Braided Fishing Line: Best Brands, Line Tests & Preventing Wind Knots


Want to know which braided fishing lines have proven to be best for inshore saltwater fishing?

In this episode, we’re breaking down the best braided fishing lines based on tests we’ve been doing in both controlled environments and out in the elements.

We discuss fishing line breaking strength (knots), casting distance, wind knots, and the science behind the braid (the line, not Luke’s hair).

You’ll learn the pros and cons of the following braided lines:

  • PowerPro
  • Daiwa J-braid
  • Fins
  • Beyond Braid
  • Sufix
  • Spiderwire

If you’ve ever dealt with wind knots, knots that slip, or just a bad batch of braided line, then you don’t want to miss this!

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Best Braided Fishing Lines [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from our conversation about braided fishing lines:

0:47 – What is braided line?

3:01 – Party like it’s 1999: Line Throwback

4:08 – The science behind braided line

6:50 – Eight strands vs. four strands

8:37 – How do I know if I have a quality braided line?

11:33 – Line contest: knot strength, castability, and abrasion resistance

13:54 – Testing braided line in the elements with our fishing coaches

16:59 – How you spool your reel with braid: does it really matter?

22:45 – Abrasion resistance

34:51 – The worst strength braided line

35:40 – Does braid color really matter?

43:30 – The crew picks their top-performing braided line


how to spool braid on a spinning reel

It’s clear: not all braided line is created equal!

Although knot strength, castability, and abrasion resistance are key factors when determining the quality of your line, keep in mind that sticking with what is working for you is always a good strategy.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Here are our favorite braided lines right now:

Do you have a favorite braided line color?

Let me know down in the comments!

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thomas spidel
3 months ago

Have you tried the SpiderWire Ultra Cast aqua camo 8x line. I am very impressed with this line and feel its better than the Power Pro. Would be interested in seeing it in one of your comparison tests.

Heber Simmons Jr
4 months ago

Good morning, Luke, I’ve been using Berkeley Fireline Flame Green 6 lb test line for years and have never had any problems with it. I really wish you would test it in comparison to the other lines you have tested. The largest redfish I have landed so far has been a 33 lb’er. I’m using a Van Staal VS100 reel with a 7 ft. G.Loomis NRX 842MR rod. Takes about a minute a pound to get the red in so that I can release it. Would really like to hear your comments about the Fireline! I’m wade fishing in the Gulf around the barrier islands of LA for speckled trout and redfish almost every weekend when the water is warm enough (April – September).

Marshal Kenneday
10 months ago

Hey Luke, I know I’m a little late to the party on this post, but have you guys tested the newer toadfish braids at all? They make a 6 strand 10# that is thinner than the 10# J-braid 8 grand by almost half, and also make a 15# 8 strand that is .01mm different. Curious to see casting vs strength on the two. Love toadfish’s mission, and have picked up a couple of their rods so far, understanding the sacrifice in a little extra weight. Other than that I think they feel the bite great! Wondering if they took the same care in their lines and had a solid product made, or if it is more gimmicky for the teal color?

Jon T. Fisho
1 year ago

Just FYI:

It’s my understanding that Fins Windtamer is a 4-carrier braid, however rather than a wax finish it’s been lighted fused to make it slightly stiffer – hence the ability to ‘tame’ wind (i.e. less prone to casting knots, especially into wind).

And, as pointed out by someone else, PowerPro is a Shimano brand, but it hasn’t always been.
Despite the contemporary 4-carrier product from Shimano being referred to as “Original”, it’s my understanding that Shimano change the construction of the initial PowerPro braid sometime after they acquired Innovative Textiles and its associated brands, products and intellectual property back in 2008.
“… IRVINE, Calif. – December 31, 2008 – Shimano American Corporation, Irvine, Calif., has completed its agreement to acquire Innovative Textiles, Inc., the company best known as the makers of PowerPro braided fishing line, announces Dave Pfeiffer, Shimano American president.
Established in 1992, Innovative Textiles introduced PowerPro braided fishing line to the market in 1997. The company first started making Spectra fiber braid for kite flying, plus Krauland and his engineering staff were involved with other companies who needed their braiding expertise for some of the first braided fishing lines …”.
In any case, Shimano (USA) wanted to get into fishing braid but didn’t have the technology, so they bought the company.
Also just FYI:
12-carrier braids are up there but by no means the maximum.  Many companies make a 12-carrier braid (including Daiwa Saltiga EX12, aka Morethan12), and Suffix make a 13-carrier (Sufix 131) which imo is a superior casting line to Sufix 832.  There are also several 16-carrier braids on the market (Gosen 16, Cortland Silent Flip, and Hitena Airbraid Silk to name but three).
Just my tuppence worth.

