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  • The Invisible Chemical That Scares Away Fish (And Ruins Your Day!)
  • The Best Lure For Fishing In Tall Grass Marshes
  • Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Inshore Saltwater Fishing
  • Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD

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How To Fish Docks With Artificial Lures [Mini-Course]

In this Dock Fishing Mini Course, we're going to talk about all of the gear you need, the right lure retrieves as well as the right lures...
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The Best Lure For Reef Fishing (1 Lure Caught TEN Species Of Fish!!)

On a fishing trip just last week, I discovered the best lure for reef fishing! I was down in Marco Island with a few buddies and I only...
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Catching MONSTER Fish Using Smart Fishing Spots [Insider Report]

In this week’s Insider Report, Fishing Coach Justin Ritchey and I headed to blue water to try and get onto some fish in areas we...
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THIS Is My New Favorite Reel For Nearshore Fishing

After a bunch of nearshore and offshore fishing trips this summer, I found my favorite reel for nearshore fishing!! This reel has proven...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [July 22nd to 24th]

See the best types of spots to find feeding fish this weekend based on the latest feeding trends and the upcoming weather.
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Is The Daiwa Ballistic MQ The Best Inshore Reel In Its Class?

A whole shipment of Daiwa Ballistic MQ spinning reels just came into the shop!! The Daiwa Ballistic MQ LT 2500D-XH has been a highly...
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How To Fish An Area Where Everything Looks Exactly The Same [Insider Report]

In this Insider Report, I was fishing with Lifer Member Mark Klinger in an area that was new to me but he was familiar with....
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Walkthrough Of All The Icons On Smart Fishing Spots With Some Hidden Features [SFS Lesson]

In this video I wanted to breakdown all of the icons that are on the Smart Fishing Spots app. With so many features it is...
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How To Get Guaranteed Tight Lines No Matter The Conditions [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be fish feeding over structure at high tide. The concept...
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The Invisible Chemical That Scares Fish Away (And Ruins Your Fishing)

What could be the invisible chemical that scares fish away? Are we talking about oil? Storm drain runoff? Fertilizer runoff? Nope...
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Redfish & Seatrout Trends After a Full Moon [Insider Report]

Fish can still be active after a clear full moon night, but timing can definitely be very important when getting them to bite. On this...
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Z-Man Slam Shady TRD iCast Showcase [Evolution Of Slam Shady]

We're here talking about the Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD at iCast!! We met up with Glenn Young, the National Sales Manager for Z-Man...
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Limited Time F.R.E.D. the Jerk BOGO!!!

F.R.E.D. the Jerk BOGO OFFER!!! For a limited time, you can get TWO packs of F.R.E.D. jerk shad lures for the price of one. Learn more...
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Try THIS Lure For Fishing In Tall Grass Marshes

We've uncovered the BEST lure for fishing in tall grass marshes!!! Could you take a guess as to what it is? Sometimes it can be tricky to...
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Wade Fishing Redfish Schools In Thick Grass [Fishing Report]

On another gorgeous Texas morning, I was out wade fishing redfish schools with my Dad. Our goal was to throw some topwater lures early...
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