How To Rig Shrimp On A Jig-Head Like A PRO (VIDEO)


It’s Shrimp Rigging Time!

To begin, let’s start off with two facts about shrimp (in regards to using shrimp as bait):

Fact: Shrimp are one of the best overall saltwater fishing baits in America…

Fact: Shrimp are one of the most incorrectly rigged baits in America… (which means countless fish are missed due to bad rigging jobs)

And it’s not just newbies making the rigging mistakes!

We’ve seen anglers of all levels make these common mistakes.

That’s why we brought along our friend Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson of Florida Keys Fun Fishing to show us how to rig shrimp like a pro.

So before we get into the video, let’s start by showing how NOT to rig it first.

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Two Ways To NEVER Rig Shrimp On A Hook

Let’s cover two of the most popular ways to incorrectly rig a shrimp on a jighead (or any hook for that matter).

Avoid these two mistakes and your bite ratio will improve immediately!

1. Never rig a shrimp on a jighead with the hook point coming through the shrimp’s leg region.

Here’s why: live shrimp have a natural tendency to curl up, so when they get rigged on a hook that exits out of their bottom leg region, the shrimp will end up sliding down the shank of the hook and won’t look natural anymore.

how to rig a shrimp on a jighead

2. Never rig a shrimp through the middle.

Here’s why: not only will the shrimp helicopter around and look completely unnatural, but it makes it super-easy for junk fish to steal your shrimp). Plus, it won’t cast as well (and it’s more likely to get caught on grass, structure, etc).

how to rig shrimp on a jighead

Now that you know the wrong ways to rig a shrimp, let’s focus on the best way to rig shrimp on a jighead.

Enjoy the video below.

How To Rig Shrimp The CORRECT Way (VIDEO)

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In conclusion, remember these steps when rigging shrimp on a jighead…

  1. Pinch off the tail
  2. Insert the hook starting in the area where the tail was
  3. Thread the hook through the shrimp’s body with the legs out (so the hook point comes out of the top of the shrimp – not the bottom with the legs)
  4. Cast and get ready to set the hook!

Remember… Legs facing out!

If you recall just one thing from this video with Capt. Mark Johnson, always have the legs facing away from the hook point and you’ll skyrocket your chances of hooking up with a nice fish.

And even though there are some instances where you might rig a shrimp in the head (like fishing in really heavy current), 9 times out of 10 this method proves to be the best.

Do you have any other tips for rigging shrimp that have worked for you?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Tight lines!

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Francisco Salazar
6 months ago

What type of jighead is used in this video?

6 months ago

Those were some cheap ones made for a fleet of guides who go through a ton of jig heads with their clients. The best ones I’ve found so far for this type of fishing are the Mission Fishin jig heads because they have better keepers and a wider gap hook which makes for easier rigging:

1 year ago

I am rigging the correct way you are showing but the problem I am having is when I get a hit half of the shrimp is bitten off. Is it just my bad luck?

Andy Benedict
1 year ago

Great tip! Thank you

Lou San martin
1 year ago

Great tip I’m going to use this tonight at the skyway. But I have one question. With current what kind of rig do I use? I normally use a knocker rig will this work if I just put a jighead on or are you just free lining with a jighead? Thanks

1 year ago
Reply to  Lou San martin

I generally start with a knocker rig so that I can feel the bottom for structure with less odds of getting snagged. But jig heads can work too (just may lose a lot of them if there’s a lot of structure in the area you’re fishing).

Peter C
2 years ago

I just Received my Amazon order of the weighted popping floats. How can I determine the depth Also .of the surf when I cast so as to know where to place the floats on my leader? Also I will I need to have a sinker on my line?
Thank you Peter C

Dan Martin
2 years ago

I always hook the shrimp under the horn, taking care not to hit the heart. This gives them freedom of movement.

Carl Freeman
2 years ago

What kind of jig head is Capt Johnson using in the video

2 years ago
Reply to  Carl Freeman

It was some small brand that is sold down in the Keys in bulk.

2 years ago

I notice that you use a wire lead on the jig head to the shrimp how long

2 years ago
Reply to  cullen

Just 12 to 20 inches is all that’s needed… but only need wire if targeting fish like mackerel, barracuda, etc.

2 years ago

What kind of jig head was Capt Johnson using to rig a live shrimp?

Raleigh Thomas
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Capt. Hank Brown ‘Hookup’ jig head, or a generic copy. They don’t have a pronounced barb for holding a plastic lure on, and are used for fishing a live bait fish nose-hooked, or a shrimp by the tail as shown in the video.

Gene Hammond
2 years ago

Yeah buddy! That’s a great tip… Cheers #reelingfreedom


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