Pro Tips To Minimize Wind Knots When Using Spinning Gear


Wind knots are so frustrating!

But there are several little things you can do to minimize them with your spinning gear.

So in this new on-the-water video (with some insane action at the end), you’ll learn helpful tips to reduce the number of wind knots you get when fishing.

Check it out below (and watch until the end)!

How To Minimize Wind Knots [VIDEO]

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Here are some tactics to minimize wind knots when casting with spinning gear:

  1. Don’t make high, rainbow casts because you’re putting a lot of slack on your line.
  2. Use a sidearm cast keeping your lure close to the water.
  3. When you close the bail, close it manually.
  4. Get slack out of your line by raising the rod tip and reeling down.

Also, do not cast your leader knot through your guides.

Your knot will start bumping into your guides and your line can tangle more easily.

And every time you make a cast, check your spool to see if you have any line overlapping itself or crossing over the spool.

Lastly, if the wind is strong, do not cast into the wind. Save yourself from frustration!

Do you have other tips for preventing wind knots?

Let me know down in the comments!!

And if you know someone who is frustrated with getting wind knots, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Henry Zamora
6 months ago

Thanks Tony for these tips. I had to review this video. I was making some of those mistakes. I’ll be sure to share these with my fishing buddies.

Jason Werkheiser
1 year ago

I notice that my Penn Battle II 3000 series has a bigger diameter spool and seems to wind knot more than my Diawa BG MQ 3000 series (with a smaller spool diameter). It seems like the bigger coils need to neck down more before hitting the first guide. Just an observation, but the bigger spool seems like the culprit. I leave a little less line on the bigger spool and it slows it down just a little and doesn’t seem to wind knot as much.

Jason Werkheiser
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Line diameter definitely impacted wind knots too as you pointed out. When I had 25# on the Battle II, it had almost zero wind knots. I put 10# braid to improve the bite, and bingo…more knots.

2 years ago

Not claiming to be an expert but in my opinion, most wind knots are caused by operator error. Rarely encounter wind knots, but a recent encounter proved the problem. Casting for strippers in Indian River, DE, I hooked into a large fish! W/in seconds I realized it was instead a large SKATE ( caught one the previous year). Using a RG 2500 W/ 20lb braid. and not wanting to get spooled , I kept fighting. Got it to boat several times/no gaff/net too small!! After 45 mins I eventually lost the SOB. The next time fishing casting jig heads, I had multiple wind knots!! Some I untangled / some had to be cut out. The problem was that if you are reeling against a fish taking line (the skate took a lot of line) line you are twisting your line!!! IF THE FISH IS RUNNING, DON”T YOU BE A REELING! This works for mono or braid. Ever had your mono spooled reel want to throw line off the spool? Assume you spooled it backwards. Not necessarily. Drag set to light on previous fish. If you hear the drag squealing while your reeling; then you are the problem…………………………paul

Michael Greene
2 years ago


Gustavo Serrano
2 years ago

Epic ending, I know you had that planned LOL great video, Thanks Tony!

Scott Rispaud
2 years ago

That Bull Red strike at the end made me jump in my chair…just was not expecting him to eat! Made me laugh at myself. Great video Tony.

Anthony Leopper
2 years ago


Henry Soriano
2 years ago

Hey Tony,I bet that Tarpon scared the s_!#t out of ya…lol..nice catch brother…tight lines my friend!….🐟

Steve Ward
2 years ago

First trip today without wind knots. Not sure if it’s the reason, but I heavily sprayed each (braided) spool with Real Magic. Something to try anyway.

Dave Edgar
2 years ago

Have a question for you:
I’m looking to buy a new long handle landing net for my boat…. Freshwater only mainly trout. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks, Dave


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