The Quick Way To Catch An Inshore Slam In A New Area (Without Bait)


It’s slam time!

When I first started fishing I was always trying out new lures to see which ones would work.

I’d read the latest fishing magazines or watching fishing shows and think, that’s it! I need that new lure!

It was incredibly wasteful in two ways:

  1. I was wasting time on the water tying and retying on new lures
  2. I was wasting money buying lures that didn’t work, or that I would only use once

Before I started to really learn how to catch fish I made a deal with myself: I was only going to use one lure and get really good at it.

And guess what? It paid off!

I learned how to elicit strikes with that lure and spent more time finding the feeding zones and fishing, than tying and retying new lures.

These days I stick to a similar principle: I only use a handful of lures that I’ve gotten really good at catching fish with.

On this day, in particular, I had just two lures for the two different situations I’d be fishing in:

  1. One for shallow water with a lot of floating grass (a weedless gold spoon)
  2. One for deeper water (the Slam Shady paddletail on a jighead)

Want to see how I did with them?

Watch the video below.

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Inshore Slam With Just 2 Lures [VIDEO]

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Here’s What to Remember

redfish on gold spoon

Here are a few tips that helped me be successful on this trip:

1. Simplify your tackle

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I was able to focus on finding and catching fish by only using two lures that I know are proven to catch fish.

I was using this gold spoon, and the Slam Shady paddletail.

2. Look for structure

Some of the areas that were holding fish on this day were:

  • Points
  • Blown-down trees
  • Mangrove shorelines
  • Potholes
  • Cuts

3. Look for bait

Since this was a new spot for me, I wasn’t totally sure where the fish would be.

One thing I do when I get to a new spot is to look for pinfish flashing or mullet jumping.

In the places that I did catch fish, there was bait around, and the places that I did not catch fish, there was no bait around.

4. Find cooler water

The water is very warm this time of year and has little dissolved oxygen (which the fish need very much), so you want to look for cooler water.

Here are two ways I found cooler water this day:

  1. Early in the morning the water will be cooler
  2. Look for windblown points and shorelines. These will be cooler than the wind-protected areas.


soft plastic paddletail

You can’t catch fish from the couch, so anytime you can get out on the water is a good time.

And if you do get the opportunity, here’s what you want to look for:

  1. Structure
  2. Bait
  3. Cooler water

Also, simplifying your tackle will help you focus on finding and catching fish.

Have any questions about catching inshore slams?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Joseph Rard
4 years ago

Does he ever knock you off the boat?

Joe Files
4 years ago

what about the aquadream whit spoon yall have touted???

Roger Bonifield
4 years ago

It seems you and Joe are almost always using the Slam Shady on that trout eye jig. Why not an Owner twist lock to help avoid the weeds?

George Thomas
4 years ago

Twist locks are mighty hard to rig on Z-Man plastics ( almost impossible for me).

The Mustad Grip Pins are a little easier to use and a better choice.

James Bradley
4 years ago

Do you publish trends for the Texas gulf coast? And if so could you provide a link.

Brett Laws Laws
4 years ago

Hey Luke, great video. Proof that the spot is more important than lure selection. I love Otis but he would get on my nerves out there, he’s such a spaz.
Suggestion for your boat, to make using your trolling motor easier would be to get one of these:
And to add a big foot on/off switch.
I’ve had one of the Pro Kon Troll handles on my boat since 2004 or 5. No more bending over and reaching for the trolling motor, just a simple pull or push is all that is required to move the TM 360 degrees.

Anthony Deal
4 years ago

Very informative video. I enjoyed your explanation concerning the decisions you made on the water. The details, such as time given to an area and what you are seeing in the water, sets this video apart. Great example for future reports.

John Purdue
4 years ago

Is that a toadfish rod your using with the spoon

John Purdue
4 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I have the same rod. How do you like it?

Ryan Jacobs
4 years ago
Reply to  John Purdue

I was just going to comment that the rod doesn’t look like a TFO!!!


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