The 2 Best Budget-Friendly Leader Lines (That Still Catch Fish)


Leader material is a critical part of catching fish.

It needs to be strong, abrasion-resistant, and nearly invisible.

But should you spend a fortune on it to make sure you have top-of-the-line leader?

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best monofilament leader line on a budget
  • The best fluorocarbon leader line on a budget
  • When to use each line
  • And more

Check it out below!

Best Leader Lines On A Budget [VIDEO]

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If you go out to any store and take a walk down the leader material aisle, you’ll see that leader material can be very expensive.

You could easily spend upwards of $50 on leader.

But it’s really not necessary.

If you are looking for a great quality monofilament leader line, Ande Monofilament is going to be the best bang for your buck.

And if you want to pick up some fluorocarbon without breaking the bank, the Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon is a fantastic choice!

You’ll want to use one over the other depending on conditions, where you’re fishing, and what species you’re targeting.

Monofilament is much more abrasion-resistant.

So if you are fishing around structure or in dirty water where visibility is not that important, use a monofilament leader line.

If the water is clean and you’re not fishing around structure, fluorocarbon could give you a slight advantage.

Still unsure of which leader material is right for you?

Check out the Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Debate and decide for yourself!


target snook on topwater

Whether you like mono or fluoro better, one thing is certain: you don’t need to overspend on your leader line.

There are quality lines out there that don’t have to cost a fortune and perform really well.

What type of leader material do you like to use, especially when you’re trying to save money?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Joe geis
2 years ago

Tony, thanks for another informative video. Is there a difference between the Berkley Vanish easy casting fluorocarbon (250 yr spool for $13 or $14) and the Berkley fluorocarbon leader material? I have been using 20 lb Vanish easy casting fluoridation for leader material for couple years and it has worked well for me.

John Culligan
2 years ago

Can someone please comment on the effectiveness of the new Fluor coated mono line that is out? Very good cost position. Thank you.

Scott Holweger
2 years ago

How does Andes mono compare to Berkley Big game mono?

Matthew Broome
2 years ago

I used to pull some of my 20# fluro off my bass set ups haha last place I went to was out of mono leader so I picked up a 240yd spool of Ande Mono for about $9 and have been using that. Will definitely try out the office Ande leader when they spool runs out.

John Long
2 years ago

I appreciate the great review Tony! I also appreciate the benefits of being a Salt Strong Insider member. Thanks again!

Gerald Dexter
2 years ago

I really like a soft material, for a leader for throwing lures, the action has to be better!

I ran out of leader material, had a left over 17 lb Berkley Xl for a spinning reel, started using it, I caught a 32 inch Black Drum on a paddletail yesterday on it, Main line is 20lb powerpro super slick

Thom Ray
2 years ago

I just learned tonight the old orange label Seagar Salmon” leader and line which a lot of saltwater guides really like has now been relabeled with a blue “Inshore” line

Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

I went over to 20# mono once my fluoro ran out. I haven’t noticed any difference on the bite that I can tell nor any increase in cutoffs. Saving $$$.

David Thornburg
2 years ago

I have a 200 yard spool of 20# mono I bought for $5.00 and I have been using it for a year now and cant say Ive noticed any difference except the money. I used to use the Vanish and liked it but it was more expensive so when my last spool of vanish ran out I decided to try the mono and I like it just fine. It catches lots of fish.

Jeff Tutan
2 years ago

I stopped using fluorocarbon at night years ago. There is just no way it matters at night. Then two years ago I stopped using fluorocarbon during the daytime. While it’s hard to quantify if I missed any fish due to using mono, I have been catching plenty of fish on 30 & 40 pound Ande mono. I can quantify how much I saved using it. A lot! I remember many times walking out of Bass Pro with a only tiny bag of fluorocarbon and braid with a receipt for $70-$120 or more. No matter which line you use it is much more important to keep as much of the line and leader out of the water as possible. You mentioned that in your sight casting video recently. Good stuff! Thanks.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jeff Tutan


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