How To Rig A Live Shrimp Weedless On A Jighead

Are you using live shrimp for bait but can’t seem to cast it out far enough?

Or you can’t get it to fall into the water column you want?

You should try to rig the live shrimp on a jighead!

Learn how to rig a live shrimp weedless on a jighead here!

How To Rig A Live Shrimp Weedless On A Jighead [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

If you often fish around structure or areas with weeds or grass in the water, then you should rig your shrimp weedless on a hook or jighead.

Weedless rigging is super effective for fishing around rocks, shells, and docks or any structure that you would likely get your bait hung up on.

Mission Fishin’ jigheads are excellent for this approach because of the ‘football’ shaped head that forces the hook to sit upright and can glide over any structure due to its design.

This type of rigging can work for both live and dead shrimp.

To begin, look for the little joint right where the tail of the shrimp meets the body.

Insert the hook point at the joint and go straight down.

Once the hook is through, you want to twist the jighead around so it is facing the other way.

Then, you insert the hook point in the body of the shrimp but stop right before it pierces the shell of the shrimp.

The joint in the tail and body has enough strength to maintain a hold on the shrimp through current and any structure.

Also, because the hook is not free, you will prevent getting snagged on any rocks or debris.

Have any more questions about rigging live shrimp?

Please ask me down in the comments!

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Michael Ashley
1 year ago

Thanks Richard. Great tip!
We use live shrimp on a jig head alot in the Yankeetown/Crystal River area. Usually threaded on like a soft plastic which helps with casting distance. Catches a lot fish but also can get rocked up as well. How does this weedless presentation cast distance wise and will it stay weedless after a long cast? Looking forward to trying this set up!!!

Michael Ashley
1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Thomas

Thank you Richard!

Rick Daniel
1 year ago

Hello Richard,
Been enjoying all your tutorials, glad to have you on the Salt Strong team. I miss Wyatt’s reports from the Carolinas because that area was more like the Jacksonville, FL area where I fish. It looked like you were in some murky water, what area were you in when filming this tutorial?

Mike Maixner
1 year ago

Gonna go ahead and ask the dumb question, but are you supposed to retrieve this rig or cast out and wait? If you do retrieve it, can you show the best method to maintain a realistic presentation and not lose the bait easily?

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Good stuff Richard! I’ll have to try this out this winter when the big black drum post up on the bridges in my area. Thanks for sharing!

Rob S
1 year ago

A good weedless rig. Here is another similar one done by Luke . . . Good tip, Richard!

Mel Crissey
1 year ago

Great tip and video. Thdanks.

Jeffrey Honeycutt
1 year ago

I was just saying in a fishing report, “it’s weedless shrimp season”. Haven’t seen this type of hook placement before but I’ll be using it next time I’m out. Thanks Richard!

Jim Knight
1 year ago

Thanks. I have tried this rig & it works. Caught to decent flounder on it. One over 16″, one over 20″ and many other species.

Luke Waski
1 year ago

Definitely gonna be trying this out!

Marshall watchinski
1 year ago

Could not see the hook placement


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