Saltwater Fishing Knots 101

Note: This blog post on saltwater fishing knots was originally posted on December 21, 2021, but we wanted to share this awesome podcast episode again!! Be sure to scroll down to check out all of the HELPFUL comments below this article!

What are the best saltwater fishing knots?

Which fishing knots do you prefer to use?

Fishing knots are a must-know for every angler looking to secure their line and be able to fight fish without worrying about losing it!

But how do you tie all of them?

Learn all about saltwater fishing knots 101 here!

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Saltwater Fishing Knots 101 [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:18 – The 3 Fishing Knots you NEED to know
  • 2:15 – The Non-Slip Loop Knot
  • 4:48 – When to use the Loop Knot
  • 6:08 – The Double-Uni Knot
  • 11:06 – Snug Knot
  • 12:44 – When to use the Snug Knot
  • 13:47 – 2 additional fishing knots
  • 14:03 – The Orvis Knot
  • 16:29 – The FG Knot
  • 24:21 – Differences in Double-Uni Knot vs. FG Knot
  • 28:32 – Speed of tying the Loop Knot
  • 30:15 – Reasons why you don’t need Swivels
  • 31:21 – Casting through your guides
  • 34:54 – Importance of drag settings

Saltwater Fishing Knots 101 [VIDEO]

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fishing knots

Fishing knots are an angler’s best tool for securing fish to their line, holding on during a fight, and having the strength to reel the fish all the way in.

With the plethora of knots known around the globe, there are truthfully just a few that you need for any kind of fishing scenario.

Be sure to practice your knots to ensure they have the strength to hold up when fighting a fish!

Do you have any more questions about saltwater fishing knots?

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15 days ago

I agree with your concept of keeping everything to a tried-and-proven minimum. The uni knot can be a loop – it slips tight when the fish hits. It can be pulled open by the angler into a loop before the next cast. I rarely bother with any other knots anymore.

I use Carolina rigs for live bait & that requires a small swivel to keep the slip sinker above the leader. I use tiny 50# test swivels and sinkers with plastic sleeves inserted to keep the sinker from jamming on the swivel.

In my experience, live bait on a Carolina rig catches far more fish than any lure system. You cast it, crack a cold beer, and wait for the strike – no repeated cast-and-retrieves necessary. Besides, throwing the cast net over bait is fun, too. If I get bored waiting (usually not long), I’ll cast-and-retrieve a lure rigged on another rod.

Last edited 15 days ago by Bob
Michael Guay
4 months ago

Enjoyed watching tying knots in the fog it’s a good refresher ona cold day thanks

1 year ago

Do you recommend using the FG knot to tie Braid to Mono backing on the reel? 

And thanks for your tips and Slam Shady. I had a Huge Snook hooked last week, but unfortunately she took me under the dock and cut me off on the piling. The fight was exciting while it lasted 🙂

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

Yes, I like using the FG knot to connect to the backing… just make sure to use a backing that’s at least at the same (if not stronger) line class as the braid, and make sure to tighten it so that all of the coils dig into the leader.

Curt Witthoff
2 years ago

@lukesimonds – when you test your drag with a 2lb weight, do you just hang the reel upside down (line going down) OR do you have the reel on the rod and have the weight hanging on line like you would a lure? Thanks!

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Curt Witthoff

Here’s how I did it to get a feel for about how much tension it takes to hit the recommended level:

Note: it doesn’t have to be perfect, so I don’t make a habit of checking the actual pulling power with a scale.

Curt Witthoff
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Super helpful! Thanks Luke! One more question….would love your thoughts on the Canoeman loop knot vs. Non-slip loop knot.

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Curt Witthoff

Both are excellent loop knots. I prefer the non-slip because it leaves a tag end pointing directly back towards the lure making it a bit more weedless.

Jeremy Kahn
2 years ago

I’ve started tying the blood/uni knot(braid uni and blood mono) as an easy to tie on the water knot, and wondered if you’ve ever tested it compared to double uni, blood, and surgeon. In my static to break testing, it has shown to be as good as blood, and easier to get right and tight than the surgeon(sometimes the braid gets bunched up in the surgeon, for me at least).

Anthony Bishop
2 years ago

Save the pdf’s to your reading list on an iPhone and pull them up anywhere!

Nick Morelli
2 years ago

The ‘carry the one’ joke got me every time

Bill Velkly
2 years ago

Great stuff guys. Been using the FG knot for two years, but just starting to try the loop knot…looks easier then I have been ending up with. Thanks

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

This is one of many reasons I’m a SS member, you will learn so many cool tips and tricks. Thanks Luke and Joe.

Rick Daniel
2 years ago

Hey Joe and Luke,
Do you ever use backer line to help reduce amount of braid spooled to a reel and if so, what type of line to line knot would you use for that?


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