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“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.” – Jack Nicklaus

Note: Have you seen our Smart Fishing Spots App? Talk about a GAME CHANGER.

October 2022 Insider Club Giveaway [September Winner Announced!!!]

Time for another giveaway Insider Members!!! Every month we give away an INCREDIBLE prize to an Insider Member as a thank you...
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How To Use Spinnerbaits To Catch Fall Redfish [Strike King Redfish Magic]

If you haven't in the past, then it's now time to start using spinnerbaits to catch fall redfish!! The lure combination described in the...
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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Oct. 14-16]

We’re BACK with another edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Below are Regional Weekend Game Plan Lessons tailored to the conditions and trends of your...
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How To Retrieve A Popping Cork For Best Results

Is there a special trick or method for how to retrieve popping corks? How do you create the ultimate "pop" to trigger strikes? Find out...
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How To Easily Trigger Topwater Strikes

Here's how to easily trigger topwater strikes with any type of surface lure!! Topwater action is just so much fun. Find out more in the...
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Thank You! Check Out This HUGE Check! [Hurricane Ian Relief Fund]

Don’t miss the video below for a special Hurricane Ian Relief Fund Announcement! The 9-Spot Redfish shirts went on sale last week and we were...
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How To Position Your Boat To Catch More Redfish Without A Trolling Motor

How can you catch more redfish without a trolling motor? Don't you need a trolling motor to fish in areas that hold redfish so you don't...
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How To Easily Catch Fish With A Popping Cork [Insider Report]

While Richard was with me, we had plans to meet up with another Insider Member to target one of my favorite areas… but life &...
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How To Gather Information From A Slow Day Of Fishing [Insider Report]

We’ve all been there, we made our plans and everything went well as far as getting to the water on time, the weather and wind...
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Where To Find Redfish During The Fall Transition [Insider Report]

On this trip, Matt and I wanted to fish in an area where we thought there would be fish due to some cooler weather and...
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Massive Mystery Fish VS Kayak (I Was NOT Expecting This…)

Who wins in the battle of a MASSIVE Mystery Fish VS Kayak? I was out filming an Insider Report for Insider Members when I paused and saw...
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Post-Hurricane Fishing With The Slam Digger! [Insider Report]

I hadn’t been fishing since before the hurricane and from what I had seen in my own area, water was scarce. I knew I had...
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Super Quick Technique To Catch Tripletail On Artificial Lures

Here's a super quick way to catch tripletail on artificial lures! Tripletail are easy to find, for the most part, the challenge is getting...
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Easy New Way To Find, Manage, & Organize Fishing Waypoints

We came up with a SUPER EASY way to find, manage, and organize fishing waypoints in Smart Fishing Spots! Ever since Smart Fishing Spots...
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THIS Is The Fastest Way To Catch Trout This Fall

What is THE fastest way to catch trout this fall?? Where and how can you locate more speckled trout in your local waters?...
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