I can do is dream about fishing the inshore.. and buy all kinds of tackle. I am going to need a trailer to carry it all back to Florida. Again we’ll done.

Richard Thomas
6 months ago

Awesome presentation for sure!!

Stephen andros
6 months ago

Not sure how to rig the prawn. Can you do a quick video on how to rig it? I didn’t understand the above instructions

Steven Harvey
6 months ago

Matt and Pat, have you guys tried any of the new Power Prawn USA Jr. colors? Which color do you guys prefer?

Matt, you and I fish the same areas. I have watched a lot of you videos and gone “I have fished there, and there, and there.” I know that you have had a lot of success with the FRED paddle tail in our area. Have you tried the new FRED colored Power Prawn USA Jr.?

Roman Kielbowicz
6 months ago

Another pro tip, you can cut some of the tail off on the sides with scissors to make it even more weedless and streamline.

Pat Ogletree
6 months ago

Great tips, especially on the rigging!

That technique surely saved the day for us!


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