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Does braided line color matter?

How do you target inshore trophy fish?

What is the impact of barometric pressure on fishing patterns?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • #1 Sightfishing mistake in clear water
  • Alabama Leprechaun Story
  • Pollution mapping to save a fishery
  • Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Review

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Does Braided Line Color Matter?

Does braided line color matter? Will you catch more fish using one line color versus something totally different? The TRUTH is...
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Birthday Exploration Trip To Hidden Lakes On Paddle Board [Insider Report]

This is one of my favorite ways to fish in the winter because it's always an adventure and can lead to some fun fish catching opportunities.
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Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Review [How to Rig & Underwater Demo Video]

In this review, Tony Acevedo reviews the Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ, shows you how to rig them and how they look when you work the lure underwater.
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Fishing Deep Water Structure For BRIDGE MONSTERS [Insider Report]

It’s time to Go BIG or Go HOME… When water temperatures start to drop, my heart rate starts to rise. As you’ve noticed, fishing shallow...
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Epic Winter Wading Super Slam [Insider Report]

Most of the variables in fishing are out of our control. As anglers, we’re left at the mercy of the winds, tides, and even the...
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Finding The 10 Percent Zone In A New Area [Insider Report]

On this trip, I only had limited time to fish, so I maximized my approach by finding areas that would have fish stacked up and...
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#1 Sight Fishing Mistake Anglers Make In Clear Water

What is the most common mistake most anglers make when sight fishing? Could it be they were too loud and the fish noticed them? If...
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Catching Fish When Time Is Not On Your Side [Insider Report]

In this report, I just got to town and had a few hours to find and catch some fish before a major storm came in...
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Choosing Different “Types” Of Areas While Pre-Planning A Trip [Insider Report]

On this trip, I planned out multiple different types of areas. What I mean by this is that the areas were different depths, with different...
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The Alabama Leprechaun Story: Why This GOLD Lure Sold Out In 2 Days!

Do you know what would happen if a gold spoon and a shrimp got together and had a baby? I do. Here is the Alabama Leprechaun story...
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Late Winter Marsh Strategies [Spot Dissection – Palm Coast, FL]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson (spot dissection), we will be taking a look at a backwater/marsh type of area when it comes to fishing...
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3 Smart Tips For Targeting Inshore Saltwater TROPHY Fish

What are the best strategies for targeting trophy fish? How can you pluck big fish out of a school while missing all of the small fish?...
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#1 Most Common Wade Fishing Mistake

Do you fish off of a kayak or boat or are you a wade angler? What could be the most common wade fishing mistake? Wade anglers sometimes...
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Picking Docks to Fish in the Wintertime [Finding Fish 101]

In this “Finding Fish” Lesson, I will be a discussing how to select the most productive docks in the wintertime! The area shown as an...
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NEW LURES! – Moonwalker, Flamingo Joe, 100-Packs & MORE!

We just got a HUGE shipment of NEW LURES!!! The final version of the Salt Strong Moonwalker is ready and it is first come first serve...
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