How To Tie The “Braid Uni Knot” [Contest Winner]

The Braid Uni Knot 

The Braid Uni Knot is a slight modification of the traditional uni knot that results in the strongest knot I’ve found for braid to swivel connections.

I really like this knot because:

  • It’s very strong
  • It’s easy to tie
  • It leaves a small and clean knot

If you already know how to tie the Uni Knot, tying the Briad Uni Knot for braid is simple.

It merely takes a couple more wraps during the tying process, but those added wraps are extremely important because braid needs more surface area friction relative to monofilament line to ensure it never slips.

In the post, we show you the step by step process for tying the Braid Uni Knot.

You can also see a detailed video on how to tie this knot in the video tutorial at the bottom of the post.

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How To Tie The Braid Uni Knot

In this section, we show you each step for tying the Braid Uni Knot:

Step 1: Thread Your Braid Line Through The Eye Of The Hook Or Swivel

Thread 6-8″ of braid line through the eye of your hook or swivel.

modified Uni knot step 1

Step 2: Thread Your Tag End Through The Eye An Additional Time

This is the first modification to the traditional Uni Knot. Thread your tag end through the eye an additional time and pull the lines tight.

Modified Uni Knot Step 2.2

Step 3: Make A Loop Around Your Mainline With Your Tag End

Make a loop around your mainline with your tag end. Make sure your mainline and loop align by pinching the tag end down.

Modified Uni Knot Step 3

Step 4: Make 10-12 Wraps Through The Loop With Your Tag End

Make 10-12 wraps through the loop with your tag end. Note: having a lot of tag end makes this step easier. Make sure all your wraps go in the same direction.

Modified Uni Knot Step 4

Modifed Uni Knot Step 4.1

Modifed Uni Knot Step 4.2

Step 5: Pull The Tag End And Mainline Tight So That The Knot Coils To The Hook

Pull the tag end and mainline tight so that the knot begins to coil toward the hook. Then, release the tag end, wet the knot and pull it tight as possible.

Modified Uni Knot Step 5

Modified Uni Knot 5.1

Modified Uni Knot Step 5.2

Step 6: Cut The Tag End

Cut the tag end with scissors. Your Modified Uni Knot is complete.

Modified Uni Knot Step 6

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The Braid Uni Knot Tutorial Video

In this video, I show you how to tie the Braid Uni Knot for braid.

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This is the best knot for braid to swivel and braid to hook connections.

It is a quick knot to tie that is both strong and easy. It can also be used in a number of different applications.

If you have any questions about how to tie this knot, let us know in the comments section.

Tight Lines!

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Do You Know The STRONGEST Fishing Knot For Every Situation?

The results of these knot strength tests might surprise you!

Click here to download the FREE “Ultimate Fishing Knot PDF Guide” (only takes a few seconds)


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2 months ago

finish it with a rizotto knot (5 wraps shld suffice) . . it would be impossible to slip. 🙂

Skip Hein
4 months ago

Have you compared this Uni-knot to tying a double strand Uni-knot? Seems that the double would provide the same strength.

David Tolbert
4 months ago

I’ve watched knot tying vids in the past that left me scratching my head, but this one is really well done. I’m new to braided line and this is so helpful. Thanks so much, Luke!

Stan Mitchell
4 months ago

Yes sir Luke, great stuff thank you.

Greg N
4 months ago

It’s been at least 10 years now where someone gave this knot the name Fish n Fool. If my baits are too big or bulky (regardless of line type) to easily use a Palomar, then I use this knot. It’s never failed me.

Ken Buvala
4 months ago

I like your stuff The videos are clear and easy to understand. Even though I have a pretty good knowledge of fishing lines, knots etc., You always have something I have not seen or thought of. Good job!!

Jeff Trnavsky
1 year ago

I won a knot strength contest at my local club’s banquet with this knot, and there were some self-professed “expert knot guys” there, maybe over 50 guys entered. Most did not even come close. This truly is the strongest braid knot. This knot made me over $200 richer that night!

Fred Zaiko
2 years ago

Nice knot, I will use that.

Joel Pope
2 years ago

Thanks for the video. I have a question about your hook. It looks like an Owner SSW with an “up-eye” that is typically used for snelled hooks. I think one of Tony’s videos states that using that type of hook tied without snelling will cause a missed hook up as it pulls the hook the wrong way. I typically do no snell hooks unless bottom fishing and always use a loop knot for live baiting. I have shied away from using the offset eye hooks even though I have a lot of them. What are your thoughts on straight eye vs off set eye?

And, while you are at it, what are your thoughts on “cutting point” versus “needle point”

As always, thanks

Paul Modena
2 years ago

My rule is “the thinner the line, more wraps are needed.” There is science behind related to surface area and friction it but knot needed just follow the rule.

2 years ago

Excellent tip on tying that uni knot with braid. Those extra loops really help! I also have added 1 easy step… I take my thumb nail and push the knot up tight to the hook while pulling the line tight. It reasly compresses that knot and there is no line slippage. Might be overkill, but makes thst knot really hold! Thanks for another great tip!

Len Beyer
2 years ago

I like it and will use it. Wouldn’t it be good for mono or flouro also?

Gerald Toombs
2 years ago

I’m too old, with not enough patience nor eyesight for this one! But, I could make another two or three cast while TRYING to tie this knot. I have used one knot for over 30 years no matter what line I use….and only lost two fish because of a failed knot. This video explained the WHY of knot failure! Not enough turns on the wrap!!!! GOOD STUFF!!!

2 years ago

Excellent video

Greg Batchelor
2 years ago

good job, Luke!

2 years ago

Thanks a lot. Great tip !

Brent Hess
2 years ago

Thanks Luke! I’ve seen this video on YT and refer back to it often. You make it look so simple. Wish my dexterity was as good!


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