Here is the homepage for tips, tutorials, reviews, and tests on all types of fishing line!

There are 4 types of fishing line; monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid, and wire. Each has its own pros and cons and some will perform better in specific scenarios than others! Explore each to find out which type of line is best for the type of fishing you do!

Fishing Line Colors: Best Colors, Worst Colors, & Fishing Line Mistakes

Have you ever wondered if fishing line color matters? There are many different arguments for which line color is best but here's the real...
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How Much Line To Put On Your Spinning Reel (To Maximize Casting)

Do you know how much line you should put on your spinning reel? If you want to cast farther and get fewer wind knots, then you need to have...
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Spring Spanish Mackerel: Best Lures, Spots, Positioning, And More

Want to catch more Spanish mackerel this spring? Learn the best lures, spots, and positioning for these fish, as well as a common misconception.
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Beyond Braid Review: Great Line Or Great Marketing?

Want to know if all of the hype is true about Beyond Braid? In this review you will see the actual strength of this line and if...
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Here Are The 2 Ideal Times To Retie Your Fishing Leader

Sick of getting broken off? Learn when to retie your leader line in this video to decrease your odds of losing the big one.
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How To Spool Braided Line On A Spinning Reel (Without Line Twists or Loops)

Want to know how to avoid line twists and loops on your spinning reel? Here is one of the best videos tutorials on how to avoid it on your spinning reel.
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