Sufix 832 vs. Fins Windtamer (Casting Distance & Knot Strength)


It’s line contest time!

Sufix 832 and Fins Windtamer are two types of braided line that come highly recommended.

And while I do listen to recommendations and reviews, I always like to test things out myself and get objective data so when I get on the water I can confidently say I have the best equipment.

That being said, I’ve started to test these two lines against each other.

Below you can see the results of the casting contest and the knot strength contest (abrasion-resistance and durability contests coming soon).

Which do you think will win?

See the experiments below!

Note: We don’t accept sponsorships so we’re not sponsored by either of these brands, we’re just on a mission to see which braided line is the best.

Suffix 832 vs. Fins Windtamer Casting Contest [VIDEO]

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Equipment used:

This contest consisted of five casts with each line, and then we measured the four longest casts for each one to try to take human error out of the equation.

Sufix 832 is an eight-strand braid with a wax coating, while the Windtamer is a four-strand braid without a wax coating.

Eight-strand braids and wax coatings are typically an advantage when it comes to casting distance, but the Sufix 832 is thicker than the Windtamer, which is a disadvantage.

Here are the results:

(Pink flags are Sufix 832 and green flags are Fins Windtamer)

windtamer vs sufix 832 results

If you take the average casting distance between these two, which is about where I’m standing (130 feet), it looks like it’s a tie.

Now what’s interesting is that Windtamer seemed to be more consistent, while the 832 had both the shortest (124 feet) and longest (138 feet) casts.

I believe that’s likely due to the wind, but either way, it seems like they both cast roughly the same distance on average so this first test is considered a tie.

But if it’s anything like the PowerPro vs. Spiderwire Invisi-Braid testing, the 8-strand line with the wax coating will get significantly worse after some usage while the traditional 4 strand braid will keep its casting ability more constant over time…

Suffix 832 vs. Fins Windtamer Knot Strength Contest [VIDEO]

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Equipment used:

  • 10 lb Sufix 832
  • 10 lb Fins Windtamer

To test the knot strength of these two lines, I used an improved uni knot for braid and tested their breaking strength on my tension machine.

I tied five knots with 10 lb. lines of each brand and threw out the weakest one to get rid of any inaccurate outliers.

Here are the results of the tests:

Sufix 832:

  • 19.16 lbs.
  • 14.93 lbs.
  • 18.73 lbs.
  • 18.13 lbs.
  • Average: 17.74 lbs.

Fins Windtamer:

  • 21.81 lbs.
  • 20.04 lbs.
  • 21.68 lbs.
  • 20.62 lbs.
  • Average: 21.04 lbs.

This was a significant difference!

Fins Windtamer was about 19% stronger than Sufix 832.

This might be the strongest braid I’ve tested (even stronger than PowerPro) as it tested over double the strength it was rated at (this was 10 lb. braid).

Another key thing to note is that Sufix 832 is wax-coated, so the knot pulled out in the first test.

This is definitely something you want to be aware of if you’re using this line or any other wax-coated lines.

To stop that from impacting your knots, just use your fingernails to scrape off the wax before you tie the knot to stop it from pulling out.


We’re on a mission to find the best braid so we’re testing how Sufix 832 and Fins Windtamer compare against each other.

It was about a tie in casting distance, while Fins Windtamer clearly won the knot strength contest.

Next, I’ll be testing how they compare in abrasion-resistance, and then, I’ll give an update on how durable the two of them are as I use them over the next few months.

The winner of these two lines will then be tested against the reigning champ, PowerPro.

Have you used Suffix 832 or Fins Windtamer lines yet?

If so, what did you think about them?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Glenn Saquilon
2 years ago

Luke, I viewed the 832 vs Fins challenge, but my question has nothing to do with the presentation. I noticed there were a lot of “crater looking holes” in the shallow water. Do you know if that’s a natural occurrence or is it from suction pumping some bait? Thanks, Glenn
BTW, I’ll be trying 10lb Fins on my next outing!

3 years ago

Yes I used suffix 832. 30lb Line cast great. And try power pro, 30lb 8Dia, suffix832 on all my reels love it best Never heard of Fins windtamer Line, Is 8dia the same as 30lb test.fins windtamer.I would like to try this Line.

Ken Johnston
3 years ago

These tests are great for those of us who don’t get a lot of time on the flats (I’m a Pennsylvanian). When I do get south don’t want to be wasting time trying to determine the best lines, knots, etc. Thanks for all the great work. Hope to get done in March.

Ken Johnston
3 years ago
Reply to  Ken Johnston

P.s. I’m an insider member. Thanks.

