How To Fish Bridges From Shore (Best Baits, Spots & More)


Fish generally need these three things:

  1. Structure to help them hide from predators
  2. Food (which is typically found around structure)
  3. Current (which is like the conveyor belt at sushi restaurants that brings food right to you)

And usually, bridges provide all three of these things!

But there’s a lot that goes into fishing bridges.

Which side should you fish on?

What makes one bridge better than another?

What lures should you use around bridges?

To help us answer all these questions and more, we brought on Insider member, Rich Natoli.

Rich fishes in the New Jersey area and crushes it up there with stripers, flounder, bluefish and more!

Watch his detailed and helpful video about bridge fishing below.


How To Fish Bridges [VIDEO]

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Mentioned baits:


flounder fishing wading

Huge thanks to Rich for making this video for us!

I hope the way he broke down this particular bridge helps you go out and find your own bridges to fish!

If you’re fishing bridges, keep these things in mind:

  • Bridges near inlets will likely have good current and bait (and therefore predator fish)
  • Fish the down current side because that’s where the fish are waiting to ambush prey

Have any questions about bridge fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to TAG or SHARE a fishing buddy who fishes bridges!

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Walter Abramitis
4 years ago

Nice video. I would like to see more on bridges. Do you know why current reversed where you fished? Is that all bridges or some feature of land and bottom? Thanks.

Jamie Beadle
4 years ago

Appeared there was a shore eddy (river terminology) created by the point just to the right of where he was standing. I also suspect the bridge is tighter together right by shore, that seems to be pretty common construction, so you have that structure slowing the water down and then the point that juts out just to his right creating the actual eddy that is holding the fish. As a whitewater kayaker you learn to identify even micro-eddies – the interesting thing with fishing is that you are evaluating where those breaks or reversals of current are happening below the surface as well.
I tend to think of points too literally (what I can see) and not always realize that two feet down that point extends another 20 feet into the water and that is where the fish are more likely to be holding instead of right up on the visible point.

4 years ago

Awesome video Rich!

Bruce Somers
4 years ago

Great presentation. I grew up fishing for flounder and sea bass near the Margate Bridge way way back in the late 1950s and early to mid 60s.


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