Tips for Fall Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the fall season!

Is Wind Or Tide More Important When Targeting Speckled Trout?

Is WIND or TIDE more important when fishing for speckled trout??? Water temperatures are dropping but the speckled trout bite is heating up...
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How To Find Textbook Fishing Zones In The Fall [Fishing Report]

This trip provides example after example of what textbook fall fishing zones look like. I was able to reel in an inshore slam just by...
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Cruising The Flats To Quickly Find Inshore Fish [Fishing Report]

You don't have to go too far to quickly find inshore fish!! On this trip, I stuck to the current trends and looked for key fall indicators...
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How To Find & Catch Fish In The Dirtiest Water

What should you do to catch fish in the DIRTIEST water??? Substantial tidal flow and an increase in heavier wind are super common for this...
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Using Live Shrimp To Find The Trends [Fishing Report]

Have you ever used live shrimp to find the trends before?? Especially during the fall amid cold fronts, live shrimp is a great way to...
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How To Catch The Biggest Fish Out Of A School

Is it possible to catch the BIGGEST fish from a school?? I think it's safe to say, we all pretty much want to catch the biggest fish out...
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How To Catch Fish In A New Area With Popping Corks [Fishing Report]

It's THIS easy to catch fish in a new area with popping corks!!! Popping corks are so useful and extremely handy on inshore fishing trips...
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#1 Topwater Lure Mistake During The Fall

We've got to STOP making this topwater lure mistake during fall. Fall is one of the best times of the year to hit the water and get...
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What Knot NOT To Use With Spinnerbaits

In today's video, I'll show you what knot to use with spinnerbaits and what knot NOT to use! I recently put out a video on how to use...
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The Biggest Live Shrimp Under A Popping Cork Mistake

What do you think the biggest live shrimp under a popping cork mistake is??? Are fishermen not rigging their shrimp correctly? Does it...
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Catching A Grand Slams After A Severe Cold Front

What's the best way to catch Inshore Grand Slams after a cold front? We're in the thick of fall now with winter around the corner!...
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How To Find Current Fall Redfish Trends [Fishing Report]

What do you have to do to find current fall redfish trends? Is there a recipe to follow or specific lures you need to be using right now?...
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Everything You Need To Know About Slip Float Rigs

Here's everything about slip float rigs!!! I'll show you the right gear you need, how to rig them, and the best retrieves...
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Uncovering Current Fall Redfish Trends [Fishing Report]

Coach Matt Lanier and I had the chance to hit the water on a picture-perfect fall day to pick up on current fall redfish trends...
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Foolproof Way To Catch Tons Of Fish – FAST!

In this video, I'll show you a FOOLPROOF way to catch fish and FAST! This is a common method of fishing used by generations of...
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