Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, and tests on all types of fishing line!

There are 4 types of fishing line; monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid, and wire. Each has its own pros and cons and some will perform better in specific scenarios than others! Explore each to find out which type of line is best for the type of fishing you do!

How To Keep Your Mainline Tangle-Free On A Popping Cork

Are you having trouble fishing with a popping cork because the mainline is getting tangled? The secret to prevent this is...
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Pro Tips To Minimize Wind Knots When Using Spinning Gear

Do you struggle with getting wind knots in your braided line? There are several things you can do to minimize the wind knots and if you...
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Should You Use Braid Ready Spools Or Put On A Mono Backing?

What is the best type of spool for braided line? Braid-ready spools offer a seal that helps you tie braid directly to the spool but if you...
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The Ultimate Mono Vs Fluoro Knot Strength Test (Final Results)

The final results are in! Is fluorocarbon or monofilament line stronger when it comes to knots? In this new test, we compare the non-slip...
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This Is When You Should Replace Your Fishing Line

How long has it been since you replaced your fishing line? Whether it's mono, fluoro, or braid, your fishing line only lasts so long and...
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How To Catch Big Sharks On Topwater Lures (And Best Rigging)

If you've never caught sharks on topwater lures, you aren't living! It's is such an adrenaline rush and tons of fun, but if you don't use...
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Shocking Results! New Mono vs Fluoro Line Abrasion Contest

It's always a debate whether mono or fluoro is a better leader material. But which one truly stands up to abrasion and will help you land...
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How Much Line Do You Need On Your Inshore Spinning Reel

How much line do you need to land a redfish, snook, sea trout, or flounder? There is a difference between how much line you "need" and how...
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Quick Tip To Spool Your Spinning Reel To Avoid Line Twists

Are you spooling your reels to avoid line twists? Line twists in your braided line can lead to wind knots and tangles. But if you do this...
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The Difference Between 4-Strand & 8-Strand Braided Line

What are the benefits of using 8-strand versus 4-strand braided line? And what are the biggest differences between the two? If you use...
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How To Untwist Your Braided Line To Prevent Tangles & Wind Knots

Have you noticed your braided fishing line gets twisted after several days of fishing hard? This is bound to happen but you can easily...
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Fishing Equipment Cheat Sheet Lesson [Rods, Reels, Lines, & Lures]

See the cheat sheet lessons showing the best fishing equipment for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder from inshore fisheries.
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The Salt Strong Inshore Fishing Tackle Index (Best Value & Performance Gear)

Do you want to know the best value inshore saltwater fishing tackle on the market right now? We've put together an index of tackle that...
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The 2 Best Budget-Friendly Leader Lines (That Still Catch Fish)

Do you want a quality leader line that won't break the bank? You could spend a small fortune on certain brands of leader but you don't...
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Fishing Line Colors: Best Colors, Worst Colors, & Fishing Line Mistakes

Have you ever wondered if fishing line color matters? There are many different arguments for which line color is best but here's the real...
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