Weekly Newsletter: 6-7-20

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Hey there, Salt Strong Nation!

The fishing has been amazing recently and I hope you’ve been able to get out on the water and take advantage of it.

We’ve got some great tips for you in this week’s newsletter, including:

  • When to change out your braided line
  • Whether or not you should rig artificial shrimp backward
  • How to use jerk shads to catch more fish
  • And much more!

And a big shoutout to Insider member, John, for that nice redfish pictured above!

Now, onto the newsletter!

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When To Change Out Your Braided Fishing Line (Top 2 Reasons)

Are you changing out your braided line too often? If you are, you could be wasting time and money. Braid can last for years, but there are two times you...
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The Alabama Leprechaun Story: Why This GOLD Lure Sold Out In 2 Days!

Do you know what would happen if a gold spoon and a shrimp got together and had a baby? I do. Here is the Alabama Leprechaun story...
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How To Make Your Own Kayak Truck Rack (For Easy Loading)

Looking for an easy way to transport your kayak? Check out this DIY rack that makes it easy to load your kayak in and out of your truck, while also...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson, Q&A, And Related Links [6-4-20]

We had another fun Inner Circle call in which we revealed the latest tactics and strategies that have been working! (Plus additional tips) Huge thanks...
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Should You Ever Rig Shrimp Backward? (Surprising Answer)

Should you ever rig artificial shrimp backward? See the answer here and learn how to catch more fish on artificial shrimp.
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Shock Leaders: When & How To Use Them For Surf Fishing

Shock leaders can help you lose fewer fish, but do you always need one? See when to use shock leaders here, plus what size line to use and how to tie them.
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Choosing Areas To Fish From A Large Vessel [Bay Boats, Pontoon Boats, etc.]

This Spot Dissection will be discussing tips on where and when to fish areas from a larger vessel, such as a bay boat or pontoon...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [June 5th – 7th]

This quick lesson will show you the game plan to use this weekend for making the most out of your time out on the water this weekend.
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Trying a New Lure in Dirty Water & High Winds [Insider Report]

This Insider Report will give a full breakdown of a recent trip I took to test a new lure, the "Redfish Magic" Spinnerbait, down in Oak Island, NC. 
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How To Catch Fish UNDER Bridges On Foot [Insider Report]

This Insider Report will give you a full-breakdown of how to find hidden bridges that hold a decent amount of fish.
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Which Side Should You Install An Anchor Trolley On Your Kayak?

Thinking about installing an anchor trolley on your kayak? Check out this video to see the best side to install it on so that you don't...
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Tsunami Salt X Spinning Reel Unboxing (Specs, When To Use, & More)

Thinking about getting the Tsunami Salt X spinning reel? Check out this unboxing video and see the specs, best applications to use it, and more.
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Saltwater Fishing Subscription Box Review: Badfish Box

Thinking about subscribing to the Badfish Box? Check out this review to see an example of what you'll get, how much it costs, and if it's worth it.
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Flair Hawk Jigs: Best Colors, Sizes, Rigging, And More

Want to catch more tarpon, snook, and redfish in passes and inlets? Flair hawk jigs are great lures for these areas. See the best colors, sizes and...
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The Diet That Changed My Life…

Finally! A diet that works (without having to change up everything that you eat). If you're looking to improve everything in your life, listen to this!
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