Tips for Winter Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the winter season!

3 Steps To Stop Fishing Dead Zones In Winter

Stop fishing dead zones in winter!!! Contrary to popular belief, winter is an EXCELLENT time of year to hit the water and get tight lines...
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How To Find & Catch Fish In The Dirtiest Water

What should you do to catch fish in the DIRTIEST water??? Substantial tidal flow and an increase in heavier wind are super common for this...
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Catching A Grand Slams After A Severe Cold Front

What's the best way to catch Inshore Grand Slams after a cold front? We're in the thick of fall now with winter around the corner!...
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THIS Is The Fastest Way To Catch Trout This Fall

What is THE fastest way to catch trout this fall?? Where and how can you locate more speckled trout in your local waters?...
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Paul Brown Soft-Dine XL VS. Fat Boy Pro

In this Paul Brown Corky Comparison, Jay Watkins Jr. is back to share when and where he prefers to use these top fishing lures...
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Simple Trick To Attract More Redfish Strikes With Paddletails

Want to catch more redfish on paddletails? Try this simple trick when the water is cold to get picky fish to bite, instead of changing lures.
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Winter Creek Fishing In Big Bend [Fishing Report]

During the winter, you can find big fish holding in creeks and backwaters looking for warmer water. Winter creek fishing...
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Why Should You Use A Light Jighead In The Winter?

Why should you opt to use a light jighead in winter? What do you stand to gain from using lighter tackle in the winter? The answer is...
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How To Catch Redfish In A New Area [Fishing Report]

Do you know how to catch redfish in a new area? What are the best techniques for fishing a new area? The NUMBER ONE thing to look for is...
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Late Winter Topwater Tactics [Insider Report]

With a warming trend happening,  I decided to check out an area this week just north of last week’s trip to see if fish were...
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Pre-Trip Planning Strategies [Mini-Course]

It’s trip planning time! Pre-trip planning is crucial for making the most out of your trips (and to be more consistent!) This mini-course will show...
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How To Find Trout In A New Area [Fishing Report]

What are the best strategies on how to find trout in a new area? What are the indicators of seatrout around you? The #1 thing to look for...
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Sebastian River Exploration Trip – Late Winter [Insider Report]

With very windy conditions forecasted on this trip, I decided to take a ride over to the Sebastian River to see if I could get...
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How To Rig Blue Crabs For Jetty Fishing

What is the RIGHT way to rig crabs for jetty fishing? Where should you hook the crab and what kind of tackle do you need? To start...
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Live Bait VS. Artificial Lures In The Winter

Which is best for winter fishing: live bait vs. artificial lures? Wintertime fishing is more tactical and strategic compared to...
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