THIS Is The Fastest Way To Catch Trout This Fall

What is THE fastest way to catch trout this fall??

Where and how can you locate more speckled trout in your local waters?

Below are some quick indicators that can help you find MORE trout in LESS time…

Fastest Way To Catch Trout This Fall [VIDEO]

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Fall brings cooler weather as well as colder water temperatures.

What that translates to in fishing terms is “find deeper water”.

As we get into the thick of fall moving into winter, the fish need access to lots of bait and deeper pockets of water to maintain the desired water temperature.

If a cold front does come through, those fish can just drop below in the water column to stay at the right temperature.

At the same time, fish are trying to conserve as much energy as possible right now while gaining as much weight as they can.

The areas of focus are ledges or points next to flats and marsh systems that happen to have some deep water nearby.

Fish want to stay comfortable and wait for the bait to come to them.

Furthermore, trout along with other inshore species are beginning to get together and school up.

That means you could very well catch your limit in just one spot.

By choosing these areas at the right time during the right tide cycle, you can do extremely well and catch a lot of trout fast.


top 3 spring lures for speckled trout

Fall and winter are all about deeper water!!!

Speckled trout need to maintain stable temperatures and are able to do so with deep water nearby that helps flush bait right to their mouths.

If you find a spot like the ones described above, you will get on trout in no time!!

Do you have any questions about the fastest way to catch trout this fall??

Please share with me down below!!

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Darren Toler
1 year ago

Hi Richard, how cool does the water need to be for them to start getting uncomfortable, or what is the ideal temp? Water temp is about 79 around Galveston right now. Thanks!

Darren Toler
1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thanks Richard, I’ll be watching for that, we are just getting our first cold front this week!

John Martin
1 year ago

I wonder about my areas. They don’t seem peaceful like your.
Iam a novice fisher in Florida now .
Lemon bay is a very busy water area,little to no tide change.
I fish November to mid April . My kayak is very heavy and stable. Big Fish 120 motorized. Lemon bay it polluted also.
so I will start over at stub pass. But traffic is crazy over there.
where do you fish
thanks so much for the great lesson

John Morris
1 year ago

how deep is deep water?


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