Gerald Dexter
3 years ago

Wow I did not know 10 lb line would break at that Lb rating

Johan Maritz
3 years ago

I have been a powerpro user almost exclusively but got couple spools of Daiwa Jbraid for free…any comments or experience with Daiwa braid?

David Ulgenalp
3 years ago
Reply to  Johan Maritz

Johan – I made the switch from Power Pro to Jbraid x8 a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. I find it more durable, have fewer wind knots and cast just as far if not further and it’s less expensive.

Jim Coster
2 years ago
Reply to  Johan Maritz

Not a fan of PP but use jBraid x8 exclusively for slow pitch jigging as well as fast jigging and it is great! I’m going to have to try the Fins…thanks for the heads up.

Casey Rendall
3 years ago

Awesome you did the comparison between these two as I do like characteristics from both since I’ve been using them over the last couple years. From my experiences the sufix will win when new for me because of it being smoother, however over time and use the color does fade and seems to pick up more water. They both hold knots very well for me with the FG I tie. If I’m not mistaken, the windtamer is smaller diameter and tightly braided like power pro and gets better with use. I’d have to give windtamer the win for me on abrasion resistance because I haven’t had any on the two reels I have for my dad and the one I have on a small 1501 ocea jigger I’ve been able to use a few times.

While I do love the windtamer, I do not recommend the Sling braid, nor the XS…both are loosely braided and get puffy and hold water. 10lb Xs very flat and puffy from the getgo. Although small diameter, the Sunline SX1 is much better. The sling braid decreased my casting distance on baitcaster and spinning reels. Not very manageable and it actually dug in on my baitcaster. Diameter is also very large. The 20lb was as large as power pro V2 30lb and that V2 is already larger diameter than its predecessor.

I have tried out nanofil and although initially it seemed to be the best fused braid I’ve used, flew through guides, somewhat quiet…the lifespan was terrible and abrasion resistance wasn’t great. I always had to retie knots for my leaders and strip off a few few when tying new leaders. And then it started holding water because once that coating comes off it gets really puffy and tends to come apart. Used from 4-12lb and now only use 6lb for crappie and small ned rigs freshwater.

Currently have had my Exist spooled up with 10lb Sunline SX1(took almost all 250yrd spool) and it’s a small diameter tightly woven 8 strand. Haven’t had and FG knot failures with 6-12lb leaders and most the time the leader breaks at knot or just above when I get stuck. Fraying isn’t a problem, abrasion resistance has been surprisingly good. I throw 1/12 chinlockz and 3inch shrimpz or 4” paddletailz with it mostly and best fish so far have been couple reds in the 30-32” range and a few 28” drum, 29.5 channel cat and bout a 5lb Smallie with a few 5-7 lb bass mixed in. Although this line is very thin for its pound rating(as most Japanese lines are)…the 12lb is thinner than most 10lb braids and this like has kept its shape very well. The only downside it that since it’s tightly woven 8 strand, it does have noise going through my guides(maybe because of the torzites?) but it isn’t like windtamer or power pro.

Andy H
3 years ago

I have tried some japanese 4 and 8 strand braids, cheap off brand china braid, and power pro original. I have preferred original power pro the most. Good test appreciate all your content. You have me debating becoming an inside member my dad lives on Estero bay try to visit him and do some fishing down there twice a year. I live in Indiana though.

David Hill
3 years ago

I’ve started using Piscifun Onyx braid about 6 months ago. It is inexpensive and works great. I get a 550 yard roll of 15lb for around $16 on Amazon, link below. Prior to that I had been a Power Pro user, just hate the cost. So, I set out to find an inexpensive braid that would do the job and the Onyx was the winner. The strength seems fine, as I’ve had no issues with break-offs, Casting distance seems fine as well. Of course, I haven’t done the “Scientific” tests that you are doing.

Luke, What is your opinion on the less expensive braid brands? Would you consider doing a comparison of the least expensive braids? I think the SS community would appreciate that. I know I would appreciate finding the best braid for the buck.

James McKinney
3 years ago

I have used the Fins wind Tamer and find it to cast well and have had no knot failures since I spooled it up. I use Fins and Power Pro on almost every reel I use regularly and have been pleased with the durability and performance for the last several years. I appreciate the tests and data to help me make good buying decisions and get the most of my days on the water by knowing I am armed with the right gear. Being able to buy tackle from the insider club is also great. Thanks and tight lines.

3 years ago

I’ve been a Power Pro fan for the most part. Wind knots are pretty much nonexistent especially with the new Slick V2. I like Suffix too, have the 832 on one of my reels. Definitely will have to try the Windtamer.


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