How To Pick The Ultimate Tarpon Rod (To Catch Monster Tarpon)


Bow to the king!

A tarpon fight requires a whole new level of strength and control when it comes to what rod setup you choose.

So in this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best length rod for tarpon
  • What power and action you’ll need for your tarpon rod
  • And much more

Check it out!

Best Tarpon Rod [VIDEO]

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Here are 3 things you should look for in a tarpon rod:


8 ft offers the best balance for casting and control.

It allows you to have increased casting distance so you don’t have to get too close to tarpon (and spook them off).

And still offers a ton of control throughout the fight!


Power is how much force it takes to bend the rod.

For tarpon, you’ll want to go with a heavy power rod.

But if only the line rating is listed, go with a 15# to 30# rating or 20# to 50# rating.

Both will work great for tarpon in most scenarios!


A fast-action rod is very versatile in terms of presentation.

But if you’re using small live baits like pass crabs or pilchards, those bait presentations are so light that you may need a slower action rod to cast farther.

Otherwise, if you’re using the bigger baitfish like mullet or croaker, stick with a faster action rod.

The bottom line when it comes to action is knowing what kind of bait you’ll be using to determine what action you need.

Have any questions about how to pick the perfect tarpon rod for you?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Michael McQueen
3 days ago

Excellent information! As an old avid angler myself I appreciate and respect the candid approach as well as the optional considerations for conditions and baits being used. Fishing is a wonderful sport and hobby. Have not targeted tarpon before but with this information I feel much better prepared to give it a go. Thanks.

Steve Dupree
8 months ago

I noticed that you were using the Star Sequence 8ft rod. All rods seem difficult to find. Can you recommend several brands and models that would fit the bill?

Steve Dupree
8 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey


Philip Stoddard
9 months ago

I’ve been doing fine on big tarpon with a 4500 reel and 30# braid (a soft gimbal on the rod butt would be welcome). Justin suggested in the chat to use a leader (80# mono) at least as long as the fish. That was good advice. I’ve had the tarpon’s scales grind through the swivel knot of the 40# that was tied to a 3′ leader of 80#. I now use 5′ of 80# leader. It’s not as good for casting, but it works and beats breaking off.

Joe Sinclair
9 months ago

what size reel and line would you use on that 8′ rod?

9 months ago

Great review of the choices for Tarpon rods.Thanks Justin

Rod Rice
9 months ago

I would also add (from a painfull personal experience) that a soft rubber gimbal butt or a “cush-it” is a necessity

Richard Fiorentino
9 months ago

Thanks Justin. I am looking for a 7’6″ rod to use for Tarpon with a BG 4500, as well as trolling and bottom fishing for kings, snapper, etc. Would probably spool with 20 pound braid and 30 -40 pound mono. any recommendations?

9 months ago

Great advice


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