How To Tie The Rizzutto Finish [Video Lesson]


Have you been looking around for a bulletproof way to finish the FG knot?

You’re in luck!!

In the video below, I’ll show you simple methods to keep your FG knots secure.

Check it all out here!!

Rizzutto Finish [VIDEO]

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This is a simple method to strengthen your FG knot so it doesn’t unravel and you can even cast it through the guides.

To start, tie the knot as you normally would and stop at the point you are done with the twist.

Take the tag end of the braided line and go back over the mainline and leader to form a half-hitch knot.

Then cinch that knot down by pulling both the mainline and leader line in opposite directions.

Repeat this process but now on the other side of your knot to form a series of half-hitch knots.

The reason for this is every time you tie a knot over the top and then again underneath, it locks those knots in place.

Keep your thumb and forefinger at the top of the knot to help rest the half-hitch knot in place so it does not slide down the entire knot.

Repeat this until you tied four half-hitch knots.

Now, trim the tag end of the leader line.

It is also a good idea at this point to always pull the knot to make sure you didn’t cut the mainline.

At this point, tie a few more half-hitch knots above the FG knot around just the main braided line.

This helps with the transition from the mainline to the actual FG knot itself.

Tighten down the entire system before going ahead and trimming the tag end off of the braid.

The main thing you have to keep an eye on when out on the water is that tag end of the braid.

If it starts to get longer and longer on your casts, that means the knot is unraveling and you need to stop and retie.


Weak points in your system or knot failures are an absolute headache.

Take the steps and precautions to strengthen our knots before hitting the water so you don’t waste time out there!

Just a few extra seconds of preparation can save you big time later on.

Do you have questions or anything to add about this hack to strengthen the FG knot?

Is there something you do to strengthen your braid-to-leader knot connections?

Please let us know!!

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Ray benson benson
25 days ago

Clear as mud.

2 months ago

You really need to learn to finish with the Rizutto. I used to do the “Rizutto” finish tying nocks and servings on my bow strings but we called it something else?? Backwhip or soemthing like that – try it on FG it’ll come into your guides ALOT better than those bulky halfhitches.

Michael Collier
1 year ago

I used the FG knot this weekend for the first time. I was using a 10 lb braid with a 20 lb leader. In the past, I often used swivels and uni knots on both sides.

This knot was way stronger than I thought it would be. It is almost too strong if I would dare to say. I got hung up on what I presume were some oysters on a bank. I could not for the life of me get this knot to give way. I ended up putting gloves on, wrapping the braid around my hand and I finally got it to give.


The knot didn’t break. Nope, the jig head hook broke off instead of where the hook bends. That bend in the hook was obviously the weakest link in that whole rig. I still had my line and leader on it with no abrasion, so I tied on another paddle tail and caught a red with that same rig 20 minutes later in another spot.

1 year ago

I’ve been using the FG Knot for a long time…After I finish cutting the tag, I do 2 – 4 turn cinch knots to smooth out the entry thru the guide…I then finish the knot tag with a dab of Locktite Gel Glue…

Danny LeBlanc
1 year ago

Thanks for the info. I have been following what Luke had on his tips and now I will add the hack to strengthen the knot.

Juan DeLaRosa
1 year ago

The red are running thanks for the help with the knots

Robert Guglielmo
1 year ago

Wow, you ask and you shall receive @saltstrong ! I’m not sure if this a a response to the request I made in my “lost fish” report, but it sure feels like it. Thanks for the tips here, I noticed a number of small details that I was doing incorrectly. This will be huge for me. True value.

Dennis Searing
1 year ago

Hi Pat, Is they’re a reason you choose the half hitches over finishing with a Rizutto? I’ve never had the FG/Rizutto combo fail or hang up on guides during casts. It’s more to see if there is something I don’t know about the Rizutto knot than questioning you.
Thank you, Dennis

Ryan Jacobs
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

I’ve always done the Rizutto finish, but it also unravels. I’ve now started to try adding Loctite Glue on the Rizutto. We’ll see how this holds up.

Ray Silbar
1 year ago

Double uni is way quicker and easier

Ronnie Artigue
1 year ago

Pat, when tying the knot at home I use “bow string wax” to lubricate the the knot; I rub it into the knot just like on a bow string. It helps keep the tag end from fraying and also helps the knot glide through the tip/eyes when the leader is long. When I get home I redress the knot with the wax if it needs it.

I’ve caught bull reds and monster drum that took “way too long” to get to the boat, but the knots held! (Wasn’t targeting them with my Fuego 2500 and 15 lb test braid, but they like big baits and shrimp like keeper specks and slot reds do!)


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