Should You Ever Rig Shrimp Backward? (Surprising Answer)


Here’s a question for you:

Do you rig artificial shrimp so that they swim forward or backward?

There’s a lot of debate around the correct way to rig them and in this video, I’m going to share with you the truth of the matter.

I’ve caught loads of fish on artificial shrimp and have rigged them both ways, so I have a pretty good grip on which way to rig them.

Plus, you’ll also learn:

  • The best knots to use when rigging shrimp
  • How to retrieve artificial shrimp to catch more fish
  • The best hooks to use when rigging them
  • And more

Check out the video below to learn more about rigging artificial shrimp.

Should You Rig Artificial Shrimp Backward? [VIDEO]

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Shrimp swim forward normally, but swim backward when they’re feeling threatened.

So because they swim both ways, it doesn’t really matter which way you rig artificial shrimp.

I’ve caught plenty of fish rigging them both ways.

But if you’d like to rig them backward, below are some tips on how to do that without ripping the tail off.

  1. Use a ChinlockZ hook
  2. Artificial shrimp made of tough material like TPE or Z-Man’s ElaZtech will hold up better than less durable lures, like Gulp shrimp
  3. Line up and rig the hook through the shrimp like you would any other lure — straight and without any unnatural bends
  4. Retrieve it with several quick twitches and then let it sink to the bottom (this will resemble how a shrimp naturally flees)
  5. Use a loop knot for more action with your lure


rigging artificial shrimp backward

Since shrimp swim both forward and backward, you can rig them either way.

But if you rig them backward with a ChinlockZ hook like I did in this video, be sure to use a shrimp made of durable material, like TPE or ElaZtech.

This way, you don’t need to rip the tail off and when you retrieve it, it will bend toward the belly like a real shrimps tail would.

Which way do you rig artificial shrimp?

Have any questions about rigging them?

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you know someone who likes to use artificial shrimp, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Minister Brian Bordley
3 years ago

When I tell you Tony that was different creative and genius in simplicity. I often wondered the same thing. Now to test which motion gets bit more headed to ft. Lauderdale to boat show March 12th, then some charterboat inshore fishing, surf, and dock. Taking all slim shady, savage crabs, vodoo/ savage shrimp, hogy gear, jigs, and Alabama leprechaun. I’ve learned alot watching while healing from kidney transplant. Time to get on water.

4 years ago

Hey guys I received my package of slam shady lures and purchase the book but I haven’t received a copy . Can you check and see what is up with the book? I have a fishing trip planned for Keaton Beach FL can’t wait to try them out on the flats.

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Clint

Hey Clint, we passed your question on to our customer service manager to see what happened. You’ll get a response from her very soon.

Robert Saari
4 years ago

Hay guys I got the free pack of slam shady worms
But although I paid with my credit card for the in-shore
fishing book I never received It.It’s been at least
Three weeks now.

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  Robert Saari

The Slam Shady lures get sent out within 2 business days, so something odd must have gone wrong if you still haven’t received yours. I’ll have our customer service mgr reach out to you after tracking down your package.

Steven Free
4 years ago

Yea I kind of agree with you there Tony I used to think about that a lot until you did a report on the chasebaits flick prawn then was hooked it’s my only go to artificial shrimp now except when the big trout are feeding under docks at night on the real small shrimp then I go to the busy in the 2 inch size but only then because to me the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color is the most lifelike action seedless shrimp out there oh yes the live target looks a little more real but the action is virtually non existent where as the flick prawn has a rattle is totally seedless and the action is awesome thanks for the info and all you do????

Steven Free
4 years ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Ment to say seedless and small 2 inch size in the vudu shrimp my phone like to change my words

4 years ago

Great tip video, once again. I imagine you can rig a live shrimp the same way, avoiding the brain of course. Definitely going to re-rig and try.

Ken willcoxon
3 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Please Tony, try a live shrimp and make a video. I would imagine the weight on a chin lock hook would be a problem. I would really like to know how and if it will work. Thanks Tony, you are the best.

Jerry Mason
4 years ago

Another great tip. I will give it a try. Thanks Tony

4 years ago

Great tip. The key is keeping it weedless while working the flats

Sam Craparo
4 years ago

I agree fish don’t care if the shrimp walk forward or snap backward.


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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