Wade Fishing Redfish Schools In Thick Grass [Fishing Report]


On another gorgeous Texas morning, I was out wade fishing redfish schools with my Dad.

Our goal was to throw some topwater lures early and then switch to subsurface lures in the hopes of hooking up with a nice bull redfish or a decent trout.

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Wade Fishing Redfish Schools [VIDEO]

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We started off throwing topwater lures for the first couple of hours but with little to no luck.

The sun started to rise a bit higher so we tied on some subsurface soft plastic paddletails and finally started to see some action.

Within three casts, I reeled in my first redfish of the day.

We followed the three B’s on this trip which are Birds, Bait, and Boils.

If you see a combination of the three or all three are present in one area, then that is definitely an area worth throwing a few casts to.

As the day went on, I kept hooking into redfish after redfish, however, there were heavy, floating clumps of grass that kept getting caught in my line as I was retrieving which loosened the tension on my line allowing the redfish to spit the hook.

To combat that, I started raising my fishing rod the second I knew I buried the hook in the fish’s mouth.

This definitely helped me land more fish than I otherwise would have in that thick grass.

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This was an EPIC trip!!

Fish were tailing and biting paddletails all day long.

Textbook redfishing!!!

Have you ever had a day of redfishing like this before?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Richard Thomas
1 year ago

Awesome reds man! Great tip on raising that rod tip to avoid snags!

Mike Ratterman
1 year ago

How did you access the area you were Wading? I’m greatly familiar with the Port Aransas area, but couldn’t figure out how to gain access to the area you were in. Thanks.

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Nice video and fish Wyatt!!!

Kenneth Anderson
1 year ago

Wyatt, I have recently moved to the Reviera TX area and am trying to transition from Bass, catfish to reds, drum, trout and seem to be having great difficulty in figuring out baffin Bay and its sub bays. Any words of advice or pointers.

Guy Stephens
1 year ago

Nice. Thank you.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great work Wyatt!


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