How To Use Spinnerbaits To Catch Fall Redfish [Strike King Redfish Magic]


If you haven’t in the past, then it’s now time to start using spinnerbaits to catch fall redfish!!

The lure combination described in the video below has been working perfectly lately for catching big redfish and even snook.

Take a look!!

Spinnerbaits To Catch Fall Redfish [VIDEO]

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The spinnerbait featured in this video is the Strike King Redfish Magic.

The Redfish Magic is actually packaged and sold with a different jighead and soft plastic lure than the one in the video.

Instead, I customized it and added a Z-Man Trout Eye Jighead and a Gold Digger 2.0 paddletail.

During late summer and early fall, there is a lot of runoff and water movement due to rainfall and seasonal transitions.

This setup is ideal for fishing in areas with lots of runoff or dirtier water.

Additionally, this is one of the best setups to target fish hiding in thick grass at the bottom.

The big blade on the side of the spinner displaces lots of water to try and call those fish out from the grass.

Moreover, this color combination of black and gold works excellently well in low light, murky water conditions.

As far as the jighead and paddletail customizations, you can experiment and play around with different combinations yourself to find what works.

You may need to use a heavier jighead or you might prefer another brand over what comes on the rig.

You can go as far as using jerk shads or even shrimp lures as well on this rig.

A slow and steady retrieve with the rod tip pointed up is a perfect way to throw this rig.

Every now and then I gave the lure a couple of twitches to enhance the flash but not too often.


strike king redfish magic: match the hatch

Strike King Redfish Magic rig does an excellent job of mimicking a small school of bait that a fish can chomp down on for an easy and calorie-rich meal.

If you don’t have one already, head over to the shop and grab a Strike King Redfish Magic lure today!!

Do you have any more questions about using spinnerbaits to catch fall redfish?

Let me know down in the comments section!!

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Mark Boger
5 months ago

Thanks Tony, Caught 2 Reds in 10 minutes on the water using the strike king with the bomber.

James J. Thompson, Jr.
5 months ago

Spinner baits work. You can also try one with a willow leaf blade for longer cast with increased accuracy. In really stained water the Colorado blade is best.

William Cleveland
5 months ago

We’ve been using spinnerbaits this way down in Southeast LA for a few years now. Water is always stained/muddy here. Spinners flash works great for a search bait.

MIke Hurlbert
5 months ago

Caught my first red ever. Used the Red fish magic as it comes. Was awesome. Ended up changing the paddle tail due to the fact the one that comes with it would
Not stay on. Used the trout magic as welll and ended up changing it out as well. Fun lure.

Patrick Cotter
5 months ago

What about clear water and bright days?

Steven Free
5 months ago

Well you know my past reports on always using a spinnerbait for both flounder and reds its my go to bait after the topwater bite has shut down in dirty water I found the new gulp 4 inch paddletail in either root beer gold with a chartruese tail or the morning glory ( black with red flakes and a chartruse tail) both colors are deadly here in Jax fl where I live and fish slowrolled on the bottom by oyster mound or pitched under docks and around grasslines with scattered oysters and grass pockets will surely get you bit but I found out that a baitcasting outfit works better at least for me that is then a spinning outfit I can pinpoint my casts better and seem to feel the vibration of the blade better as well I also found the zman spinnerbaits are alot better then the redfish magic the wire doesn’t bend as easily when a big doormat or red hits it great report as always Tony thanks for the info and all you do👍😉

Dennis Mackin
5 months ago

Do you ever use bass spinnerbaits? Why are the beetle spin style spinners better for inshore?

hugh martin
5 months ago

great video Tony
we’ve used spinner baits for years to catch
bass in the lakes around central Fla.
keep the videos coming.

Bobby Colding
5 months ago

I haven’t tried spinner baits yet when I go back I’ll try them thanks

Dave Bardin
5 months ago

Nice video Tony that you for the spinner tip. Question when using a power prong USA how would you suggest retrieving it?


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