Memories That Matter: It’s About More Than Just Fishing (Ryan Barnett)

Sometimes fishing isn’t really about fishing.

Sometimes it’s only about the moments, and who you’re sharing them with.

“We took a trip to Lakemont, Georgia with the hopes to ‘see Fall’, since we don’t really get the whole seasonal transition in central Florida.”

With my wife and my son Theo, we loaded the car and headed north.

I was hoping to get some time fishing the rivers and streams since we had the perfect place picked out right on the water.

 Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans.

It rained on us the entire time there.

At first, it was easy for me to be a little upset and disappointed after I’d been planning my fishing trip for some time, and as it was looking, fishing was going to be a little tougher than previously hoped and anticipated because of the rain.

But that was okay.

It was the time spent with my wife, and the special moments shared with my son that made the trip just as great as it was supposed to be, if not better.

As a kid, I used to share a lot of the same moments with my dad, and I want to be able to pass that on to my son as well. 

Seeing the way his eyes light up when he gets the rod in his hand, I know that he’s hooked for life just like me.

He’s still not sure what he’s doing with it all the time, and I’m not always sure he’s not going to break it, but all of that is okay too!

As adults that love and care about the sport, it is our responsibility to keep the tradition alive.

It is our responsibility to pass on the knowledge and experiences that we were able to enjoy, to those that are the age we were when we were given this gift of fishing.

I know that I have my forever fishing partner, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  

-Ryan B

Ryan and his son, Theo:

Ryan and his Dad:

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Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

My mom is starting to get up in her later years and the other day she went on about how she wished she could have given her children more. I told her I don’t remember the toys from Christmas and gifts from birthday parties but I fondly remember all of the times we did activities together as a family and those memories were priceless. We were pretty poor and our fishing trips consisted of piling into the old VW van to go fish alongside canals in South Florida. My dad would bring one of those little hibachi charcoal grills and we’d cook up hamburgers. Just typing this I had to pause a minute. Great post, you can rest assured your children will never forget the time invested in them. It’s what life is all about!

Wyatt Parcel
2 years ago

What an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing Ryan!

Ben Bakas
2 years ago

Thanks Ryan for sharing your story. Fishing is a great tradition that brings us all together in so many ways and creates memories that last forever.

Matthew Lanier
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your trip with us Ryan!

Rob S
2 years ago

Enjoy the great times and memories with your wife, and son, Theo.


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