Behind The Scenes With Bill Dance On A Quest For 40″ Snook


Have you ever been curious about what really goes on behind the scenes during your favorite fishing shows?

How do they get those amazing shots?

Do they have to wait for the perfect conditions?

I’ve always wondered how it happens and today we’re in luck!

Bill Dance is out fishing with Salt Strong Fishing Coach Peter Deeks and I got to tag along and film some of the action behind the scenes.

And after Bill brought in the beast pictured above, he sat down with me and shared some amazing fishing stories.

Check it out in the video below!

Behind The Scenes With Bill Dance [VIDEO]

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Wasn’t that awesome?!

Bill is such a nice and humble guy and I’m so thankful for this opportunity to sit down with him after FOUR generations of Simonds have enjoyed his shows.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with him and please TAG or SHARE this with your friends who love watching Bill Dance!

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Dave Otte
1 year ago

Joe, that was the most awesome interview ever! I am so proud to be a part of this family, it was like I was right there with you. I grew up in Memphis and was watching and learning from Bill before I started to fish. My dad didn’t fish and wouldn’t take me, but I persisted and went when I was old enough to go places on my bicycle. I guess Bill is first reason I love fishing and you are 2nd because you kept me from quitting! That was a story for a lifetime Joe, thanks for doing it for us!

George Layton
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave Otte

Dave, You & I must be Brothers from different Mothers, Bill Dance was the MOST influential person in my fishing life for Bass. Calling Memphis home, I probably fished every farm pond, creek & lake around Memphis, North Mississippi, & Arkansas from late 60’s to 90’s & now South of Tampa, Sure miss the BBQ.

George Layton
1 year ago

What a GREAT experience for you Joe !! I met Bill Dance in 1969, saw him fishing several times, & the most amazing thing, to me is, with all of his success, he is the same caring, down to Earth fella you will ever meet. I believe he has done more for the fishing industry & fishermen than any other individual in the last 53 years. He’s come a long way from the ” Surplus City ” days !!!!! May God bless Bill Dance !


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