The #1 Saltwater Fishing Lure Of All Time


I really wish someone told me this when I first started fishing…

When Luke and I got into saltwater fishing we were strictly live bait guys.

All we wanted to do was to have more freedom to consistently catch fish, but being enslaved to live bait was keeping us from doing that.

In every fishing trip before we actually started fishing, we wasted an hour or two catching bait.

Or if we weren’t wasting our time on the water, we were stopping at the bait shop wasting our money buying bait.

So here we are sharing this with you so that you don’t have to go through the same frustrating times like we did.

I want to tell you about the best saltwater fishing lure out there that can help you catch more fish than you ever imagined.

Now, this isn’t a product pitch for a single brand of lure.

We’re talking about a type of lure.

One that can help you go out and catch fish in a variety of different situations.

A lure that can help you simplify your tackle so you can have confidence the lure will work, and focus on what’s really important: finding feeding fish.

Want to know what that lure is?

Check out the podcast below!

Not only are we revealing what this lure is, but we’re also talking about:

  • How to rig them for more strikes
  • The best color (for all seasons)
  • The best way to retrieve them if you want to catch more fish
  • The best brands
  • The most popular mistakes people make with them

And just a heads up, we do a lot of screen sharing in this one, so I recommend watching the video, but you can also listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

P.P.S. We have an exciting contest where we’re giving away a free fishing trip with Luke and me! Learn more about it in the podcast.

The #1 Saltwater Fishing Lure Of All Time [VIDEO]

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The #1 Saltwater Fishing Lure Of All Time [PODCAST]

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If you want to get the most out of your paddletails, you need to be rigging them right.

Check out these two videos below for different ways to rig them.

The Best Hook For Soft Plastics  [VIDEO]

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The Best Hook For Z-Man Lures [VIDEO]

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➡ Get the ChinlockZ hook here

How To Catch Multiple Species On Just 1 Lure [VIDEO]

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There are lots of lessons to be learned from the video above, but here are two lessons relevant to this podcast:

  1. If you simplify your tackle you can focus on the most important thing: finding feeding fish
  2. Paddletails are one of, if not the single most versatile lure that catches lots of fish

➡ Get the Slam Shady paddletail here (Insiders only)

Win A Fishing Trip With Us!

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I wish someone would have told me to just tie on a paddletail and focus on finding feeding fish when I got into saltwater fishing.

Luke and I wasted so much time and money finding or buying bait, who knows how many more fish we would have caught if that time was spent looking for feeding fish.

I hope this podcast helps you not make the same mistakes we did!

Are you still stuck using live bait?

Have any questions about using paddletails?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want to use the same paddletail we’ve been using, and one that’s caught over 40 species, you can get the Slam Shady paddletail here.

And just a heads up, the Slam Shady is only available to our Insider members.

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Christopher Hobby
4 years ago

Good review on the chinlockZ. Definitely made for Zman not the other baits.

Robert A Dyal
4 years ago

how to store these elastic lures after use . Hard to get back in the packages properly and need a better way to store.

Wesley Wiley
4 years ago

Just ordered the 4″ and 5″ lures along with some twistlocks. Taking an old friend out fishing next week and looking forward to keeping things simple this go-round.

William Brixon
4 years ago

I am using a chrome book. If I click on “salt strong podcast itunes” I cannot find a way to review. Any suggestions?

4 years ago

What is your opinion about using a “Tony” clip instead of a loop knot to attach the paddletail to the leader? I am trying to preserve my leader length (without retiring leader) and a quick way to attach a spoon (the small snap swivel to prevent line twist).
Thank you!
Jim Hundley

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I do not like using clips because they cause me to get lazy and not retie when my line has small nicks in it from usage… leading to a risk of losing a trophy fish due to line failure. I don’t think those clips scare fish away when used on lures with a fast retrieve (or cut bait on the bottom), but I do think that they hurt if finesse fishing with a slower presentation.

4 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thank you!

Gerald Dexter
4 years ago

Thanks , Guys I really enjoyed it, and will try some of your idea’s

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Gerald Dexter

Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment Jerry!

Oscar Davalos
4 years ago

Afternoon gents, just watched the video using the paddle tail bait looking forward to using the 3pack of weighted hooks I received in the mail. Yes sir will attach pix of my catches. I fish in the Aransas Pass, Texas area. Maybe one day catch up with ya’ll there!

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Oscar Davalos

I hope you enjoy the weighted hooks as much as we do Oscar! I’m itching to make a trip over to TX for some fishing, so save some for me:)

Mel Crissey
4 years ago

You guys absolutely fooled me. I was so sure the #1 lure would be a weedless gold spoon. Now I’ve got to head for Academy and stock up on paddletail soft lures and screw in weighted hooks. Keep up the good work Luke and Joe.

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Mel Crissey

Haha! The weedless spoon is a great choice, but the paddletail is definitely my #1 overall pick.

Note: If you want to save a drive to the store, you of course can buy those items from the Insider shop… paddletails, jig heads, and weighted hooks all on group discount:

Richard Fiorentino
4 years ago

Thanks Luke and Joe. Have you tried the Slam Shady in colder weather?

Luke Simonds
4 years ago

This upcoming winter will be the first time the Slam Shady’s have been used in cold weather down in Florida. I’m confident that they’ll continue producing… we’ll of course keep you updated as winter approaches.

Thomas Campbell
4 years ago

I felt like y’all were takin about me lol. I was the live bait guy! I only throw paddle tails, mainly the slam shady but I like matrix shad as well. I ya e been doing great and because of salt strong! Thanks guys!

Luke Simonds
4 years ago

Keep up the geat catching Thomas!


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