Flair Hawk Jigs: Best Colors, Sizes, Rigging, And More


When it comes to fishing inlets, passes, bridges, and jetties, it’s tough to beat a Flair Hawk jig.

Whether you’re targeting snook, tarpon, redfish, black drum, or grouper, they will all crush these jigs.

In this video, I’m going to break down:

  • The best color Flair Hawks
  • What size Flair Hawks to use
  • How to rig them up
  • And much more

Let’s dive in!

Flair Hawk Jigs 101 [VIDEO]

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Best Flair Hawk Jig Colors

The best color Flair Hawk to use depends on the water clarity, which mostly depends on the tide.

During an incoming tide, the water will be clean and clear because it’s coming from the gulf or ocean, so you want to go with a natural-looking color.

In this scenario, I like to use a Flair Hawk with a white skirt (the tail color doesn’t really matter too much).

During an outgoing tide, the water will usually be dirtier, because it’s coming from the inshore rivers, estuaries, and bays.

In these cases, you’ll want something that gets the fishes’ attention, so I like to use chartreuse.

You can also use pink or orange here when the water is dirtier, but to keep it simple, I like to just use chartreuse or white jigs.

Best Flair Hawk Jig Size

The size jig you use depends on two things:

  1. Depth
  2. Current

You want to make sure that your jig gets to the bottom because that’s where the fish are.

I recommend using 1.5-4 oz jigs.

The most common weight that I use is a 2 oz Flair Hawk, but if the tide is really ripping, I’ll step up to 3-4 oz.

Since you never really know what the current will be doing until you get out on the water, I recommend bringing several different sizes with you.

Tackle & Rigging When Using Flair Hawks

I usually use 2-2.5′ of 30-60 lb leader when I’m throwing Flair Hawks.

Sometimes the fish will be finicky, so if you know fish are in the area, use a 30-40 lb leader.

But if you start getting broken off, you can step up to 50-60 lb leader.

I have two combos that I typically use when throwing Flair Hawks:

A lighter combo for throwing jigs 1.5-2.5 oz, which includes:

  • 7’10” Century Weapon custom made by Black Pelican rods
  • Tsunami Salt X 4000
  • 30 lb braid

The meat stick, my heavier combo, which I use when throwing 2.5-4 oz jigs, or when I know there are big fish near heavy structure, includes:

  • 8′ Stellar Lite Star Rod Model # SG1530S80 (rated for lures 5/8 – 3 oz)
  • Tsunami Shield 5000
  • 40-50 lb braid

As far as knots go, I use a double uni knot to connect my braided line to my leader, and a non-slip loop knot to connect my leader to the Flair Hawk.


flair hawk snook

Flair Hawks are great lures for fishing bridges, inlets, passes, and jetties.

Nearly all predator fish will hit them, no matter if it’s a redfish, tarpon, snook, or even grouper.

However, make sure to bring several jigs (I usually bring at least a dozen) because you will lose them on structure on the bottom.

I’ve been getting my jigs from Thump Junkie in Melbourne, FL, but there are other companies that make them, such as First Light Tackle.

To check out the full report of my trip to the pier using these jigs, click here (Insiders only).

Have any questions about using Flair Hawks?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Walter Abramitis
10 months ago

do you experience any difference between a jig made with artificial fiber versus bucktail?

Philip Gammans
9 months ago

Hey Tony,

how come you use the double uni and not something like a bimini with improved bristol/fg/gt?

6 months ago

Cool video! How do you like to work the flairhawk? I know this can change depending on what the fish like. I mix it up myself, but I don’t get many snook. Thanks for the help!


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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