Does Braided Line Color Matter?


Does braided line color matter?

Does the color of the braided line you use have a significant impact on your presentation?

If you want to learn the true impact the color of braided line has on your presentation, then check this out!

The answer might not be what you think!

The TRUTH About Braided Line Color

Right off the bat, braided line color does NOT truly make a difference to the fish.

It is more about angler preference than anything.

Typically, if you are fishing inshore you will have leader material tipped at the end of your line for a few reasons.

The first being it will act as a shock absorber because braided line does not have any give to stretch.

You need the stretch of the leader to prevent pulled hooks and line break-offs.

Additionally, you utilize a leader for abrasion resistance.

Braided line actually does not have much abrasion resistance although the common belief is it does.

Lastly, the leader is attached to your lure or bait which is closest to the fish and looks invisible to them in the water.

Your braided main line should not be anywhere near the fish when you are retrieving your lures or baits.

The fish only focuses in on what is closest to their food, that being your lure or bait presentation.

The clear leader material you choose to use is what will be most important to the fish.

In terms of braid color, it is most important to the angler as a visual reference.

This means knowing where your line is in the water.

Depending on what color is easiest for you to see on a given day should be the color you choose to fish with.

If you are fishing during the day, colors like white or yellow could be tough to see.

Similarly, at night, you would want a high visibility color that will not blend into the night.

Braided line color is mainly a visual reference for the angler as opposed to a preference for the fish.

Other types of braided lines are camouflage and change colors along the line based on a certain distance.

The reason behind this is to know how much line you have out at a given time.

This is important for bottom fishing or trolling because you need to have your lines out at a specific length which the color change indicates.

Still Skeptical?

If after viewing this video and reading this article you are still unsure of the impact of braided line color, the best solution is to use the moss green color of braid.

It will blend into seagrass along flats and muddy bottoms as well as marsh creeks with similar backgrounds.

Green or dark grey colored braided line will match the environment you are fishing in and still give you the visual reference needed to know where your line is.

The truth is, if your line gets close to the fish, the fish will feel it in the water before they see it.

The thinness of the braid does not create a massive disturbance in the water which is actually more important than the color of the line.

The TRUTH About Braided Line Color [VIDEO]

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best fishing line color

The TRUTH is…braided line color does not really matter!

It is more of a visual reference for anglers to locate their baits and know where their lines are.

Remember, the fish will feel your line in the water before it sees it!!!

However, this still can be up for debate.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions down below in the comments section!

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5 months ago

Thank you for answering my questions. I have multiple spools for the same reel and was going to use the colors for different tests depending on where I’m fishing and when

Lawrence Clark
9 months ago

A dark green braid works good in Northeast Florida Jacksonville I use it in salt water and fresh water

10 months ago

hello tony how are you? I want to know that how to less absorb salt water on my braid. I see when I do cast the next day my braids stick to each other and the reason is last time my braid absorbed salt water please let me know what to do.

Lance Griesheimer
1 year ago

Hey Guy’s just a quick question. Any reports or test done on yo zuri braid? Ran into some at the store up here. And was just wondering what your thoughts were if any. I bought the power pro off you guy’s. And that’s what I’m using. Just never saw yo zuri braid up here before. And didn’t know if it was a new thing. Thanks for any info.

Jan Radjeski
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing knowledge with us. Sure answers questions lve had. Best fishing club ever.

Bill Goings
2 years ago

Hey Tony, just wanted your intake on this new n true ‘Beyond Braid’ being advertised now on Facebook. You think it’s worth getting some and trying it out, or is it just a new marketing scheme?


Kenneth Goings
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks Tony, I missed that one somehow. Yeah, my mind is made up now. lol

Thanks again.

2 years ago

I like the chartreuse braid both for freshwater fishing and salt. Makes seeing light bites easier in most light conditions. I was using 30lb braid with a 15lb fluoro leader (cause that was what I had in 15lb) connected with the FG knot. Several times I hung on bottom (sauger fishing) and was able to pull up and bend the hook on the jighead. I had one break off and it was in the actual braid where it was frayed. As was mentioned in the article braid doesn’t have much abrasion resistance, it just seems it takes a little while before it manifests itself as a break off. Inspect the braid and leader often. Re-tie as needed.

Jeramy Freeman
2 years ago

I haven’t used many leaders myself. Not sure how to tie the braid directly to the mono? If I do use leaders I usually tie swivels to each line. But I’m going to padre for spring break I would really like to learn how to tie my strings together without a swivel. TIA.

2 years ago

Hey Tony,

So, I mostly fish fresh water and I was wondering if the braid color directly tied to the lure would affect the hook ups? I do not use leaders, I like to tie directly to the lure. I fish Lake Murray Columbia SC and they mostly school on top, so I didn’t really see a need for a leader (less nots, weak points).

2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thanks for responding back!
Interesting, I’ll have to remember that. I usually only have a chance to fish Murray and the Santee lakes, and they’re stained, so I am good.

So, you use a loop-knot with your topwater lures?

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

I use different color for different braid strength


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