Fishing Knots

Beware Of The GT Knot (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

Have you heard that the GT Knot is the strongest fishing knot? There's a lot of misinformation about this knot and it's not as strong as...
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Non-Slip Loop Knot: How Many Turns Should You Do? [Knot Experiment]

How many twists should you do when tying a non-slip loop knot? In this experiment, I tested 2 vs. 3 vs. 4 turns and the results were...
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Should You Use Saliva When Cinching Down Fishing Knots? [Experiment]

Should you wet your line before cinching it down? It used to be necessary, but now that lines are higher quality, it might not be anymore.
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GT Knot vs. FG Knot: Head To Head Knot Strength Experiment

Is the GT knot really stronger than the FG knot? See the surprising results of how these two knots compare in a knot strength test.
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How To Tie The Trilene Knot (Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn how to tie the Trilene knot? This is a great snug knot to use with fluoro or mono leader. See how to tie it in this video.
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Palomar Knot vs. Uni Knot With Braided Line [Strength Test]

Want to know which knot is stronger when using braided line? Check out this test and see why you should never tie the...
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How to Tie the FG Knot in Under 60 Seconds [Free Cheat Sheet PDF]

The FG Knot is a MUST KNOW for fishermen who use braid. This post shows the fastest & easiest way to tie this incredibly strong knot. Free PDF download.
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Are You Using The Wrong Knot With Your Lure? (Common Lure Mistake!)

If you want to catch more fish with lures, this is crucial! Pairing the right knot with the right lure will help you get the right action, which will...
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Most Expensive Fishing Knot Strength Machine Ever!!!

Want to know the truth about the strength of fishing line and knots? See real data as we test popular knots and fishing line brands against each other.
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How To Tie The Non-Slip Loop Knot (Plus Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid)

Learn the Non-Slip Loop Knot from this very clear video showing exactly how to tie the best loop knot we've tested so far. Plus, see the mistakes to avoid.
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How To Tie Your Own Pompano Rig (Great Rig For Surf Fishing)

Want to learn how to tie the pompano rig? See how to tie it step by step in this video. This is a great rig for surf fishing because it's versatile and...
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How To Tie The Palomar Knot (Quick, Easy & Strong Snug Knot)

Want to learn a super quick, but super strong knot? Check out this Palomar Knot tutorial. This is the knot I use when I'm in a school of fish and I...
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Shock Leaders: When & How To Use Them For Surf Fishing

Shock leaders can help you lose fewer fish, but do you always need one? See when to use shock leaders here, plus what size line to use and how to tie them.
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How To Tie The Best Surf Fishing Rig (Saves Time & Catches More Fish)

Want to learn how to tie the best surf fishing rig? This rig will help you save time while on the water and catch more fish. Learn how to tie it here.
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The ALBRIGHT vs The ALBERTO vs The FG KNOT [Strength Contest]

Wondering what braid to fluorocarbon fishing knot is the strongest? Well, this article shows the results of 3 top knots going up against each other.
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