1 year ago

Power pro is my favorite “go-to” on all my inshore setups (2500 to 3000 size reels) and I really like 10 lb for throwing 1/4-1/2 oz plastics out of the kayak and I use the 8 carrier for that application. I’m a “lighter is better” guy and poke fun at my bass buddies with 50 lb braid for largemouth, but stepping outside the common Florida coast inshore scenario where you will be using 2-3 lbs of drag for a second in the “Saltstrong Offshore and Heavier Gear Applications Caveat Section”…..

On my 4000 and 6000 size reels (large striper and mangrove snapper on the 4000 and cobia/mahi on the 6000), I have found that because those setups require 4-6 lbs of drag at full spool, the 20 (4000) and 30 (6000) lb braid digs into itself significantly. When casting isn’t a priority such as boat fishing up to a trawler or oil rig or pitching on the edge of grass lines with the 6000 size reel, stepping up to 40 lb is necessary (for me) to eliminate the line dig into the reel when applying 5 lbs of drag at full spool. Similarly when surf fishing with the 4000 size and chucking 1-2 oz lures, going up to 30 lb eliminates line dig on a big fish and has less effect on casting than with lighter gear. Trust me, I felt shame going up in size as I am an evangelist of the 10 lb braid for trout and reds, but in this case, it is practical.

I have also found that some of the tigher weave 8 carrier such as Momoi Diamondbraid 8x gen III or old school Powerpro 4 carrier does not dig into itself unlike the J-Braid or Powerpro 8 carrier, which both are very slick on the surface. I have tested the Diamondbraid up to 6 lbs of drag with 40 lb and 14 lbs of drag on an offshore reel in 65 lb and zero line dig.

Jon Brasher
1 year ago

Ive recently been using Berkley X9. Ive been a PowerPro loyalist forever but the X9 was all I could get at the time before my last trip. I really like it and would like to see a test. It is very affordable, casts good, ties good knots, and seems pretty duarable and hasnt faded. Hopefully you can check it out.

Marcelo Garcia
1 year ago

I’ve used momoi diamind braid for the last 5 years and in my experience with it has been game changing. Never going back to any other braid have tried it all. It compares to nothing in my eyes and my experience.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marcelo Garcia

Thanks for making time to leave the helpful comment. Which braid were you using previously?

Travis Beswick
1 year ago

J braid has been the best braid to use by a long shot. My fishing mates use power pro and constantly get wind knots.
Going through the processes on why they are having problems since it’s an ok line that should not be having this issue. (Spooling, fishing techniques ect)

1 year ago

I found that power pro is the best for fresh water and salt water every other braid I’ve got wind knots and that’s using a bull bay rod and a penn 2500 reel, also not always windy. Fishing with a friend of mine she was using spider wire she got wind knots multiple times. I was using power pro had no issues. It is a preference but power pro hands down. Tight lines everyone.

William Holden III
1 year ago

Coming from Bass fishing, it was tough to believe ANY 10lb line could do the job. Well Power Pro was the 1st braid that I liked since Spider Wire turned me against Braid back in the day. I HATED BRAID until I started fishing the salt with spinning gear. Wow! Power Pro has been amazing and to see that an even better line may be possible is exciting.
And I agree that color matters knot 🪢 when leader is in play.
Sufix is IN FACT too slick for our purposes and scratching off the wax is a hassle. The line is excellent in the woods. 🙂
Thank you for putting in all the work fellas!!
Tight Lines!


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