How To Tie The “Braid Uni Knot” [Contest Winner]

The Braid Uni Knot 

The Braid Uni Knot is a slight modification of the traditional uni knot that results in the strongest knot I’ve found for braid to swivel connections.

I really like this knot because:

  • It’s very strong
  • It’s easy to tie
  • It leaves a small and clean knot

If you already know how to tie the Uni Knot, tying the Briad Uni Knot for braid is simple.

It merely takes a couple more wraps during the tying process, but those added wraps are extremely important because braid needs more surface area friction relative to monofilament line to ensure it never slips.

In the post, we show you the step by step process for tying the Braid Uni Knot.

You can also see a detailed video on how to tie this knot in the video tutorial at the bottom of the post.

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How To Tie The Braid Uni Knot

In this section, we show you each step for tying the Braid Uni Knot:

Step 1: Thread Your Braid Line Through The Eye Of The Hook Or Swivel

Thread 6-8″ of braid line through the eye of your hook or swivel.

modified Uni knot step 1

Step 2: Thread Your Tag End Through The Eye An Additional Time

This is the first modification to the traditional Uni Knot. Thread your tag end through the eye an additional time and pull the lines tight.

Modified Uni Knot Step 2.2

Step 3: Make A Loop Around Your Mainline With Your Tag End

Make a loop around your mainline with your tag end. Make sure your mainline and loop align by pinching the tag end down.

Modified Uni Knot Step 3

Step 4: Make 10-12 Wraps Through The Loop With Your Tag End

Make 10-12 wraps through the loop with your tag end. Note: having a lot of tag end makes this step easier. Make sure all your wraps go in the same direction.

Modified Uni Knot Step 4

Modifed Uni Knot Step 4.1

Modifed Uni Knot Step 4.2

Step 5: Pull The Tag End And Mainline Tight So That The Knot Coils To The Hook

Pull the tag end and mainline tight so that the knot begins to coil toward the hook. Then, release the tag end, wet the knot and pull it tight as possible.

Modified Uni Knot Step 5

Modified Uni Knot 5.1

Modified Uni Knot Step 5.2

Step 6: Cut The Tag End

Cut the tag end with scissors. Your Modified Uni Knot is complete.

Modified Uni Knot Step 6

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The Braid Uni Knot Tutorial Video

In this video, I show you how to tie the Braid Uni Knot for braid.

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This is the best knot for braid to swivel and braid to hook connections.

It is a quick knot to tie that is both strong and easy. It can also be used in a number of different applications.

If you have any questions about how to tie this knot, let us know in the comments section.

Tight Lines!

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Do You Know The STRONGEST Fishing Knot For Every Situation?

The results of these knot strength tests might surprise you!

Click here to download the FREE “Ultimate Fishing Knot PDF Guide” (only takes a few seconds)


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kevin v
6 months ago

polomars better

Ed Wenke
9 months ago

What’s the difference between this knot and the double San Diego jam knot. I was told to tie the San Diego knot with 20 turns .
lLost 2 big tuna due to line or knot problems with a top shot
and want to tie directly. No more lost fish ,please.

Russell Bratcher
2 years ago

Love this knot !

2 years ago

Great knot. I’m a musky fisherman so I use braid almost exclusively but the 10-12 turns is still an adventure for me.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rich

I fish for Pike in Europe, and I use this knot (as taught me here by Salt Strong, thx). I tried 10 turns with 100lb braid – it’s a bit tricky as you say. I think those 80lb 100lb test braids are thicker than what is used in the instructional video. I have done less wraps than recommended, like between 6 and 8 and it’s been ok. Test the knot by pulling on it, and if it doesn’t slip, it should be fine.

2 years ago

Would be great to test the Double San Diego Jam against the Uni knot. Double San Diego is used extensively here is SoCal for braid to swivel. How many wraps on the double is a question.

Adam Bailey
2 years ago

I know this as the Fish N Fool knot from the old knot wars videos. Amazing strength and easy to tie!

1 year ago
Reply to  Adam Bailey

Yes after my Fish-N-Fool knot won “Knot Wars” Saltstrong stole my knot and renamed it and claimed he invented it.

Adam Bailey
1 year ago
Reply to  Fish-N-Fool

Well credit is given to your knot in the NetKnots app I have, and that’s how I learned how to tie it. Thanks!

Anthony Kazlauskas
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I put mine through the eye 3 times, then add a double loop with 7 wraps… I just call it a double uni!

Rich Jaffe
2 years ago

Great comparison! Thnx. Do you think an “improved clinch knot” is any better on braid with the tag going through an additional loop?
I’ve tied the “improved” for years although I might start using the uni now on braid after watching this.

Lloyd P Carter
3 years ago

Can the uni be tied inverted? So the tag end would not lea.

David Atkins
3 years ago

Luke, That is a great knot for braid, since using I have not had any failures with this uni knot on all of my braid connections, thanks!

3 years ago

finish it with a rizotto knot (5 wraps shld suffice) . . it would be impossible to slip. 🙂


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