Massive School Of Drum Inhaling This Lure (All Caught On Film)!


Have you been using the Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail???

Holy redfish and black drum school!

If this video doesn’t get you pumped for fall fishing, then nothing will!

Here’s the backstory:

Capt. Peter Deeks was out filming some footage for our “Fish Finder Mastery Course” and came across these schools of drum.

And he just happened to have a few Slam Shady paddletails on this boat…

Want to see what happened next?

Watch the video below!

Redfish School Meets Slam Shady [VIDEO]

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What an awesome video!

We’ve been getting so much good feedback about these lures and this video is the cherry on top.

Now, a common misconception we hear is that if you want to catch bull redfish, then you have to use live bait.

But this video says otherwise…

The redfish caught at the end of the video was 50 inches!!!

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Mel Bledsoe
5 months ago

Massive schools of reds are a sight to behold. A buddy and myself found one in the big Sabine area of Gulf Breeze in the sound one day. There were hundreds of em. What caught our eye was this Massive oil slick on top of the water, birds diving like crazy, fish jumping everywhere. We tried casting and didn’t catch one so we just sit and enjoyed the show. It was an amazing unforgettable experience.

Patrick Coblentz
2 years ago

Allways great videos move to Charlotte Harbor soon

Pablo Diaz
2 years ago

Great video and nice fish!!!

Steven Casto
2 years ago

Great video

4 years ago

Ok, ok, I’ll try using the 1/16 oz. jig head instead of my normal choice of the 1/4 oz. I’m fully convinced that I’m using too much weight, after seeing this video.

Greg Batchelor
4 years ago

Now that’s the biggest school I have ever seen!

Greg Batchelor
4 years ago

OMG, awesome stuff.

4 years ago

Funny in the video how…., of the whole 2 fish shown reeled in, both were dead as a doornail coming out of the water. Nice trick photographry / filming though.

Ken Johnston
4 years ago

My son and I saw a similar situation several years ago on the Indian River Lagoon north of Sebastian Inlet. The school of reds was at least twice, maybe three times the size of this school. We saw it twice but we only had one strike. The fish were big but totally inactive. Even though we didn’t catch anything it was so cool. I have found the smaller, roving schools of bull reds to be different. If you can get a cast to them before they flash by they will usually strike. Then you just hang on. Best fish there is. Catch and release gals and guys.

LA Claypool
LA Claypool
4 years ago

Almost looks like a cocoaho (spelling???) minnow…


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