Fishing Mangroves For Snook & Redfish Using Top Fall Lures

I hit the water with THE George Layton targeting mangroves for snook and redfish using top fall lures!

If you’ve been active in the Insider Community, then you know George.

We locked into fall trends and caught a bunch of fish.

Take a look at the full report below!!

Fishing Mangroves For Snook And Redfish Using Top Fall Lures [VIDEO]

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We started off throwing topwater lures.

Now through the end of winter is an excellent time for topwater action early in the morning or later in the evening.

Once the sun came up and we started casting shadows out on the water, I switched to a subsurface lure.

I went with the F.R.E.D. Mulligan on a Hoss Helix Hook to remain weedless.

After reeling in a solid redfish on the F.R.E.D. color, I changed over to the Gold Digger to see how that would do.

Color didn’t matter much on this trip as George hooked into a redfish on the Slam Shady and later the Gold Digger got the job done as well.

During this time of the year, redfish are schooling up all over the flats.

A quick way to double up on redfish is to cast directly behind a fish your buddy has already hooked into.

There could always be a few fish following closely behind.

Sure enough, I threw my lure behind George’s fish and hooked up!

Shortly, after we had to call it a day.

Fall Lures

If you like throwing artificial lures, fall is the best time to get tight lines in my opinion.

Topwater lures are extremely fun and always useful before the sun comes up.

Then we switched over to subsurface paddletails once the sun got higher in the sky.

Topwater into paddletails is my favorite approach for the fall.


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greg lanier
4 months ago

Great video! Loved seeing George out there with you 👍👍

George Layton Layton
4 months ago

It was a blast fishing with you Luke, a beautiful day, fun action, fellowship, & only one blip !!! The SLOT MACHINE is a true joy in every aspect !!

Jamie Stanley
4 months ago

Awesome work fellas! I need to get those different Mulligan colors for sure, Luke. The Slam Shady though has been super consistent.

Wes Hamil
4 months ago

Great video! George is the unofficial Salt Strong goodwill ambassador! He is always offering info and encouragement to everyone.

Mike Smith
4 months ago

Alot of new boaters since the covid incident , I love that you explained the boat passing fisherman and distances/speed on your advertising time (sort of) awareness might help a little hars off to you sir ..more please ..and I loved how you tip toed around it gently , perfectly put …( could have been one of us
( customer ) ..but I still wouldn’t have blurred it out …lol
Might wanna tell everyone , wide open under 75 and 41 bridges ain’t really legal either ..awareness , we all gotta help each other .


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