Terminal Knot (Snug)

Non Slip Loop Knot vs. Canoe Man Loop Knot: Surprising Contest Results

Do you use a loop knot when rigging your artificial lures? Then you've got to see these shocking non slip vs. canoe man loop knot results.
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Best Fishing Knot For Beginners (Easy, Strong, & Versatile Knot)

Looking for an easy fishing knot that's strong and versatile? This is the knot for you! See step-by-step instructions for how to tie it, and...
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How To Tie The Trilene Knot (Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn how to tie the Trilene knot? This is a great snug knot to use with fluoro or mono leader. See how to tie it in this video.
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How To Tie The Palomar Knot (Quick, Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn a super quick, but super strong knot? Check out this Palomar Knot tutorial. This is the knot I use when I'm in a school of fish and I...
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How To Tie The “Braid Uni Knot” [Contest Winner]

Braid Uni Knot: Want to know the best knot for connecting braid line to a swivel? In this post, we show you how to tie the best Uni Knot for braid line.
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Clinch Knot vs. Uni Knot [Braid, Mono & Fluoro Knot Strength Tests]

Clinch Knot or Uni Knot? This post tests the Clinch Knot vs. Uni Knot on fluoro, mono & braid line to see which knot is the strongest for each type of line.
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How To Tie The Clinch Knot [Step-By-Step Pictures & Video Tutorial]

See how to tie the Clinch Knot with step-by-step pictures of the tying process and a video tutorial of how to tie the knot.
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How to Tie the San Diego Jam Knot [Video Tutorial and Step-by-Step Instructions]

Looking for a strong terminal knot to add to your aresenal? In this article, we show you the step-by step process on how to tie the San Diego Jam Knot.
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How To Tie The Uni Knot With Braid & Fluoro [Free PDF Cheat Sheet]

Want to know how to tie the Uni Knot the quickest and easiest way possible? Then check out this UNI knot video and PDF (you'll see the strongest versions of the Uni knot for both braid and fluoro)
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Palomar Knot: How To Tie The Palomar Knot [Fluoro & Braid Adjustments]

The Palomar Knot is a very popular fishing knot. But the best way to tie this knot differs based on the line type that's used (braid vs. fluoro vs. mono)...
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How to Tie the Orvis Knot [Including Strength Test Results]

The Orvis knot won our most recent fishing knot contest for connecting a leader to a hook, swivel, or lure... this video shows the details you need.
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How To Tie A Snell Knot [And When You Should & Shouldn’t Use This Knot]

Do you want to see everything there is to know about the snell knot (including how to tie the knot, when to use it, when to avoid it, etc)? Then watch this.
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The Davy Knot: Is This The Quickest & Strongest Fishing Knot Out There? [VIDEO]

Do you want to see if the "Davy Knot" is really as strong as many anglers claim it is? Then check out this knot contest to see how the Davy Knot matches up.
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Best Fishing Knot for Leader to Hook Connection [Snug Style]

Finally, a "best fishing knot contest" to find the best leader to hook knot for saltwater anglers. Learn which one is best and see exactly how to tie it.
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