How To Catch MORE Speckled Trout On Artificial Shrimp Lures

In this video, you’ll see a few ways to catch MORE trout on artificial shrimp lures!!

Live bait is useful but artificial lures let you cover more ground in less time which elevates your fishing game.

Check this out!!

 Trout On Artificial Shrimp Lures [VIDEO]

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Every inshore species that we target to catch eats a shrimp.

As a result, we anglers like to use artificial shrimp lures of all shapes and sizes to reel them in.

But what is often overlooked is WHERE you are fishing.

Below are the top 3 types of spots to look for to catch more trout on artificial shrimp lures.

1) Flooded Grasslines

Marsh systems with exits and drains off of flooded grass flats are ideal.

Focus your efforts on targeting grass lines with lots of structure nearby.

The shrimp will hide in the grass to avoid being seen by predatory fish.

Trout are used to seeing and targeting shrimp in that scenario which makes it perfect for an artificial shrimp presentation.

2) Flooded Flats

I prefer to fish flooded flats in the middle of the tide cycle when there is a bit more water moving through.

The trout want to hunt in shallow areas during this part of the tide.

This is about the time the shrimp are forced out of the protection in the grass lines and out onto the open flats.

Trout know this and are usually waiting right there in deeper water.

3) Fishing Drains

Usually, when it comes to creek mouths and drains emptying, the baitfish will come first, and then the shrimp.

Trout like to hang out in deeper pockets of water right beneath these drains so they can wait for easy meals to swim right to them.

Retrieval Methods

power prawn usa jr

1) Slow Roll Retrieve

In the water, shrimp swim in a straight line but at an extremely glacial pace.

The first retrieve is simply a straight and slow retrieve of the shrimp lure with ZERO additional bumps or twitches.

This is a very natural behavior that shrimp often display before they’ve been spooked by a predator or whatnot.

2) Twitch-Twitch-Pause

This is the ideal retrieve for fishing close to the bottom.

First, cast your lure out and give it enough time to sink to the bottom.

Then, quickly twitch your fishing rod twice and then let the lure settle back down to the bottom.

This behavior mimics that of a spooked shrimp that can trigger reaction strikes from nearby predators.

Lots of times, the fish will strike your lure on the fall after those initial twitches.

3) Drag Retrieve

This is one of the better retrieves for colder months but can be used all year round.

All you need to do is cast your lure out and let it sink to the bottom.

Then drag the lure about 6-12 inches with your fishing rod.

Let the lure sit, reel in the slack in the line, and repeat.

You are not using the reel to take in line, instead, you are dragging the lure with your rod tip and then collecting the slack afterward.

Another bonus to this retrieve is that you have constant tension on the line.

If a fish strikes or takes your lure, you’ll feel that bite immediately.


As we approach fall and winter, start to reuse those lures and retrieves that work best in colder conditions.

The trends are changing RIGHT NOW from summer to fall!!!

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Joseph McGee
3 months ago

I live in South/eastern Virginia. The last I fished Fla. there was an old fishing table
Next to fishing charters boats. This is where all the captains cleaned fish at the same
Time everyday. There were huge amounts of Big fish hanging around that Bait
Cleaning table! What a place to fish. I can only imagine the fun! Would this work on
Our Dock? Same time and same place would the fish hang around?

Charles Gurnea
5 months ago

I live in the Texas city tx area I’m doing a lot of wade fishing in the bay area and nothing is working a ton of bait but no fish what can I do to not get skunked

Bob Sherman
5 months ago

I had excellent luck on trout under dock lights around Port A on the FRED Jr Prawns and 3/0 Hoss weedless hooks.

5 months ago

Like the report.

Charles gurnea Gurnea
5 months ago

What about useing in the bay area were it’s sandy and reefs

Charles Gurnea
5 months ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

This is a bay system no marsh or grass just wide open bay

Charles Gurnea
5 months ago

Well the areas are reefs but this north wind is stopping me to fish there know I’m fishing across the other side and sandy area no luck in two days throwing all kinds of artificials no luck

Harry Estright
5 months ago

Fishing with Fred Jr 3.0 hoss helix lost tail on all three throws 2 ft water grass who was the theif that would not take the whole bait went with other and no hits at all???

Gregory Hammer
5 months ago
Reply to  Harry Estright

Pufferfish love to take tails off

Harry Estright
5 months ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thanks for the response

5 months ago

Great info. Thanks for sharing.

Donald Baxter
5 months ago

Great tips Richard have you ever tried a caroliner rig on the drag method

Harold Wilson
5 months ago
Reply to  Donald Baxter

I need to try that!

Mark Johnson
5 months ago

Thanks for the great tips, Richard. I need to try the drag method with the power prawn. I’ve hardly noticed this before but on a few trips this summer, my wife fishing with live shrimp, has bagged some pompano that way. I just thought she was extremely lucky!

William Clifford
5 months ago

Good info, I also use the drag retrieve method for flounder.


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