Weekly Newsletter: 11-21-21

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How do you adjust your retrieve for fall fishing?

What is the best way to tie the FG knot?

What is the best gear for cold weather fishing?

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  • What if you threw back 100% of the fish you caught for a year?
  • What to look for when fishing points
  • #1 artificial lure mistake
  • Z-Man Texas Eye TeXL Jighead Review
  • Fall trout trends

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What If You Threw Back 100% Of The Fish You Caught For A Year?

What if for an entire year, all the recreational anglers decided they weren't going to keep any fish? What would happen to the fisheries?...
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FG Knot 101 Lesson: The Best Method For Beginners

The FG knot is one of the easiest to tie and strongest fishing knots you can use! If you are a beginner, follow these steps...
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#1 Artificial Lure Mistake That Will Cost You Strikes (Underwater Analysis)

What is the #1 artificial lure mistake anglers commonly make? Do not underestimate the impact closing your bail has on the lure...
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Dirty Deeks Leader Assembly (The Beefed-Up Tip)

Are you looking to strengthen your leader line to catch more trophy fish? Look no further than the DIRTY DEEKS leader assembly...
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This Is What To Look For When You Are Fishing Points

Are you struggling to identify where the fish may be if you are fishing around a point? Points are some of the best fishing spots because...
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Fall Trout Trends (On-The-Water Tips & Best Tactics)

Are you itching to catch more trout this fall and winter? If you want to find more trout, check out these on-the-water tips where we...
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Z-Man Texas Eye TeXL Jighead Review (Best Applications & More)

Have you used the Z-Man Texas Eye TeXL Jighead yet? This jighead is perfect for larger soft plastic lures in scenarios that include...
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How To Adjust Your Lure Retrieve For Fishing In The Fall

Should you be making adjustments to your retrieve speed and tactics for fishing this fall? The biggest change you must make is...
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Best Gear For Fishing In Cold Winter Weather Like A Pro

Are you ready to fish this winter? Do you have the proper gear for combating the colder conditions? The must-have cold weather gear is...
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Epic Drone Footage: How To Find & Catch Schooling Redfish

This is the time of year to find redfish schooling up in the shallows and flats! But, what you should you look for to find them? Look for...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [November 19th to 21st]

See the type of spots to fish this weekend based on the latest feeding trends, the full moon, and the upcoming weather.
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Memories That Matter: It’s About More Than Just Fishing (Ryan Barnett)

Fishing is about catching fish. But it's more than that. It's about bringing friends and family together to make lifelong memories...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 11-17-21 [Open Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:36 – Tackle Discussion (Rods) 0:02:35 –...
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Ideal Cold Weather Spot Examples [Spot Dissection – Carrabelle, FL]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing ideal spots for cold weather fishing around flats and shorelines. Keep in mind that these same tactics...
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My Biggest Regret Is Not Sharing This & Keeping It Inside…

I don't have many regrets, but one thing I wish I had done differently is not keeping my struggles inside. Find out what happened...
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