#1 Most Common Wade Fishing Mistake


It’s wade fishing time!

Here’s the truth: even the absolute best anglers in the world still miss some fish (which is why fishing is a forever learning sport).

In fact, we’ve found that some of the biggest improvements come from watching “game film” of our fishing trips.

In this instance, it was a trip with one of the best inshore wade fishermen in the entire state of Florida – Wader Dave (check out his site here).

We happened to have the drone up for capturing some b-roll and we also captured a really great learning lesson.

Take a look at this drone footage and analysis.

Check this out!!

Wade Fishing Mistake

Although we may not realize it, at any moment there could be BIG fish just a few feet away from us.

The first instinct of any wade angler is to immediately “wade out” in the water.

These reasons being they can extend the range covered with their casts and reach locations they otherwise wouldn’t be able to from shore.

Most wade anglers focus on a form of structure or try to work a point and that is why they reposition themselves in the water.

But what wade anglers sometimes fail to realize is that there are most likely fish in troughs and pockets right in front of them.

Before even stepping foot in the water, try to cast where you want to fish and work areas in front of you.

There might just be the fish of a lifetime holding just feet from you!!

The troughs that form just before waves start to crash on beaches and shorelines provide a change in depth for fish to hang close to and for bait to file in.

Wade Fishing Mistake [VIDEO]

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If you can resist entering the water as soon as you begin fishing, you might be able to pluck a fish out that is sitting in the channels and troughs that form right up close to the shoreline.

Although you may want to work a particular structure or point, try a few casts in front of you before you start causing disturbances as you move into the water.

Remember to stay stealthy and cover as much ground as possible when wade fishing!!

Do you have any questions about wade fishing mistake?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Kenneth Johnston
2 years ago

My first wading mistake was not realizing what might be lurking in the water. I had a successful wading experience with a guide once catching a good batch of trout, a decent red and a nice over slot snook. About 4 years later I stumbled onto the same spot with my own boat. Getting ready to hop into the water we spooked a four to five foot bull shark. I decided my wading days were over, I liked having fiberglass under my shoes rather than sand and tooth critters. Ha. And I still have all my toes.

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

A mistake I think most shore and wade fishermen make! Good stuff

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

WOW ! Super cool video Joe. Lesson learned I’m sure.

Ted Thilly
2 years ago

Caught my biggest snook 2 feet of shore free lining a shrimp now I cast the area before I enter the water

Gerald Dexter
2 years ago

Wow, That’s amazing

David Atkins
2 years ago

wow, we have no idea just how may fish we spook or miss, video clearly shows that! GREAT VIDEO Joe, thanks!

mike muller
2 years ago

this makes me want to drone my area every time I go wade, I only wish my water clarity was as clear, and yes I’ve done this very same mistake myself in anticipation of -“wow look at this setup” as I walk down so many lonely deserted North Shore N.Y. beaches. I have stood on the cliffs of eastern long island mid-day and watched stripers cruise up and down the curl line of a shore break, avoiding seagulls feeding at the edge of the waterline on the beach, they can see you, they can hear/feel you/ and I swear they learn what your up to some days. Some days even a bag full of lures won’t do the trick.

Elijah Mua
2 years ago

I like the use of drone footage as a learning tool to help improve ourselves as fisherman. This reminds me of a general rule that bank fisherman would usually follow. Before approaching a bank to make a cast, you should first make a cast to the area immediately in front of where you plan to be standing. I have caught big bass cruising the shallows, trout sitting in shallow stream crossings and even walleye holding over pea gravel near the bank. There are just so many fish that you never would have imagined would be swimming in those kinds of areas. It seems reasonable that this would be the case with snook or other saltwater species as well.

Ronald H Mattson Sr
2 years ago

No one is worse in this respect than surf fishermen in the Northeast. They don wet suits and plunge through the shallow water. Have observed them from the cliffs at Camp Hero/Montauk consistently walk/swim by fish. Recently had a speckled trout explode on a topwater lure,landing on the beach,at Honeymoon Island. Thank You so much for this great tip.

Bob Hartwein
2 years ago

I always got a kick out of being in a flats boat trying to get as close to shoreline to fish & I look over my shoulder & there is a Wade Fisherman in deeper water, out past my boat, trying to reach a channel further than he can cast!

Tom Mullinax
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Hartwein

The grass always looks greener on the other side!


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