Daiwa Fuego, BG, Procyon, & Ballistic Reels Are Back In Stock!

BIG news!!!

The top-selling Daiwa reels are back in stock… we even got the very popular Fuego LT 3000.

If you’ve watched any of our past reel reviews, you know that Daiwa has quickly become our top recommended saltwater spinning reels (based on overall value).

Here’s a quick video showing what just came in.

Note: These are at risk of going fast, so make sure to take actin soon to claim yours.

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Here are direct links to the reels mentioned in the video:

➡ Daiwa Fuego LT (Most Popular)

➡ Daiwa BG

➡ Daiwa Procyon AL

➡ Daiwa Ballistic LT

➡ Daiwa Saltist Back Bay

➡ Daiwa Certate LT

We can’t wait to see what fish you catch with your new reels.

Tight Lines!

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Bob Persan
2 years ago

Thank you for all the information, looks like a great line up. Can you tell me where the reels are made ?

Demian McColgin
2 years ago

Hello Luke, have you fished with the Certate LT and what are you thouhts on the reel? You really didn’t mention much about it in the video. Heard really good things about them. Thanks.

Demian McColgin
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I bought a couple 3000’s from you guys a week ago and man they are awesome! 🔥 definitely worth the hype. You only live once..

2 years ago

If it helps…I have the exist 1000,2500. They are extremely solid feeling reels. The only difference is the certain is aluminum body. I ordered a deep spool for my 2500 for more line capacity and have one for fishing fresh and deep spool for salt.

James Cox
2 years ago

It shows not in stock?

2 years ago
Reply to  James Cox

I would like to buy one, how can I order it Luke? Please help!

Lee Deland
2 years ago

Thanks Luke I ordered one, what pole would you recommend that pairs well with it?

Joseph Brumley
2 years ago

Just ordered a BG 3500 and a Fuego 3000. I have 2 Fuego 1000’s that I use up north (Michigan). They are awesome reels and you can’t beat the price with the Insider discount. Will be heading to Florida in 2 weeks. I sure hope you get those TFO rods in stock. I will be bringing the 2 new reels with me but don’t have the space to bring rods so I’ll need rods when I get there!

2 years ago

Hey guys, how can I get my hands on a 2000, and what is the cost. Please email me

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

How about the 2000?

2 years ago

Great video, good inside referring to pull in the bigger fish out from under the dock and potential advantage to the BG. Thoughts on the Fuego 4000 vs BG3500 for casting a 1.5oz plug?? Cobia, old drum, king mac etc.

2 years ago
Reply to  Clint

I like the weight and magseal on the Fuego but was curious your thoughts for my application after your insight about the flex in the handle.

Roger Hansen
2 years ago

The 1000’s are great for smallmouth bass up here in the north. I have 2 of them. So light and smooth.

Joseph Brumley
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Hansen

I agree with this 100%. I live and fish in Michigan and I also have 2 1000 Fuegos primarily for Smallmouth fishing. Great reels.

Chris Adams
2 years ago

Are fuego and bg the same size frame on say 2500 reels? I’ve heard the bg was a little more bulky.

Timothy Pickett
2 years ago

Just ordered a Fuego 300. Couldn’t find one remotely close to you guys’ price. Thanks for looking out for us!


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