Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, and tests on all types of fishing line!

There are 4 types of fishing line; monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid, and wire. Each has its own pros and cons and some will perform better in specific scenarios than others! Explore each to find out which type of line is best for the type of fishing you do!

How Line Diameter Effects Baitcasting Reels

Does line diameter really matter with baitcasting reels? A lot of thought goes into casting when it comes to baitcasting reels and the...
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Fishing Line Leader Fail [Common Mistake That Loses Fish]

Don’t make this common mistake that loses fish! I unfortunately lost a possible trophy fish because of it. Worst of all – it is 100%...
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Mono vs. Fluoro [We Finally Settled The Debate!]

Can this ONE video change the leader line you buy for the rest of your life?! We love testing things to see what’s true and...
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How To Prevent Wind Knots While Using Spinning Gear

Wind knots flat-out stink. They cause frustration and unnecessary headaches that delay your fishing trip. The good news is they...
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Leader Line Experiment: Will Fishing Without Leader Have An Impact?

Will fishing without leader have an impact? I decided to hit the water this past week and fish WITHOUT leader line...
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Used Fishing Line Casting Contest [J-Braid VS. PowerPro VS. Fins]

This video is all about a Used Fishing Line Casting Contest featuring THREE different types of braid. All of the lines are 10lb test...
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Quick Tip To Eliminate & Avoid Line Twists

Here's a super quick tip to eliminate and avoid line twists! If you notice that sometimes your line looks out of sorts then it is...
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When Should You Upgrade The Size Of Your Leader?

When should you upgrade the size of your leader? How do you know to bump up your leader line BEFORE you miss out on fish?...
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Why You Should Use Leader When Fishing With Braid

Do you know why you should use leader when fishing with braid? This is a vital step to successful inshore saltwater fishing...
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Does Mono OR Fluoro Get Weaker After Soaked In Water?

What happens to both mono vs fluoro soaked in water? Will the lines absorb the water or will there be a different result?...
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The #1 Mistake That Is Costing You Fish

What could be the mistake that is costing you fish time and again?? Have you broken off on a lot of fish recently? It might be because...
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Leader Hack For Catching BIG Fish On Light Line

Is there a SECRET Leader Hack for catching BIG fish on light line?? Have you ever heard of the "Dirty Deeks Rig" before?...
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New Casting Contest Results: PowerPro vs. J-Braid vs. Fins

I'm back with NEW Casting Contest Results!! This video is a continuation of our quest for the best of the best braided line for us...
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Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid Review

Now that it's available in the tackle shop, here's the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Review! This line is not NEW as it has been around for...
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How To Prevent Braided Line Tangles On Spinning Reels

Here's how you can prevent braided line tangles on your spinning gear!! This video is for anglers across all skill levels looking for...
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