Terminal Knot (Snug)

Leader Line Catching The Front Hook Of Lures? Then, Do THIS!

Is your leader line catching the front hook of lures? Sometimes this happens with loop knots. It gets annoying to constantly have to fix...
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Quick Tips To Tighten Down Knots To Avoid Losing Fish

THIS is how to tighten down knots to avoid losing fish!!! It is super important to make sure your knots are properly cinched down so you...
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How To Tie The Palomar Knot In Under 30 Seconds

Here's how you can tie the Palomar Knot in UNDER 30 seconds!! This knot is super easy and quick to tie providing strength and speed out...
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How To Tie The Improved Clinch Knot In Less Than 30 Seconds

Here's how to tie the Improved Clinch Knot in 30 SECONDS!!! The Improved Clinch Knot is best used for connecting your leader line to...
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Should You Use Duolock Snaps?

Are you familiar with Duolock Snaps? Duolock snaps are small clips you can use to attach your lures to your leader and make it easy...
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Saltwater Fishing Knots 101

Do you know all the best saltwater fishing knots? Which ones do you prefer to use? Check out every knot in Saltwater Fishing Knots 101...
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How To Rig A Slip Float (Everything You Need To Know)

Have you ever used a slip float rig to catch fish? How should you rig it on your line to catch more fish? Everything you need to know is...
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Loop Knot VS. Snug Knot Comparison (Underwater Analysis)

How can a knot affect lure action and performance underwater? Your knot choice can have more of an impact than you think. Check this out...
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Non Slip Loop Knot vs. Canoe Man Loop Knot: Surprising Contest Results

Do you use a loop knot when rigging your artificial lures? Then you've got to see these shocking non slip vs. canoe man loop knot results.
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Best Fishing Knot For Beginners (Easy, Strong, & Versatile Knot)

Looking for an easy fishing knot that's strong and versatile? This is the knot for you! See step-by-step instructions for how to tie it, and...
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How To Tie The Trilene Knot (Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn how to tie the Trilene knot? This is a great snug knot to use with fluoro or mono leader. See how to tie it in this video.
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How To Tie The Palomar Knot (Quick, Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn a super quick, but super strong knot? Check out this Palomar Knot tutorial. This is the knot I use when I'm in a school of fish and I...
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How To Tie The “Braid Uni Knot” [Contest Winner]

Braid Uni Knot: Want to know the best knot for connecting braid line to a swivel? In this post, we show you how to tie the best Uni Knot for braid line.
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Clinch Knot vs. Uni Knot [Braid, Mono & Fluoro Knot Strength Tests]

Clinch Knot or Uni Knot? This post tests the Clinch Knot vs. Uni Knot on fluoro, mono & braid line to see which knot is the strongest for each type of line.
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How To Tie The Clinch Knot [Step-By-Step Pictures & Video Tutorial]

See how to tie the Clinch Knot with step-by-step pictures of the tying process and a video tutorial of how to tie the knot.
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