What Knot NOT To Use With Spinnerbaits


In today’s video, I’ll show you what knot to use with spinnerbaits and what knot NOT to use!

I recently put out a video on how to use spinnerbaits to catch fall redfish and knots were a huge topic in the comments.

Find out more in the video below!!

What Knot To Use With Spinnerbaits [VIDEO]

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Right off the bat, the biggest mistake I see people make is using a loop knot with spinnerbaits.

The loop knot is the one knot you DO NOT want to use!!!

If you are using a spinnerbait with an arm that is open and not enclosed, then the loop knot can slide up and down the arm of the bait.

That can lead to any number of issues and totally ruin your presentation.

Instead, you need to use a snug knot to secure the leader to your spinnerbait.

My go-to snug knot for any time, not just spinnerbaits, is the Trilene Knot.

The spinnerbait used in this video is the Strike King Redfish Magic Spinnerbait I slightly customized with a different jighead.

Sometimes I will use a Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead or different versions of the Strike King jighead.

Then you can use whatever lure you wish to throw on the hook.

In my case, I have the Gold Digger paddletail rigged up.

How To Tie The Trilene Knot

First, take the line and feed it through the curve on the arm of the spinnerbait.

Then, double the line over again to form a small loop with your finger.

Now, pull the tag end to make that loop a bit smaller but not all the way tight.

Then you’re going to grab the tag end and the mainline and pinch them at the loop to keep them together.

Next, wrap the tag end of the line around the main section 4-5 times.

Take the tag end and go back through both loops at the arm of the spinnerbait.

Now, cinch the knot down but be sure to do so inside the notch of the spinnerbait arm.

I recommend moistening the knot with some saliva or water on the side.

A little trick for cinching these knots down is to hold the lure in one hand and the leader tight in the other, then slide your thumb to push the knot down as you’re pulling to cinch the knot.

Now cut the tag end off and you’ve got a knot that won’t slide up and down the spinnerbait arm.

Some spinnerbaits may have an enclosed eye on the arm.

In that case, you could use a loop knot if you wanted to but you don’t have to use a loop knot with a spinnerbait.

All the action is in the blade and the lure so you don’t need to add extra.


spinnerbaits to catch fall redfish

Spinnerbaits are super useful in the fall because they mimic schools of bait and present a big meal for hungry fish.

You just have to be careful and aware of which knot you use with spinnerbaits.

Snug knots like the Trilene Knot are the way to go!!

Do you have any additional questions about what knot to use with spinnerbaits?

Please let me know what you think in the comments!!

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Scott Vollmer
1 year ago

Since you and some of the other coachs switch out the jigs on these type of lures anyway, has Saltstrong thought of just selling the bent wire arm and spiiner without the jig portion?

Steven Free
1 year ago

Well Tony you know me I’m always talking and doing my reports after using a spinnerbait it’s not only a great bait for reds but big flounder as well I would say at least 98 percent of the flounder I catch is on a spinnerbait but I like the zman one better then the redfish magic the steel that is used in the arm is way tougher and stronger and harder to bend but as far as knots if someone with common sence ties a loop knot to a spinnerbait immediately he or she would notice its truly not the knot for this bait its way to loose in fact it might even be so loose that depending how big the loop is the bait would cast right out of the knot no I like the Palomar knot for any bait that requires a snug fit its strength rate is about 98 percent of the time if tied correctly and has yet to let me down and is extremely easy to tie and if you read my last report I caught my second black drum on a spinnerbait crazy right!?! Anyways thanks for the info and all you do👍😉

Travis Rodkey
1 year ago

Thanks! This is very helpful.

James Adams
1 year ago


Werner Boeer
1 year ago

Thanks, Tony. Great advise as always.

William Clifford
1 year ago

Thanks Tony.

Robert Watkins
1 year ago

My favorite go to knot.

1 year ago

Very good knot for spinning baits.

William Hobson
1 year ago

I completely agree on the Trilene (aka double loop clinch knot)! I haven’t used a regular clinch knot in decades because of their tendency to fail.

Jason McNeese
1 year ago

What presentation do you find most effective? Continuous? Variable?


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