Tips for Winter Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the winter season!

Fishing From Shore With Dell Murray [Land Based Tips]

On a windy and chilly morning, I met up with Insider Member Dell Murray for some land-based fishing! The goal here was to target backwater...
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Fishing After Cold Fronts In High Wind Conditions [Case Study]

This report is a great case study for how to catch some good fish right after a strong cold front pushes through. These high wind...
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How To Effectively Feel Bottom When Fishing With Artificial Lures

How do you know if your actually fishing the bottom or not with artificial lures? I’ve seen this question come in a lot lately so...
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Wade Fishing Slam In Just 60 Minutes [Insider Report]

This report shows how productive wade fishing can be as long as good spots are selected to fish... quick trip with great action.
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Pre-Frontal Fishing With Insider Members [Tactics, Lures, & More!]

It was a brisk winter morning – BUT we were on a warming trend. It was the LAST day of a warming trend right before...
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Most Anglers Get THIS Wrong In The Winter

Most anglers get THIS wrong in the winter... It's not lure selection. It isn't even about spots. Get this concept correct, and...
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The 2 Most Important Factors When Targeting Redfish In Winter

These are the 2 MOST important factors when targeting redfish in winter! Are you struggling to catch redfish right now?!...
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Do Cold Wintertime Temperatures Impact The Bite? [Topwater VS. Twitchbaits]

Topwater vs. Twitchbait. Insider Member Greg Brown and I conducted a little experiment on our last trip out together....
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Speckled Trout ON-DEMAND (Winter Edition)

This is Speckled Trout ON-DEMAND (Winter Edition)! Want to know where to find loads of speckled trout in the colder months? Then listen in...
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Topwater VS. Twitchbait: Will Cooler Temperatures Affect The Bite?

Insider Member Greg Brown and I conducted a little experiment on our last trip out together. Topwater vs. Twitchbait. What will catch more fish and...
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Pro Tips To Find & Catch More Fish In Winter [Tides, Wind, & Lures]

This lesson is all about the tides, wind, and water levels when fishing in the wintertime. When and how do these factors come into play?...
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Why You Should Make Use Of THIS Bass Fishing Rig In Wintertime

You've got to use THIS Bass Fishing Rig in wintertime for more strikes! Do you struggle to find the bite in the cold winter months?...
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Soft Plastic Lure Test: Rattles VS. No Rattles [Does It Matter?]

Is there a specific time you should be using a lure with rattles? I was curious to find out so I dug a little deeper into this topic...
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How To Catch Your Own Fiddler Crabs In The Winter

Fiddler crabs are one of the BEST baits in the wintertime. Especially if you're going after sheepshead! Here's how to catch your own!!
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THIS Popular Bass Technique Crushes Saltwater Fish In The Winter

Do you struggle to find the bite in the cold winter months? It can get tough out there when you're summertime techniques don't work...
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