FG Knot 101 Lesson: The Best Method For Beginners

Have you been struggling with tying the FG knot?

What is the best way for beginners to tie the FG knot?

Do not give up!

Learn everything you need to know about the FG knot below!!

FG Knot 101 [VIDEO]

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As with any fishing knot, the key is repetition and getting more comfortable with the knot.

In most cases, difficulty with the FG knot has to do with leader material being too thin and flexible.

To get familiar with the knot, it is best to use a thicker leader, even leader you do not plan on using.

It is easier to practice with the heavier, thicker leader than the lighter leader.

After many knot contests, the FG knot proves time and again to be the thinnest knot as well as the strongest knot.

Tying The Knot

Using the tension method, lean a rod up against a chair or in a rod holder that way it is stable.

You want tension on the mainline.

Take the mainline, and wrap it around your pinky finger several times to tighten the tension on the line so you have control over it.

Next, with the tag end of the leader line, wrap it around the mainline wrapping away from you about 4-inches above your pinky finger.

Then, do the same but wrap the leader around the mainline towards you.

This process is threading the main braided line around the leader line.

It is easier to practice this with the thicker line because as you twist and wrap the lines around each other, the leader line does not bend or tangle up.

Repeat the process as described above 16-20 times.

As long as you use 16 or more twists, the knot will hold.

On the last turn, stop when the leader is pointing away from you and in line with the mainline.

The coils formed during this process make up the FG knot and determine the strength of the knot.

The next step is to pinch your thumb down on the coils to keep them stationary.

With the tag end of the braided line, wrap it around the mainline and the tag end of the leader line and then go back through the hole formed by the tag end.

This is called a half-hitch knot.

Tighten after you feed the tag end through the loop formed around the mainline and leader tag end.

Now, the coils are locked into place.

Repeat this again once more for good measure.

This step is vital and if you miss it, the knot itself can fall apart.

After you repeat the half-hitch knot, reach up the mainline and wrap it around your hand three times.

Be careful and use gloves if preferred because braid can hurt and pierce your skin if you aren’t cautious.

What you want to do next is tighten the knot down and you will see the braided line digging into the leader.

This ultimately determines the strength of the FG knot.

If the braid doesn’t dig into the leader material, it can slide off on a cast.

Then, you can cut the tag end of the leader line very close to the knot itself.

One final step is finishing off the knot with 3-4 more half-hitch knots.

The final step is cutting off the tag end of the braided line about 1/4-inches from the knot.

The FG knot is thin because the leader line doesn’t double over and the strength is in the coils.

Because the knot has many coils, the tension on the line is spread out amongst them.


If you are a beginner with regards to the FG knot, start out with thicker leader material and practice until you are able to use lighter and lighter material that you will end up fishing with.

After some practice and repetition, you will find out the FG knot is fairly easy to tie and holds up to any other fishing knot out there.

Be sure to keep practicing and testing your knot’s strength because that is how you will get better at tying knots!

If you have any questions on fishing knots or tying them, please let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about fishing knots, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jean Long-Thomason
2 months ago

I used the fg knot for our in last fishing trip. I watched this video again and was sure I had tied it properly. I was using 10lb braid and 12lb leader. I brought in 2 nice fish, then on the next hook up l got it close to the boat and my knot failed. All I had was all the coils and no leader. What did I do wrong?

Oliver Clarke
3 months ago

I have had great difficulty tying the FG knot. Apparently I don’t have the dexterity to maintain the right tension in the braid while making the coils. Please take a look at this method I discovered which allows you to hold consistent tension on the braid line by using a split ring (key ring) secured on a string to the front of you, allowing both hands to be free for making the FG knot. This is simpler and more reliable than other methods I’ve tried.
I made an improved video, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh12zmiZ-mk

Mark Ausley
4 months ago

Great advise using the larger leader line. Knots have been my nemesis for years as I was born with 10 thumbs!! Love being able to get on here and get quick useful tutorials. Thanks guys

Karl Moran
5 months ago

Is the fg knot still doable when using 8 & 10 lb leaders. I’m really struggling with that light of line.

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Karl Moran

I haven’t tried the FG knot on leaders that thin so I’m not sure if it’ll slip or not. But given how flimsy lines that thin are, I would have to imagine it would be difficult to tie so that alone would cause me to opt for something like the double uni or blood knot which both are much easier to do on thinner lines.

5 months ago

You make this look so easy, and emphasize the more you practice the better you’ll get. I always have a practice session before heading out for a fishing trip. I’ve gotten good at 10# braid to 30# leader. These videos are tremendousliy valuable to remind us about proper preparation in case we find the Personal Best out where we will be fishing.

Luke Simonds
5 months ago

Thanks so much for making time to post the nice comment Jeff!

Dean Dodson
5 months ago

LOL. The first time I went out using this knot, I had to tie on new leader on the water … did it from memory, and sometimes memory isn’t so good when you’re just learning the knot. I tied a beautiful FG knot … but forgot the half hitches to finish. About the third cast, my Slam Shady and leader went flying WAY out there. It was a tremendous cast. Only problem was that it left the braid behind. Moral: Don’t forget the half hitches! (Alternative moral: Review this video before going ‘solo’ from memory!)

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Dean Dodson

So sorry to see that you lost a lure due to the FG knot slipping. Yes, the lures sure can cast far when that pesky line isn’t attached to it:)

michael smith
5 months ago

Do you recommend a dab of glue on the end with the half hitches?


Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  michael smith

I do not recommend glue because it’s not required and it’ll likely give a bad scent trail in the water (cons seem to outweigh the pros).

5 months ago

Luke, have you tested the FG knot from the backing on a fly reel to the line? Thanks again for another great video!

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Ali

I have not tried the FG knot on fly line, and my hunch is that it’s probably best to go with the nail knot for that connection since I’m not sure how the FG does on fly line.

5 months ago

Since learning this pinkie method when you first showed it I am able to quickly tie this knot while in my kayak and even while wading with the rod in one of my rod holders. Thanks Luke!

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Brad

So glad to see that you’re enjoying the pinky method for the FG knot… that’s definitely become my favorite method I’ve tried so far.

Lyle Crafton
5 months ago

Great suggestion on learning with heavier leader. Thin, supple leader is a PITA.

Luke Simonds
5 months ago
Reply to  Lyle Crafton

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Lyle!


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